In early stages of development, Ariel was known as Adonathiel, Malek as Guillaume, Bane as Orzach, Anarcrothe as Nauzhinger, Azimuth as Hericus and Moebius as Bridenal.

In an earlier stage of development, the part where human Kain fights back unknown attackers and then gets murdered, was depicted by a CGI video (like the ones in the rest of the game). In this version, human Kain is blond, because they had not yet decided to give him black hair as a human. Later, that video was replaced with a playable version of the attack and murder of Kain, because it didn't turn out as well as they had intended. The video was never included in the released disc and got lost forever in the vaults of Silicon Knights, with only a few screenshots of it being released in some early promotional material of that time.

At the end of the game, there was an alternative text for the argument between Mortanius and Anacrothe at the Pillars. In this version, when Anacrothe accuses him of being the circle's traitor, Mortanius more extensively explains his motives and admits to killing Ariel, whereas in the final version of the game, her murderer is left a mystery.