Quotes (15)

Mel: Now that little heart is going to have to keep pumping for 78 old years and I made it. Fucking blew me mind.

Ruth: Do you know what's happening today?

Frank Spedding: We meet again!

Billy 'Shiner' Simpson: Frank.

Frank Spedding: Billy. How's your boy today? He seemed a little nervous at the weighing.

Billy 'Shiner' Simpson: Oh, he's fine, and yours?

Frank Spedding: Bored.

Billy 'Shiner' Simpson: A head that big should be very easy to hit.

Billy 'Shiner' Simpson: How am I supposed to make an important phone call with you two squabblin' in the background?

Mel: You just missed the exit.

Jeff 'Stoney' Stone: Who's the driver? Me or you?

Mel: I can't believe you done that.

Frank Spedding: How do you feel about fighting in a toilet?

Billy 'Shiner' Simpson: Listen, I've got an engagement in two hours, so if you don't mind...

Det. Insp. Grant: -Either we go in and talk or I arrest you now.

Billy 'Shiner' Simpson: What are you? The laughing policeman?

Billy 'Shiner' Simpson: To think I flew those cunts over club class...

Mel's Girlfriend: It's my money! For the baby!

Mel: We're gonna be late now.

Billy 'Shiner' Simpson: Mel? You wanna keep your bollocks? Fucking shut up.

Billy 'Shiner' Simpson: For thirty years now, I have been hitting my head against a brick wall! They'd never give me a license to promote, not for ages! Probably because, well, because I wear dark glasses when the fucking sun's not out. Big Stoney, out there, he could have become Smoking Joe Frazier! I mean, ask anyone! But you've got to understand, there are people out there who do not want me to succeed!

Frank Spedding: You think I'd pay to fix a fight? A fight in fucking London?

Billy 'Shiner' Simpson: Mr. Fleming! A proud day eh? For me, at least. I just want you to know... I don't want you to think that I'm bitter about things. Water under the bridge, eh?

Fleming: Be as bitter as you like, Billy! I still think the best thing I did for boxing was to keep you out!

Karl: I advise you not to say anything, Billy.

Frank Spedding: I'd pay a million bucks just to see your tongue get ripped out!