• 50
    Owen Gleiberman Entertainment Weekly
    This is a high octane ride that starts to leak gas before it even gets going.
  • 50
    Mike Clark USA Today
    An odd mix of seediness, sideburns and even scorpions, the movie nearly matches the Lisa Marie-Michael Jackson marriage for weirdness.
  • 40
    Marc Savlov Austin Chronicle
    The end result is overkill en extremis. There is such a thing as too much. And 3KMTG is much too much.
  • 40
    Peter Rainer New York Magazine (Vulture)
    On the reasonable assumption that no movie featuring an Elvis impersonator can be wholly bad, I was prepared for a high old time at 3000 Miles to Graceland, which exhibits a plenitude of Elvi. The exhibition does not last very long, however. Less than a third of the way through, the filmmakers jettison the premise and trash their own movie.
  • 38
    Roger Ebert Chicago Sun-Times
    Here's a movie without an ounce of human kindness, a sour and mean-spirited enterprise so desperate to please, it tries to be a yukky comedy and a hard-boiled action picture at the same time.
  • 25
    Lawrence Toppman Charlotte Observer
    Like the Big E himself. It starts out fast, dangerous, sexy, confident, funny with an edge. It ends up confused, bloated, unable to leave the stage when it should.
  • 10
    Joe Morgenstern Wall Street Journal
    Nothing but miscalculation from clumsy start to chaotic finish, an action thriller with a cynical, shriveled soul.
  • 10
    Richard Schickel Time
    Courteney Cox is good as a sexy, hard-pressed single mom, but she alone can't redeem the prevailing stupidity.
  • 0
    Shawn Levy Portland Oregonian
    A vile, stupid and ugly movie lacking utterly in pep, thrills, humor, finesse or morals, a dissipating waste of time, money and human resources.
  • 0
    Stephen Hunter Washington Post
    What you get is the V trifecta: vile, vicious and violent. Oh, and incoherent and stupid. A mess. A mean-spirited completely worthless film that can never give back the two hours it seizes from you.