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  • I liked this movie, it was very unrelenting and dark - The fight scenes are pretty intense especially the last one. A good story about an exploding gang rivalry, there are good performances from Fairuza Balk, Brad Renfro, Drea DeMatteo and others but the two actors from the Blade series really stood out here. I'm talkin' about Stephen Dorff(Blade, Judgment Night) and Norman Reedus(Blade 2, Boondock Saints), they were great in the rival roles of Leon and Marco, they really brought their hatred for each other to life, good job...
  • ksmo3134 May 2002
    This movie was basically just a good guy vs. bad guy movie. Its one of the best that I've seen since the "Outsiders"! Its definatley a movie that should be seen on the big screen! The acting was awesome, and the writers did an excellent job on the script. There are really no upsets in this movie, and no sex or nudity. This is just a good movie that i reccomend!
  • Deuces Wild has gotten a lot of unfavourable comments by viewers and critics. I didn't think it was such a bad movie, especially considering the budget the producers and director had to work with. With the limited funds to make this film, the scenes were filmed with very few takes - giving it a 'play' feel.

    The story reminds me of "The Outsiders" and "West Side Story" - which I found to be one of the down sides of the movie, but I still liked it overall.

    Stephen Dorff gives a great performance as Leon, the Deuces leader. Supporting actor Mr. Renfro did not impress me however. A couple of the actors from "The Sopranos" play supporting roles. Drea De Matteo looks awesome in this film.

    Rating: 7 out of 10.
  • Don't you hate it when you're standing in the videostore and you already saw all movies that there ? Those are the moments that you rent movies like Deuces Wild...these kind of titles are never high on your list but you take them anyway because the synopsis doesn't sound too bad and you know the washed up actors in it from their earlier - more glorious - roles.

    The stories of these movies are never highly original. We've all seen it before. The only thing movies like this can do is provide the story with a few interesting twists, cool characters and some good looking settings and locations. And, I'm not being too harsh today, Deuces Wild succeeds in doing so. The story takes place in the 1950's. After he lost his brother to an overdose of Heroïne, Leon ( Stephen Dorff ) founds the "Deuces". A steetgang that tries to keep the Brooklyn neighborhood clean. Opposite to this, is the Viper streetgang. Their leader is about to get released from jail and he ( Norman Reedus from Boondock Saints ) wants to take revenge because he thinks Leon framed him. It looks like a war between both gangs can't be avoided even though the true king of the Brooklyn streets, Fritzy ( a small but great role by Matt Dillon ) , strongly warned them not to fight.

