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  • Suesh and Mohan are two fast friends. Suresh is a dare devil Police Officer whereas Mohan is a famous Criminal Lawyer but at the same time a great play boy. Raji is Mohan's sister. She is on the editorial staff of a news paper. Suresh and Raji are childhood playmates and are in love with each other.

    There are series of rapes and murders in the film. To his utter shock Suresh finds out that all the deceased girls were connected with Mohan one way or the other. One girl Shabnam miraculously escapes from the hands of Mohan. On the other hand Suresh arrests Mohan on the charges of rape and murder but Shabnam identifies Suresh as the killer and the rapist. Was Shabnam telling the truth or was the trying to frame up a police officer ? Suresh was not the culprit then who was ? It is a home chilling drama of horror and suspense. It will keep you guessing till the end