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  • OK, here is the premise. A fireman's (Arnold Schwarzenegger) wife and son get blown up when a terrorist (Cliff Curtis) is trying to destroy some target. He googles "terrorist" on his home computer, finds out who is responsible, and goes off into the jungle to capture him. He escapes. In the meantime, he hooks up with the terrorist's wife (Francesca Neri), wins her to his side, and they go off back to the States to catch him. If that is not the most unbelievable plot you can imagine, then there are some twists and turns that are even more incredible.

    But, who cares? This is the Governator kicking some major butt like he did in True Lies, Commando, and many other movies that you and I watch over and over.

    Italian actress Neri (Live Flesh) is hot, Curtis (Whale Rider) makes a perfect terrorist, and one of my favorites, John Leguizamo (Land of the Dead), plays a great part. Even Monk's agoraphobic brother, John Turturro, is here. Wow! But, it's all about the damage, collateral and otherwise, that draws you to the movie. The fireman turned terminator turns up the heat (red, of course) and proceeds to erase the terrorist.
  • Yes, another typical Arnold Schwarnegger film which translates to (a) interesting all the way; (b) very violent; (c) very far-fetched. Here, Arnold is just a plain old fireman but he turns into superhero, doing things only Superman or Batman could accomplish....but it's still fun to watch.

    After seeing his wife and kid blown up by Columbian terrorists, Arnold goes after the latter, traveling to the jungles of that South American country and taking them on! In the end, he's in Washington trying to diffuse another terrorist plot. He's amazing. What CAN'T this guy do? Yes, it's ludicrous....but it's not meant to be taken seriously, folks! It's just entertainment for fans of action movies, nothing more.

    There is a nice twist at the end of this story and it involves a very intriguing-looking woman, Francesco Neri. I just love that woman's face: very sexy, especially for someone her age. She's also in "Hannibal" but I think the rest of her films are Italian. I would like to see more of her work.

    There are also some short appearances by two always-entertaining actors, John Turturro and John Leguizimo. Scharwarznegger's action films usually have a fair amount of tongue-in-cheek humor and those two actors help along those lines in this film.

    Elias Koteas plays the too-gung-ho FBI guy. Hollywood just will not portray an FBI, CIA, DEA, or any government agent in a positive manner. That would offend their liberal peers in the movie business, so Koteas plays the lawman you can't trust in this movie. In fact, they make it so you don't know if you can trust anyone in the government, which also is typical Hollywood fare.

    Don't believe the national critics, however, if they panned this film. It's two hours of good escapist fare.
  • Ok, so we've all seen at least ONE Arnold movie - and you know what they say... "If you've seen one, you've seen 'em all."

    This isn't necessarily true in the case of "Collateral Damage". We expect Arnold to run into a terrorist compound in the jungle, guns blazing, unlimited explosives, managing to not get hit by gunfire even while standing still in the middle of a field, one-liners running like water...

    But THAT movie was "Commando". Remember?

    Anyway, in "Collateral Damage" Arnold is actually a vulnerable character. He gets BEAT UP more than he beats up others. Now, while Arnold fans (myself included) prefer Arnold to be invincible, in this case it works really well. Not just because it moves the story along, but also because it makes the protagonist more believable. Ok, sure, Arnold saying "gracias" to some Columbian bus driver is HARDLY believable, but I think you know what I mean.

    You will also find yourself saying "who is the REAL villain here?" on more than one occasion. Sure, terrorists kill. That's what they do. But why do you THINK they became terrorists to begin with? "Collateral Damage" touches on the subject briefly - enough to humanize the terrorist leader, even!

    Most of the reviews I've read here have been negative... But those same reviewers were probably Arnold-philes who were expecting something along the lines of "Commando 2". As it is, personally I really enjoyed "Collateral Damage." If not a smart purchase, then it's definitely a wise rental. Check it out and see for yourself.
  • I remember a time, in the not too distant past, when any new movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger was treated as an event. Nowadays, his films slip in and out of town with nary a person even noticing. What's happened? The sad but obvious explanation is that, as he's aged, Arnold has had to make way for younger, more dynamic action stars, leaving him stuck with leftover crumbs like `Collateral Damage,' a dull, lackluster action film that manages to kick itself into high gear only in its final half hour or so.

    `Collateral Damage' was, of course, one of those films whose original release date had to be postponed in the wake of the September 11th terrorist attacks. In this case, the sensitivity arose as a result of the film's storyline, which revolves around a group of Colombian terrorists determined to strike at targets on American soil. Schwarzenegger plays fireman Gordy Brewer, whose wife and child are killed in an explosion at the Colombian consulate in Los Angeles. Brewer, feeling that the U.S. government has little concern with exacting revenge from the terrorist leader responsible for the explosion, decides to mount a one-man crusade to see that justice is ultimately done. The film, obviously indifferent to its own need for plausibility, sends this virtually unarmed fireman into the unfamiliar jungles of South America to take on what appears to be the entire Colombian police force as well as the guerilla fighters whose actions resulted in the deaths of Brewer's family. Brewer, of course, despite his own inexperience and the formidable odds against him, manages to talk and/or fight his way out of every dire predicament before rescuing his nemesis' wife and their adopted son.