    Deuces Wild contains a lot of decent actors who never really reached the highest status. You've got the ones I already mentioned, but also known names like Fairuza Balk, Brad Renfro and Deborah Harry. The cast also includes a few upcoming names like James Franco and the annoying ( in my opinion, of course ) Frankie Muniz. They also deliver pretty decent acting jobs but the show gets stolen by the nice and good 50's settings. We're talking old-timers, juke-boxes and lots of hairgel. You're never touched by the story or the characters and that's the biggest disadvantage of this movie. You don't really care who wins or who loses. You never feel involved in the story, but you don't mind watching it. If you ever come across it on TV or at your local videostore...give it a go. It stands for an hour and a half of fun.
  • I'm a fan of both Stephen and Brad. But was not impressed with this offering. Brad is getting fat in his "old" age. Stephen never seems to change. The story starts out with a touch of West Side Story (aka Romeo and Juliet), but dribbles off into perdictables. The parts were definitely over emoted through out making it difficult to enjoy. Every body got to swagger to demonstrate the egotism of the character. The language and a couple of bare breasted scenes gave it the R rating, but added nothing to the over all significance of the movie. I gave it a 4.
  • It was awful plain and simple. What was their message? Where was the movie going with this? It has all the ingredients of a sub-B grade movie. From plotless storyline the bad acting to the cheesey slow-mo cinematography. I'd sooner watch a movie I've already seen like Goodfellas, A Bronx Tale, even Grease. There are NO likeable characters. In the end you just want everyone to die already. Save 2 hours of your life and skip this one.
  • Anyone who has seen The Outsiders, Goodfellas, A Bronx Tale or Last Man Standing doesn't really need to watch this film because you've already seen it. The line up here includes a very promising cast of Steven Dourff as Leon, Brad Renfro as Bobby, Matt Dillon as Fritzy, Frankie Muniz as Scooch and Johnny Knoxville as Vince. But with all those characters comes very little character developementand leaves us with a full cast of characters that we don't care about with the small exception of Leon. We start the film with the death of Leon's brother and the imprisonment of Marko, the rival gang leader who gave his brother the drugs that killed him. Fast forward three years, Marko is out of jail and all hell is breaking loose on Leon's once peaceful block, Marko is also making a deal with Fritzy (the head of the block) to get his drugs back on the street and Leon's brother Bobby is becoming involved with the sister of a Viper. This film has everything, the rival gangs (Outsiders), the big show downs (Last Man Standing), the gangster who is in charge of everything (Bronx Tale) and the drug dealing (Goodfellas). But because of this the flim is robbed of any sort of self identity and becomes rather bogged down and boring, leading up to a conclusion that is inevidable because we have all seen it a hundred times before, just better. This film could have been a masterpeice were it put into the proper hands, but Scott Calvert is no Martin Scorsese and Matt Dillon is no Robert De Niro, so we are left satisfied to some extent, but still feel robbed of something. The lackluster direction and enormously cliched script don't help matters any. It's clear director Scott Calvert tried his hardest to be clever but his annoying camera tricks don't suit this movie well at all, in fact some of them are, at time, very hard to watch. The fight scenes are plentiful but lack any excitement due to the horrible choreograhpy and again cheesy camera movement making it hard to tell who is who. Matt Dillon show plenty of promise but is only given four scenes in the whole movie, Johnny Knoxville is a nobody that serves no importance and is hardly noticable and Frankie Muniz hardly mutters a word the whole time. I have always found Steven Dourff to have possessed a certain degree of talent but he has yet to be given a role where he can break free and show us what he is really made of, but he is still, by far, the highlight of the film. Now don't get me wrong, the movie is not a total waste and there are probably lots of people that this sort of thing will appeal to but its lack of originality cancels out any power of emotion and even though we have a cast of characters that I really didn't care about except for Leon, it's an hour and a half of my life that I don't regret.
  • The best thing that can be said about this godawful movie is that it's so unbelievably horrid that it's actually hilarious--unintentionally. It's like the Plan 9 From Outer Space of its time: a purely dreadful, poorly done movie that takes itself completely seriously.

    I can't believe someone can even mention Fight Club in the same sentence--the same ANYTHING--as this movie. Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum cinematically.

    Douches Wild is horrid, horrid, horrid--but hilarious to behold.
  • "In the sweltering summer of 1958, the Deuces, a gang of Brooklyn toughs, find their turf threatened when the leader of a rival gang, the Vipers, is released from prison. Leon (Stephen Dorff), the Deuces' leader, tries to guide his boys through bloody brawls to keep the Vipers out. But when his brother (Brad Renfro) falls into a sultry - and dangerous - relationship with Annie (Fairuza Balk), the sister of a Viper, and his own girlfriend is brutally attacked, Leon and his gang are plunged into an all-out war to save his brother, his girl - and his neighborhood!" according to the DVD sleeve description. This is definitely no "Basketball Diaries".

    Think of it as "West Side Story" getting hit over the head with baseball bats and steel pipes, stickball having left Brooklyn with the Dodgers. "Deuces Wild" has some cool Hollywood sets, 1950s cars and soundtrack songs; and, much of it is nicely photographed by John A. Alonzo. The story and direction never get beyond these strengths, which enables the film to peak during its opening minutes, and proceed downhill. The cast looks good when you read the credits, but translates into an ageing, flabby mess of phony pompadours, blood, and Brylcreem… and one fright wig. A sense of sadness and regret permeates the production.

