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  • www-yfm5 September 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    Benny (Sathyan) runs a parallel college. He leads a peaceful and happy family life with his wife Leela (Ragini), and children Molly (Baby Seetha) and Rajan (Master Jijo). Benny falls in love with Gracy (Rajasree), one of his students. Gracy's parents (S. P. Pillai and Adoor Pankajam) take undue advantage of Benny's blind love for Gracy. They gradually manage to eat into his wealth. Leela's attempts to bring her husband back fail. In fact, Benny does not even visit his ailing father Dr. Joshua (Kottayam Chellappan).

    Benny plans to elope with Gracy. When Leela tries to prevent him she is beaten up. Leela falls unconscious. Thinking that Leela is dead, Dr Joshua orders his son to shoot her. He wanted to create an impression that Leela had committed suicide. Benny pulls the trigger. Leela, who was unconscious, dies of bullet injuries. Benny is arrested by the police.

    Bharya is an early Sathyan classic, a poignant love story which includes one of A.M Raja/s finest renditions "Periyare Periyare" pictured on Sathyan in a "boat", with Ragini.