• crimson20101 September 2005
    NBC Nightly News is best of the bunch within the mainstream media
    Like 'em or not, the mainstream nightly broadcasts still draw around 30 million viewers a night... so they're still relevant in American life.

    As for balance, talent and the ability to effectively use 22 minutes per show..I'd say on merit they fare well... though like any form of information/entertainment they could always do better.

    Still, I'd take Brian Williams over the rest any day.

    Correspondents by and large (men and women like Tim Russert, Andrea Mitchell et al... and anchors like Brian, Lester Holt, Matt Lauer et al may not have all the answers but they at the very least they do reach out to millions of Americans and try to provide context, perspective and hopefully a snapshot of our nation.

    Best of all, they're going to get better because viewers are becoming more sophisticated and with so many choices along the viewing landscape broadcast networks had better improve or they'll face extinction.
  • Danny Blankenship15 June 2007
    The peacock was my choice for network news growing up!
    Growing up as a kid when watching the news my family always for some reason had the choice of the peacock. Yes "NBC Nightly News" it was and I feel maybe one of the reasons was anchor Tom Brokaw, he was so professional and his voice just caught your attention. And Tom just had the look of your average newsman. The reporting and stories were always good both domestic and international no matter what was covered if it was politics, war, social issues the stories and interviews, and reports were entertaining and educational. I remember John Chancellor as a educated political voice that gave his thoughts and opinions and Brian Williams now the head was always good in his sub duty. Though now NBC news has leaned to the liberal left and I've turned to FOX News certainly in it's yesterday NBC News ruled the ranks of the big network three, at least in the opinion of me and my family.
  • jandrews-758405 January 2018
    1/04/2017 Worst News Program Ever
    There was 28 minutes of commercials and 2 minutes of news!

    Lester: Powerball...It's cold outside...here's the weatherman. Weatherman: IT'S COLD!

    28 minutes of commercials

  • johven5 October 2016
    Insane trump supporter
    I'm not a democrats. Now I know why this show only has about 5/10, because trump supporter expels his faeces at there. You can found a review which wrote by trump supporter. There are umpteen video of presidential debate on the internet, why this trump supporter just wrote his insane comment at there? Only review about NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt should be write at there, right? Trump just lost the first presidential candidate debate, because of his lack of knowledge about political debate. Hillary knew how to beat him one on one. "Fair?" I remember there are lots of critical comment about the "fair concept" of socialism. Why this trump supporter think a artificial debate, moderated by human, can be absolutely fair? He should just ask Trump study more, not to say bulls at there. Hope Trump has a better performance at second presidential candidate debate.
  • ksaint-0661127 September 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    I would like to know who was fed you the question too Mr Trump during the debate ? Why didn't you ask Ms .Clinton some of personal questions you asked Mr Trump? I think you were very unfair and you should excuse yourself in the future, I also feel going forward the USA Citizens should ask the question not those that are bought and paid for by politicians! As a reporter if you moderate any of the debates, you should ask the same questions of all candidates. You should not single one over the other and try to attack him/her fair questions to all! I believe you let Clinton skate through with out asking her about emails and other subjects in our news! What about Bengazi she feels no remorse?
  • maryantcliff-7754921 April 2017
    Both sides of the story
    Lester, I just saw your ad again stating how you like to listen to people. So, please listen.

    I wish you would report the news without automatically giving it the most liberal stance possible. Will there ever be a time that you, at the very least, give the conservative stance equal time?

    Hopefully you'll listen to me also.