[to Bobby]

Leon: You hit one person a year, and it's a deaf kid.

Fritzy: Bricks Don't fall outta the sky unless I'm throwin' them. Philly Babe is one thing, but his car... that really got me angry.

Leon: You don't run the Deuces, I do!

Bobby: Is that Christmas music I hear?

Annie: Yeah.

Bobby: What the hell? It's, like, 115 degrees.

Annie: He puts his name on all the milk in the fridge so we can't drink any of it. I mean, he sits in the bathroom, shootin' junk and drinkin' beer all day and he thinks a glass of milk is gonna save him?

Bobby: That's Viper territory. I'm a Deuce.

Annie: A Douche?

Annie: Come on... it's just a line in the street.

Bobby: Not to me.

Marco: You know how long I been waitin here?

Jimmy Pockets: I don't know, fifteen minutes?

Marco: I been waitin three fuckin years and fifteen minutes.

Marco: You know what I'm gonna do when I get out? I'm gonna get me a nice, cold beer. A slice of Sicilian. Nice piece of ass. And then you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna fidn the rat fucker that put me in here, and slice his motherfuckin throat from ear to ear.

Fritzy: If this comes back to me in any way, I don't know you.

Marco: That's why we're not havin this conversation.

Marco: How's my sweet lil' Betsy doin?

[Leon punches him]