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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Anti semitic films like ,"Jude Suss ," and ,"The Eternal Jew",are still banned from DVD home video in Germany ,while Robert un Bertram is allowed to be distributed , Although in VHS left overs, since DVD home video is greedy up there too. This is typical of a sneaky communist dictatorship in Germany, aka political correct censorship. Hubert Hubner, who plays the Jewish banker, looks the same in his resume photo. Tajia Sais , who plays the daughter,looks the same in a 1950's photo. The actress Inga van der Straaten looks the same too. They are probably just ethnic looking. You don't have to be Jewish too have a hook nose. I have. I'm Spanish decent. The fact about the characters being Jewish is never mention. You don't see them practicing any religion. They aren't the stars. The two gentiles are. The music and the comedy reduces the anti semitic effects. It was remade in 1961 and it was also made in 1915.So hypocritically the political correct censors thinks it's okay. The movie takes place in 1839. It was made in 1939. That year a law was past outlawing all men who were home less and unemployed. They were arrested and sent to a work labor camp. Robert ,played by Rudi Godden, in prison for theft. Bertram A Jolly Fat hug gable character, played by Kurt Saisfert,is sleeping in the woods having a dream about two big hot mamas in harem out fits. He ends up waking from the dream and being arrested by two cops on a vagrancy charge.Carla Rust, Who looks like Marta Harell in her dyed to blonde hair ,works as a hostess in her fathers beer garden. The money lender shows up cause they owe him for a loan. He's trying to propose to her. But her boyfriend ,Michael , shows up and comes to the rescue. Bertram is sent to prison, Robert ,upstairs, is digging a hole for escape. They meet and discover that they are old friends. Michael is visiting his uncle to try to get a job in the military to improve his life. Bob and Bert end up at the beer garden,where Carla hires them as dish washers and entertainers. The police shows up and asks them questions about work and being settled. They fool them . Afterwords they learn of Carla and her fathers problems. They want to help out. After they entertain they manage to steal the wallet of the money lender. They take off with horses to the woods. As they rest and find out there isn't no money in the wallet ,they find a business paper to discover where the money lender gets his money from a banker.So they sell the horses and decide to play distinguish gentlemen and visit the banker to steal his money.So they can send it to Carla and her father to pay back the loan. In the meantime Michael is getting training to be a soldier. Bertram goes to a bar where the banker shows up. Bob puts on a gentlemen act and all three get together. The banker invites bob and Bert to the house. They meet the daughter and the wife. The bankers family has a masquerade party. There's one funny seen where the camera is observing the characters through the window undressing to put their costumes on until they become aware of it and closes the curtain. It' s at the party during a waltz run that Bert steals the jewels off of the mother and bob steals the jewels off the daughter. They run out and later send the jewels to Carla and her father to pay off the debt. Now the two are at a fair dressed up in drag to pick pocket. Some police see them and thinks they are women and flirts and escorts them until one of them pick pockets a women they take off. They get on a balloon and end up in Aryan heaven 1839 style. I think the two characters might of inspire the three minstrel men of ,The hearth is green and Aum Bruner vore dem tore. The film is available in Reichskino from the propaganda shop and VHS pal left overs in Germany at