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  • arghorn13 July 2005
    Amo-te Teresa is one of the best Portuguese TV productions ever made. An humble story, a remarkable acting and a modest direction make this film reach out the corners of your conscience, making you wonder why nowadays, in many western nations, AGE is such a relevant factor on the approach of two people.

    After watching this film, i conclude once more that AGE is, despite any moral issues, just a number, which fades away in the firing passion that happens between two souls. The music, interpreted by a Portuguese band - the GNR - embraces the plot and re-tells the whole story in a couple of lines. In fact, the lyrics seem to reflect the very own question this movie rises.

    **** out of *****
  • Partially based on a true story, a US teacher sent to prison after falling in love with a student and becoming pregnant, Amo-te Teresa («I Love You, Teresa») is a touching story, very well directed, for a small budget production.

    First of a set of telefilms produced for independent portuguese TV channel SIC, this one was a winner. An incredible share and the greatest audience of a portuguese film, ever.

    The plot is very simple, but emotions were very well filmed.

    Teresa is a medical doctor, divorced, returning to the small village where her mother was expelled years ago after an extra-marital affair. This time Teresa «bumps» with a teenager, felling in love.

    Actors perform their job in a very honest way, although they are relatively unknown. A nice, sensitive drama, worth of every minute. Also an historical mark in TV telefilm production.