    *** Deuces Wild (5/3/02) Scott Kalvert ~ Stephen Dorff, Brad Renfro, Fairuza Balk, Frankie Muniz
  • This movie had a lot of truth behind it,if you grew up in the streets of Brooklyn such as myself and not in the state of Alabama like the user mister person in this website you can understand this movie. I don't know if mister person who made that negative comment on the movie even knows what a street gang is living in Alabama, but a lot of people who grew up in or around N.Y.C. know what I mean. I don't want to make any real comments on the movie in case you did't see it as of yet, but this I can say if it's street gang movies that interest you with some truth behind it you should see this movie. A Bronx Tale is also another good one about growing up on the streets in the Bronx,N.Y.
  • tpaladino26 September 2011
    Hmmm... a tremendously talented young cast, tried and true subject matter and Martin Scorcese producing. A sure thing, right?

    Nope. Not even close. Before seeing Deuces Wild, I'd read all the mediocre and bad reviews on here but decided to give it a shot anyway, because I've been pleasantly surprised in the past. But not this time.

    The film is weak in every possible way, except perhaps for the setting and art direction. The story is nothing but one cliché after another, with zero originality and very little to hold your interest. The director managed the clever feat of getting horrible performances from excellent actors, although the writers deserve some credit for that also, as the script seems to have been written by a middle school class that was locked in a room with a DVD of West Side Story and a crate of doo-wop albums as their only reference material.

    I honestly couldn't even get halfway through it. I have no idea how Scorcese could have attached his name to this project, even as a producer. Did he even read the script?

    It's just a really unfortunate movie. If you're an absolute die-hard '50s addict, I suppose you'll find something entertaining in there, but other than that, steer clear. Not worth your time.
  • A movie that goes along the tradition of Goodfellas(1990) or something like it, alas, in a whole different league.

    The whole finished piece ends up almost like a B-movie, there is no doubt that , in some country like Australia most probably , Deuces WIld will never be screened to the cinema. Alright, aside from that , this film still manages to entertain , i mean we have to expect something from the guy who directed the gritty Basketball diaries(1995).

    with the usual plot of a rigtheous gang that will stand againts the odds , no doubt cinema geeks have seen this before , i call it a blend of Rumble fish (1984) and the Young and Dangerous series (Hongkong Productions).

    Stephen Dorf plays Leon, the righteous gang leader who still cleans the mosaic windows of churches, probably as an act of redemption, Bad kid Brad Renfro plays his younger angry brother, who also acts as the narrator of the story. Somehow Renfro's acting reminds me of his character in Bully(2000) , still grunting around as usual,and looking more and more beefy, this is the tyke who appears in The client(1993), Dorf performance saves himself from being a miscast character, the crew cut really exposes his lack of hair, i guess he is getting old, and damn, he is just too skinny despite the DVD commentary said that he undergoes rigorous weight lifting. Norman Reedus the annoying scuddie from Blade 2 plays Marco Vendetti the villain, well it seems that he have to be supported with a shiv and non-stop utterings of profanity to be a real bad ass, almost a bad job.

    Not really a crucial role here, but James Franco as one of the uber deuces looks like a reincarnation of the original Rebel without a cause fella...have to see to be believed.

    None of the female characters in here seems to be presented as at least a decent accountable character; One alcoholic mother, one nuts mother, a girlfriend only acts as "the-chick-of -the-badass" played by Madonna look alike Drea De Mateo, and yeah....talking about the most mismatched coupling, A teenage Renfro with close to thirty-ish Fairuza Balk.

    SInce the budget seems to be constrained, audience with keen sense of frame could possibly tell that most of the scenes was shot in a backlot set.

    In a film like this violence is expected, however oftenly becomes an annoyance as we see packs of Elvis/Dean haired brutes pulverizing each other for five minutes(which is a long time), some of them wield butterfly or flip knifes, amazingly none of them managed to get stabbed. The bone crunching sound effects also add mild bittery aftertaste.

