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  • One night in the spring of 1997, my older brother came home with this game called, "Blood Omen: The Legacy of Kain." He had neither heard of it by way of mouth or by seeing someone else play it. He bought it just in blind faith. When I saw him play it that night, I was enthralled by its dark, Gothic scenery and powerful, chilling musical score. That was just my initial reaction to the game. Then, when I played it, I could not stop because of its intriguing story line. It is about a petty nobleman, Kain, who goes into a small town and tries to lodge there for the night. But the innkeeper refuses him and sends him back into the cold, bitter night. Outside the inn, he is killed by unknown assailants and is sent to the hellish underworld. Chained and tortured, Kain is confronted by the necromancer Mortanius. He offers to resurrect Kain so that he can take vengeance upon his assassins. Kain accepts this, not realizing that by doing this that he will become a vampire. And so Kain returns to the world of Nosgoth, his home, and wreaks blind vengeance upon all. That's all I'm going to tell you about. If you want to know more, PLAY THE GAME.

    The brilliant diction and syntax of the script is spectacular, and in my case educational, for it inspired me to build my vocabulary quite a bit (my brother's too). An excellent voice talent cast brings the characters of this masterpiece to life. Simon Templeman is excellent as the blood-thirsty, hate-driven Kain. Voice actor Tony Jay with his deep, throaty voice does well to give life to the shady necromancer Mortanius. Great performances from Neil Ross, Richard Doyle, and Anna Gunn, who did the bulk of the voices in this game (Anna Gunn did all the female voices). And Paul Lukather is incredible as the veteran vampire Vorador. To anyone who likes fantasy games, or any kind of action/adventure game, this one is worth at least a try.
  • Imagine something like Legend of Zelda on the SNES - but without the cuteness. Imagine we're in a gothic world, a dark world with humans, sorcerers, ghosts, monsters... and vampires.

    Now imagine the "hero" not as some goody two-shoes, but as a bitter anti-hero, a person sick of his world, of the evil committed by the people living in it. The main character, murdered in the beginning of the game. Even in death, hungering for bloody revenge.

    You are that man. You are Kain. Undead, your power, and your hatred, are growing.

    Excellent voice acting. Over the top, perhaps, but it suits the larger-than-life happenings and intrigues.

    The graphics were adequate, but nothing exceptional, even for the time when it was first released. Does it matter? No! What matters is that it has good gameplay, and a really good story on top of it, complemented with excellent voice acting.
  • This has to be if not the best vampire game of all time.Simon Templeman voice of Kain was brilliant.The voice acting was top notch.Even the storyline was pretty damn good.When you first play this video game you probbaly do not wanna play it in the dark.The intro is good to.Its all about a vampire name Kain.He was human but his assaliants killed him.He went down to hell and he got turned into a vampire.And then he went into a hatred where he will kill all is assailiants,he goes on a rampage and meets up with a spirit where he has to replace all 8 pillars by doing that he has to fight all 8 bosses,you can turn into a wolf,bat and alot of other things.The spells,armors and swords are all fantastic.Thats far as im gonna go.If your into a great and interesting vampire game Blood Omen Legacy Of Kain is on top of the list!
  • This game has all - except good graphics, but being the oldest and first game in the serial, that can be overlooked. Great story is the first reason why I would recommend Blood Omen to everyone. Story is good, occupies your attention 'till the very end. Characters are great, and their motives, at the end, ominously clear. Surely it is a rare occasion to meet story that includes vampires, twists of fate, all kinds of magic, and an ancient evil, but all in a great mix, giving you the greatest story ever told in a video game. Gameplay is also very good, especially casting of the spells, and powers. Voice actor are exceptionally good, you can see that they have hired professionals, this is one of the best aspects of the game. Simon Templeman's great voice acting has reminded me of Jeremy Brett's diction in Sherlock Holmes series. They have left a great impression to me. This story is a backbone to the serial, and believe me, it has made of me a fan of LoK. I hated the LoK, until one day I have acquired all parts, and started playing it by the order they were released. This game is definitely my favorite game, and you would not regret playing it, forgive them for poor graphics.