The Aphrodisiac (1999)

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18 June 2015 | lor_
Sloppy, poorly executed Euro porn
Made in Budapest but likely of Italian origin, THE APHRODISIAC is crummy even by the rapidly dropping standards of European pornography in recent years. I found it tiresome and hard to follow.

Dialog track is in English but a throwaway, as the cast has trouble speaking English and there is zero interest in getting it right. "Leopoldo de Medici" and the other team members behind the camera decided to crank out sex filler rather than a feature.

Ostensible story has two scientists, Chris Charming and Reinhard, working on the title formula in the lab, with various familiar Euro femmes (Nikki Anderson, Deborah Wells, all of them in far better roles about a decade before this) succumbing to its power. Wells wants to buy a shipment of the pills for $25,000 and go into business for herself - and when she tests it out, good old Zenza Raggi shows up to service her. She asks him to help her smuggle the merchandise from Budapest to Rome and he plans to get a girl to act as mule.

The no-name actress enlisted for the assignment has an attractive all-over tan, and gets anal sex from Zenza as a bonus.

There's precious little continuity or story advancement, until a brief coda which I found interesting on an in-joke level. On location at the airport Charming has quit the operation and is heading for America. Sure enough, the real-life Chris Charming left Europe for the States around this time to begin his successful U.S. porn career.

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