    Folks , like i said, this is an alright film , which manages to entertain if you feel violent because somebody ruin your haircut, however an act of purchasing is highly questionable.

    2.5 outta 5 stars.

    +2.5 for the entertainment value.

    -2.5 for all the Balderdash already seen so many times.
  • Deuces Wild is about two rivial street gangs the deuces and the vipers.The vipers want to put drugs on the street while the deuces never want drugs on the street.The leader of the deuces Leon brother died of an drug over dose Leon thinks the leader of the vipers gave it to him.The leader of the vipers has been in jail for three year and is soon to be free.These two gangs are going to face off after 3 years of no fighting.Deuces Wild is pure excitement that keeps you watching until the end .
  • mm-397 May 2002
    The Deuces Wild gave me my violence fix. The action scenes with the bats, knives, etc is intense. The story keeps one's attention, and the style is well done. The plot lacks at the ending, I think the mob would track the money down, but I don't want to ruin the ending. Well, any 80's man would love this film. 7/10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What happened to Agiana? Did she find a new hipster slick Ginny bf after Leon? Just wondering....

    But seriously am I the only that think Stephen Dorf is the coolest , I mean he is up there on the list no? Tough to see him go like that taken down like a dog on the mean streets of dirty ass Broklynn on a rainy night after a cool gang fight on the docks! Brilliant stuff, absolutely brilliant!

    And that lil' chick from American History X , dang she is one tough gal! Really cool too! She's a cutie alright, sort of hard to fall for a cute doll on this here creepy neighborhood in this hear creepy times! lol... very cool flix, if you want to kickx back and enjoy some light Sopranos action , come on and dig it!

    Its fun its cool, a must check out for Dorf fans!
  • Ok, it's a rumble movie. It's like LORDS OF FLATBUSH with half the soul. It's WEST SIDE STORY without the song and dance. It's THE OUTSIDERS without the literary writing.

    Sure, it's got a boatload of talented young faces, some already established, most semi-established when this released. But the script? Ugh. It's juvenile, simplistic, one-dimensional, mindlessly violent (though not graphic); something lifted from a 1960 "JD" message flick, but with better production values, including color.

    I gave it a six out of pity and because I like Stephen Dorff, but it deserves a five. And Brad Renfro? How did so many filmmakers see potential in HIM before he died not long after this?

    Bottomline: this is not an awful movie. It's not painful to watch. But it's a youth film that belongs in the 80s, not in 2003. And it doesn't deserve the actors it cast. From the list of actors, I'd guess this was a hot property when it was getting assembled, but subsequently, the writers and director let half the air out of its balloon and repackaged GREASE. Oh, and Norman Reedus? A disheartening case of one-note-johnny overacting in this particular effort.

    I gotta suspect that the director let the cast down with mediocre, uninspired directions to the actors.
  • Warning: Spoilers

    This film depicts the violent confrontation between two rival gangs in the late 1950's. One gang, The Deuces, is a group of tough but good hearted guys, lead by Leon, a goodhearted hero who is (Stephen Dorff, in a phenemonal performance) the toughest of the tough but a good guy and his younger, more impressionable brother Bobby (Brad Renfro, former Teen idol of "Tom and Huck" fame). Their rivals are "The Vipers", a gang of vicious, bloodthirsty bad guys. Their leader, Marco(Norman Reedus), a sadistic, villianous killer, has just gotten out of prison thanks to Leon putting him there, so he swears vengeance on Leon. Marco's mission is to put drugs into the neighborhood that the Deuces run, which Leon is dead set against for personal reasons. This all leads to a violent showdown at the very end in which Marco and Leon go toe to toe. Meanwhile, Bobby has fallen in love with a Viper's younger sister. However, unlike his West Side Story counterpart Tony, he has not forgotten where he comes from or where his loyalties lie. This movie is very rough and vicious and it is quite clear that this is not a movie for the ladies. The performances are top notch, however Stephen Dorff pulls off the best performance. Having seen him play the evil Deacon Frost in "Blade", I was eager to see if he could pull of a role as far from Deacon Frost as possible. And he clearly can. He pulls of his part wonderfully, portraying a good guy who stands up for the innocent. He, and the rest of the cast, pull off good performaces. However, the film itself is a little rough at times, so don't bring the ladies along fellas. A pure guy film all the way.3 out of 4 stars. One star goes for Dorff's acting.
  • The only thing worse than this movie is the fact that I spent 90 minutes out of my life watching it! It's a shame, too, as there is so much young talent in this flick that is gone to waste. That being said, I think the biggest problem with the film is that it's overacted, but what can you expect with a poorly written script.

