When the film finished shooting, Kevin Costner and Kurt Russell disagreed about the way the film should feel. The studio let both stars edit their own versions which were then shown to test audiences. Russell's cut was more comedy oriented and focused on his character's relationship with Cybil (Courteney Cox) while Costner's was more action oriented.

At the beginning, when Michael catches Jesse stealing from his car, Jesse kicks Michael in the shin, just as Kurt Russell did to the real Elvis Presley in It Happened at the World's Fair (1963).

Throughout the movie, Kurt Russell's character is seen wearing a necklace. The necklace is "TCB" with a lightning bolt. "TCB" stands for "taking care of business" and the lightning bolt stands for Flash. "Taking Care of Business in a Flash" was Elvis' slogan He had similar necklaces made, and gave them to his inner crowd.

Kurt Russell made one of his early screen appearances in the Elvis Presley movie It Happened at the World's Fair (1963) and later played Elvis in a television movie directed by John Carpenter (Elvis (1979)). He also did the voice of young Elvis in Forrest Gump (1994).

The album that Michael autographs in the elevator is in fact the soundtrack to It Happened at the World's Fair (1963), the movie where Kurt Russell kicked the shins of the real Elvis Presley.

As a child actor, Kurt Russell had a role in It Happened at the World's Fair (1963). 45 minutes into that movie, Elvis' character pays him a quarter to kick him in the shin. This makes Russell the only Elvis Presley impersonator in this movie to have shared the screen with the real King.

Kurt Russell received top billing over Kevin Costner. This matches their portrayals of Wyatt Earp as well, due to the fact that Russell starred as the famous lawman in Tombstone (1993) and Costner starred as the famous lawman in Wyatt Earp (1994).

During filming in Vancouver, Kurt Russell (Michael Zane) visited the nearby set of Stargate SG-1 (1997) and met the cast. Russell starred as Colonel Jack O'Neil in the original Stargate (1994). His role was adopted by Richard Dean Anderson in the spin-off series and the character's name was changed slightly (to Colonel Jack O'Neill).

Courtney Cox and David Arquette were then husband and wife.

The gas station that explodes, is at Eldorado Canyon, approximately 55 miles from Las Vegas, and the site of a (now unused) gold mine. The plane used as a canopy over the pumps, is an original 60's vintage Grumman OV-1 Mohawk attack aircraft and is still there at the side of the road as of August 2013. The gold mine is a tourist attraction.

The Nevada Sheriff's revolver is a Ruger Vaquero chambered in .45 Long Colt. The front site has been filed off for a faster draw, a common practice amongst quick draw shooters.

The head of the studio behind the picture, Elie Samaha, was successfully sued by his German finance partner, Barry Baeres, in 2004 for fraudulently "padding" the budgets of the films he was producing. Baeres company, Intertainment, was paying a percentage for the films, based on the budgets. It is believed, due to Samaha's deception, that Baeres may have paid one hundred million dollars more than he had to. The lawsuit ended up causing the closure of Franchise Pictures.

Despite the fact that this was filmed in Super 35, "Filmed in Panavision" is listed in the end credits.

Christian Slater co-stars with David Arquette in this film. Slater previously co-starred with Arquette's sister Patricia Arquette in True Romance (1993). He also had an Elvis Presley obsession in that film.

The film is dedicated to Isabella Rogers and Derek Grieves.

Christian Slater and Howie Long previously appeared together in Broken Arrow (1996).

Kevin Costner and Christian Slater previously appeared together in Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves (1991).

Long before Kurt Russell and Kevin Costner starred in this film together, Ron Shelton had written the role of Crash Davis in Bull Durham (1988) for Russell, but Orion preferred Costner, who they felt was a more bankable star and one who had good standing with the studio, for the role. Russell later replaced Costner for the role of Ace Woody in Django Unchained (2012), but Quentin Tarantino excised the part when Russell left the production.

The plates on the red caddie read 3KMTG.

Film debut of Kelly Carlson.

Paul Anka, who played Boss 1, was a writer for Frank Sinatra. He wrote Sinatra's theme song, "My Way". It also was a favorite of Elvis' during his concerts.

Kurt Russell (Tombstone (1993)) and Kevin Costner (Wyatt Earp (1994)) both played Wyatt Earp.

A scene in the film involves Kevin Costner using a bow and arrows, a weapon famously used by Robin Hood, whom Costner played in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991).

Kurt Russell and Kevin Costner have been in films with Madeleine Stowe. These were Unlawful Entry (1992) and Revenge (1990) respectively. Incidentally, Ray Liotta was also in Unlawful Entry with Russell and Stowe, plus Liotta was in Field of Dreams (1989) with Costner.

Despite being shot in 2001, this movie takes place in 1997, according to the statement of pit boss #1 (Paul Anka) saying, that porker's been dead for 20 years (meaning Elvis).

A description by Radio Times when this film was shown on Sky TV was, "Uneasy mix of crime thriller and comedy, about a gang of Elvis Presley impersonators who attempt to rob a casino during a convention".

Prior to the film's opening, Warner Brothers released a series of animated prequels voiced by the Elvis impersonators from the movie. "The Road to Graceland" prequels marked the first time a major film's cast members contributed their talents to the creation of original Internet content for a film website. The animated shorts also revealed that Michael Zane (Kurt Russell) was in fact the other man who's DNA test as Elvis Presley's son proved inconclusive.

During the casino heist near the beginning of the movie, Kurt Russell is wearing a white Elvis Presley suit, while Kevin Costner is wearing a black Elvis suit. This foreshadows the good vs. evil relationship that Michael Zane (Russell) and Murphy (Costner) will have later in the movie.

Like his supposed father Elvis Presley, Murphy dies on the bathroom floor.

Before Murphy confronts the authorities for the final shootout and certain death, Elvis' version of the song "My Way" plays. The song was originally sung by Frank Sinatra. Earlier in the film Murphy is offended by Gus saying "The King is down" during a hypothetical fight with Frank Sinatra.

The "midget Elvis" shot in the casino was played by a then-member of the Las Vegas Rocky Horror cast.

Many scenes were edited due to extreme violence. - 1) The scene in which a Security Guard is killed by way of a shotgun, was originally bloodier. The scene featured a closer shot of the guard being shot and the blood spraying from his back. - 2) The scene where Hanson (Christian Slater) is shot in the leg was originally bloodier. Instead of quick shot of the leg being shot, there is a shot of blood spraying from his wound quickly and violently. 3) The scene where the State Trooper is shot by Murphy (Kevin Costner) is also extended. The additional shot featured the bullet actually hitting the trooper and his back exploding in blood.

Body count: 44, nearly all of whom are killed by Murphy.

Kevin Costner and Christian Slater co-starred in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991). They didn't get along in that film, just like in this film. Costner shot an arrow through Slater's hand in that film, in this film he killed him by shooting a gun underneath the table, hitting his legs and then shooting him dead. Slater had been arguing with Costner over money from the heist, and then provoked him, leading to his demise.