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  • Warning: Spoilers
    A six episode mini-series! The DVD pack brings also a last DVD some extras, such as comments of real people that lived those hard years!

    This is my favorite fascist regime plot! I think it's passed in the 30's or 40's, something like that! And the story is about the Communist Party's struggle against Salazar's fascist regime and the clandestine world of party members! Surrounds the story of Vaz (Gonçalo Waddington), I see him as Alvaro Cunhal's alter ego! Don't know if that's actually true, but seems like it! It has the best actors you can find! In my opinion the downside in that matter is Leonor Seixas, I don't like her acting at all (she's too freakin' cocky in everything that she does), but that's my opinion, I guess it's not the general idea and she was said to have done a good job as Maria! But the acting of Gonçalo Waddington, Nuno Nunes, Adriano Luz, Sara Graça, Carla Chambel, São José Correia, and others...was flaws whatsoever!

    The soundtrack with simple musical triad notes is excellent...has that suspense/constant tension touch to it...that makes it perfect for the series! The lighting and scenarios is also a very well picked and directed! Wardrobe, props, etc, all great also!

    Joaquim Leitão and Luís Filipe Rocha have done a work of art of this Manuel Tiago's (Alvaro Cunhal) novel!