    Why do they continue to put little Stephen Dorff in the role of tough guys and bad asses? As great as he was in "Backbeat" he's equally poor in this flick. He just can't get over in the role of the tough guy. No muscle tone and a puppy dog face will do that to you.

    Has Matt Dillon ever taken an acting lesson? If he did, who was mentor, Eric Roberts?

    I also don't understand the concept of Scooch getting a bike from Marco, then suddenly turning up at the brawl, wanting to fight, and tossing the pipe to Leon. Big plot hole.

    Poorly made film. No other way around it. Next time, kill the cheesey Brooklyn accents.
  • It's Once upon a Time in America meets Sue Hinton!! everything from West Side Story (Romeo & Juliet) to the Sopranos (Pussy in a Hassock)

    Deuces Wild rocks out!!! this little number has taken our not so gracefully aged Matt Dillon and made him a Godfadda in a neighborhood you would expect to see the Wanderers strolling down instead of these homicidal escapees from a Guys and Dolls Matinée. Throw in a demented script and we are given a world of 1958 which is just as improbable as Streets of Fire with much more action! Made for a new generation this scrappy little number doesn't let you down, fights on the docks, shootings on the stoop and even executions by cinder-blocks it has something for everyone...I guess maybe it could have been animated
  • The trailers to this movie looked good. Maybe they should have released the trailer as the feature.

    It seems that a rite of passage for all young, white, male actors is to play an Italian or Irish street tough from Brooklyn (or Jersey or Boston or Philadelphia or Chicago, or Detroit). Any large industrial city where the actors can get away with putting on a stereotypical accent.

    But that's not all that bothers me about this movie. There are the tired, clichéd lines like: "...and the streets of Brooklyn where red with blood" and "If I see you talkin' to him again, you're out in the street. You and your old lady."

    Fairuza Balk is the only interesting actor in this film. She has some clichéd lines just like the others, but she also has most of the movie's original ones. I especially liked "...and before that, I crawled out from between my mother's legs. Got any more questions?"

    Brad Renfro is a decent actor, but he should stick to what he does best. The misplaced, naive and/or clueless kid like he was in "Ghost World" and "Telling Lies in America."

    Steven Dorff is not a good actor, period. In this movie, he comes across as a wannabe actor high school jock trying to play Stanley Kowalski. But at least it wasn't as bad as his portrayal of Candy Darling in "I Shot Andy Warhol". There he came across as a frat boy in drag for the homecoming talent show.

    Frankie Muniz is cute, but that's all.

    Matt Dillon is tired as his typecast role of the tough guy. He should do the opposite of Brad Renfro and go back to taking risks like he did in "Something About Mary."

