Last film of director of photography John A. Alonzo who died before the movie was released.

Fairuza Balk wore hair pieces in the movie, and she even had special aquatic hair clip ind for the pool scene.

Josh Hartnett was originally cast in the role of Tino but was allowed by the producers to drop out when he won the role of Danny in Pearl Harbor (2001).

Stephen Dorff and Norman Reedus both appeared in the Blade franchise.

Released the same day as the first Spider-Man (2002) movie also starting James Franco.

Film was originally scheduled for a 2001 release but was shelved for a year.

When Jimmy Pockets (Bathazar Getty) picks up Marco, (Norman Reedus) they begin to discuss the fight that had just took place at which point Marco asks Jimmy, "where's Leon?" (Stephen Dorff) to which Jimmy replies, "ask father Aldo. He's gonna make him a saint". This is an obvious hint towards The film "The Boondock Saints" in which Norman Reedus plays a vigilante.