Dino: [sarcastically] So basically we just call the army, schedule a battle. How would Wednesday around 3 be for you?

Terry Thorne: You know how an English general's daughter gets back at daddy?

[Alice shrugs]

Terry Thorne: She marries an Australian.

Alice Bowman: You are the first, you are the only person I've met who knows what they're talking about! So I am begging you, I am totally begging you to help me out on this.

Terry Thorne: You asked me not to bullshit you?

Alice Bowman: Right.

Terry Thorne: I've gotta plane to catch.

Ted Fellner: We're out of miracles.

Terry Thorne: Go loud!

Dino: You and me, we open our own shop. I run New York, you run London. We meet in the Caymans once a month to visit our money!

Terry Thorne: This road leads to Alice. This road leads to home.

Alice Bowman: Things don't happen for a reason. They just happen.

Dino: We are the talk of the town, buddy.

Terry Thorne: Is it complimentary?

Dino: YOU'D be flattered.

Alice Bowman: This won't work if you bullshit me.

Terry Thorne: I can see that.

Alice Bowman: My daughter is buried in Africa. Who can explain that!

Terry Thorne: What was her name?

Alice Bowman: Mali. Mali Jasmine Bowman

Terry Thorne: It's a beautiful name.

Alice Bowman: You know, nobody ever asked me that.

Terry Thorne: If you don't keep me up to speed I'm gonna take it very personally.

Dino: You've been doing that a lot lately.

Alice Bowman: I've never seen you nervous

Terry Thorne: Yes you have.

Peter Bowman: You're not fucking with me!

Terry Thorne: No mate. I'm for real.

Dino: Downtown One, what the fuck was that?

Alice Bowman: I thought we'd get a chance...

Terry Thorne: What? To sit round and chat? The three of us?

Alice Bowman: Just tell me you know how much you mean to me.

Terry Thorne: So we're even.

Alice Bowman: No, we'll never be even. I've given you nothing.

Terry Thorne: Believe me, we're even.

Alice Bowman: You deserve more than this.

Janis Goodman: [referring to the guns] Oh, jeez. When are you guys gonna put those things away?

Dino: Have a cigarette. It might help.

Alice Bowman: You stood in my kitchen and you told me my husband was coming home!

Terry Thorne: So what are you ladies celebrating?

Dino: Life, liberty, and the ability to purchase clitoris.

Dino: Who's the man! Stuff a legends! Stuff you are the man!

[first lines]

Terry Thorne: This is the conclusive ransom report for Mr. Pierre Lenoir. Location, Chechnya. Result, positive.

ELT Officer: [about captives] One can't walk, the other can't think.

Dino: [to his injured man] Look at me. Look at me. Who am I?

soldier: [looks up at him] You're an asshole.