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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Young Cinders lives with his three ugly brothers – ugly but yet their status as butch princes makes them think they are more desirable than they really are. Meanwhile Cinders get stuck back at the house cleaning up after them and doing their laundry. When he decides to take a stand against them they ruin his only good clothing so he has no way of going to Princess Lovelypenny's party – even on this birthday. Sitting at home depressed with his cat, he makes a wish and suddenly a fairy appears to grant him his wishes.

    Although it has its moments and is quite amusing, this short film is not that great. The sexual flip of the Cinderella story is not the only change as it also sees a useless fairy turning Cinders into a gorilla before sending him to the party with only his talking cat to help him. The plot is a bit silly and will probably put off adults, but it is enough to keep things moving forward. Sadly though the film is not actually that funny and most of it will probably only amuse children. The animation is quite good but has dated a bit while still doing the job.

    The voice cast implied that this would be funnier or better than it actually was. Fletcher is natural enough as Cinders but Charles is just annoying and for some reason somebody told him to make his cat the most irritating animated character ever (including Jar Jar). Saunders, Ross, Broadbent and Llewellyn are all recognisable but the material isn't really there for them to do much with. Overall then an amusing cartoon for children but, despite the cast, the material and delivery is far too broad to offer much appeal for an adult audience.
  • i remember watching it for the first time: it was just brilliant, the talents were fantastic, particularly Craig Charles as the cat. Also, for all your Jim Broadbent fans, he plays one of the ugly brothers. The well-animated animation has kept Babette Cole's wonderful illustrations to perfection in this well-made. A little too odd to be shown at Christmas time, but it makes another good animation to look out for at Christmas as well as the highly-recommend Hooves of Fire, which is just a funny as this extremely good film, and, of course, The Snowman, which, compared to this hilarious cartoon comedy, i would prefer Prince Cinders , because it makes me laugh a lot and brightens up my day as well! This is truly one of the funniest british animations I have ever seen!