    I have a fondess for urban, period drama. But the script has to be orginal and the casting should be based on more than just looks.
  • Ok. This movie is not the best in the world. The plot has been done, although I don't think it's been done enough times for people to get tired of it yet. The story strays from the main theme once or twice. And the overused thunder and lightning effect every time something shocking happens is too old and tired to be in a movie made in this day in age. But what Deuces Wild has going for it is a strong cast, great performances, awesome fights scenes, and a somewhat surprise ending. The movie is very gritty and anybody who thinks this is just another West Side Story, you're WRONG. I don't think the Jets or Sharks dropped so many "F-Bombs" or broke peoples faces with bats and steel pipes. I give this film a 6 out of 10. That's a pretty good score for me and I think it's worth buying if you can get it for less than 20 bucks, which I did. Otherwise rent it. It's not groundbreaking but it is a good time. And as for the references to Fight Club. Sha..right. Not even close. Fight Club is my fav movie and this one doesn't come close. If you liked Fight Club, don't expect anything on par here. This movie definetely has a rushed feel, but it is still good. I imagine that if the makers of this film had spent a little more time on the development, we would have had something special. If I had to rank this with other 50's gang films, I'd make it #3. 1 being A Bronx Tale and 2 being The Outsiders. Trust me, if you liked the other 2, at least check this movie out.
  • I had no expectations for this movie. I saw it because my flatmate has a huge crush on Norman Reedus, and figured it would be a Boiler Room/Fast and the Furious type teenage boy flick. I was wrong. The acting and script were very strong, borrowing the absolute best plot points from movies like West Side Story (love conquers gang lines) and A Bronx Tale (movie title, name of hangout, soundtrack, emotional depth). With the addition of strong sibling relationships and even stronger female leads who do much more than just sing and dance about "a place for us," there was some serious potential for Deuces Wild to be a smart, important film. Surprised me! However, this was buried deeply under pseudo-Matrix, Fight Club-wannabe testosterone b.s. Last time I checked, CGI wasn't necessary to show bricks falling through the air, and it left me cold with wasted potential.
  • Deuces Wild is, in a nutshell, West Side Story with a punch. Leon's (Dorff) brother, Bobby, slowly falls for a girl in a rival gang. When things get ugly, the fights go down, and loyalty and love are put to the ultimate test.

    As seen in Sleepers, the movie starts out with the narrator explaining their lives in 1950's Brooklyn. Some basic story elements come to light, such as the origin of the Deuces gang. As the story progresses, we learn the darker side of their lives. Kalvert does an excellent job with directing as he portrays hate and violence alongside love and friendship.

    The plot and some elements can be said as cliche, or overused, but all in all its a pretty nice job. Stephen Dorff and Fairuza Balk give the performances of their lives, and director Scott Kalvert gives a stunning introduction film for his career. Not to mention, my favorite child actor, Frankie Muniz, does a fairly good job as the local kid.

    All in all Deuces Wild is a great fight movie, but not much more as the story goes. Some amazing performances and directing make up for the mundane story. 7/10
  • zong9 August 2002
    It never ceases to amaze me that such crap is put to celluloid over and over again. Deuces Wild is a shining example of such crap. The plot is full of recycled storylines, the script is laughable at best and the directing is confoundingly bad. Why so many tired slo-mo scenes? And do we really need to see another showdown in thunder and lightning? And, despite the fact that this movie is set in the 1950s, the score sounds like it came from an episode of Miami Vice! Unbelievable. Anybody associated with this abomination should do everything in their power to ensure that nobody else sees it and, furthermore, should never speak of their role in the production of the "film"
  • When I saw the trailer for this movie while the Spider-Man hype was going on, it seemed short and mysterious, so I was hoping for a hidden gem. Besides, I've always liked movies set in the 50's. What it turned out to be, even from the beginning, was a cheap adaptation of a book I have called "The Brooklyn Gang: Summer of 1959". However, the movie was mischievously set in the summer of 1958. The cinematography is good, but the flow comes off as choppy and flashy, and there are many trite moments that make you just want the movie to end already. Stephen Dorff overacts, Matt Dillon hangs, and the rest...blah. A rumble in the park during a lightning storm? Wasn't that in "The Outsiders"? Come on. All this left in me was a cheap thrill with a frustrating urge to fix all the errors. Well, It might have been good with some extra editing, and I did end up listening to rockabilly later that night. Pass, dude.
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