    There isn't much to say about `Collateral Damage' except to report that the film does achieve a certain tension in the closing stretches, when Brewer returns to Washington D.C. to help foil a plot to detonate a bomb in that city. Thanks to a few nice plot twists, the film ends up not being a total loss when all is finally said and done.

    It's never much fun to have to witness an actor in the sunset of his career. But if Schwarzenegger's films don't start improving soon, he may well have to switch to that career in politics he has reportedly been looking into between films.
  • "You can't take the law into your own hands!"

    So says some guy from some government agency to Arnold. In the preview, this seems like typically horrible dialog for an action movie. However, I was surprised that, in the context that it was used, it wasn't too cheesy.

    I saw a 'behind the scenes' thing on HBO and everyone involved was saying that this was something really different for Arnie. Why is it that people say that about every movie he's in? They're all the same! But that's okay. We're used to it. In 'End of Days' he played an alcoholic. We knew this, not because we ever saw him drunk, but because some one brought it up every ten minutes. These are things that we've come to accept about Arnold's movies. So stop telling us that this is something new.

    At least, that's what I've felt for a while now. This movie is a little different. It's not a stretch, or anything radically different. But it isn't the exact same thing that Arnold's done before. It is, however, the same thing we've seen from other people before. It seems that he looks at what is popular, and he does his version of that. People like government agents, I'll do 'Eraser.' People like supernatural stuff, I'll do 'End of Days.' What's all this I hear about a movie with a twist at the end being brilliant? I suppose I'll do 'Collateral Damage.'

    So is it good? Is it bad? It just is. One thing I am glad about is that is was rated R. I am sick of movies being cut down to PG-13 simply because some people feel that things should be accessible to the "family." Cutting stuff to do that ALWAYS detracts from the quality of a movie. I've actually heard directors say that they needed to take the energy level down on a scene in order to qualify. Why would you want to do that?

    Yes, this movie's release was postponed. We all have our own opinions on that and nothing, not even seeing the movie, is going to change our minds.

    One final note: Am I the only one who, when watching Cliff Curtis, can only think, "You know what I think? I think you're stealing gold." ?
  • I chose to rent this movie for a simple reason: I was in the mood for something nice and stupid - a no-brainer action flick starring Arnie would perfectly fit that mood. What I got was something else.

    The story: Firefighter loses family in terrorist attack, goes on revenge mission to Columbia to find and kill terrorist. Sounds pretty dumb to me - and, let's face it, a lot of aspects of the movie are incredibly dumb. (Mostly those parts of the movie concerned with Arnie getting to Columbia, travelling through Columbia and getting into the rebel camp)

    But, and here's the catch, some are not. What starts out a simple movie with linear plot evolves slowly. After the rage comes a period of reflection. There are twists and turns in the plot, and the first half is full of time-filling minutes spent getting to know yet-another-comedic sidekick, who will disappear entirely from the movie within minutes (couldn't they have stuck with one sidekick? Or not bothered at all?), but then, as the plot turns around, the audience is suddenly faced with an interesting moment (which is later ruined by cheesy dialogue). Well, this being an action movie, the smart bits can last only so long, and then it all goes to pieces in a desperate attempt to have a traditional climactic good vs bad battle. So the end is a big let-down.

    Still, the movie IS entertaining (apart from a few minutes of boredom and confusion in the Columbia part) and, surprisingly, well-acted. Arnie is no character actor, and the mess he made of End of Days was embarrassing. Sixth Day brought some more flexing of acting muscles, and I actually liked his performance in that movie. Collateral Damage takes all he learnt and puts it to the test. He will never manage a Bruce-Willis alike 6th Sense / Unbreakable career turnaround, but he acted his role well, and was convincing. Mostly, at least. The support cast, filled with aforementioned comedic sidekicks, a CIA agent, a FBI agent and the terrorist and a Columbian woman - all do their jobs well. I kept wondering where I'd seen Cliff Curtis before, until I looked it up on IMDB - he was the charismatic leader of the Iraqi resistance in Three Kings. Here, he manages to dominate the screen just as well and once again is a show-stealer. Definitely the most memorable character of the movie.

    So, we have good acting, good entertainment, stupid action, a stupid end and some reasonably intelligent bit somewhere along the way. The body count is high, but surprisingly, Arnold does not actually kill many people (you can count his victims on the fingers of one hand). There is a gruesome scene involving a snake, which is basically pointless, but that did not reduce my enjoyment of the movie. All in all, a good movie to watch. Not brilliant, but not as bad as some people may think either.
  • ......................................................from Pasto,Colombia...Via: L.A. CA., CALI, COLOMBIA and ORLANDO, FL

    The Goveranator, "On the Loose, with Dr. Seuss!" As a Dual National, living in Colombia, people frequently come up to me and say: "I never go to those Hollywood movies, always projecting such a lousy image of Colombia!" Hard to refute that, eh! And how about this? Is it worth seeing AH-NULD one more time? Must answer much more "NO" than "YES"! Despite having seen a constant decline in the quality of his final films over the years they're still a cut above a lot of the action movies produced in Hollywood today.

    If the ACTION genre is your thing: Maybe The answer is "YES". For everyone else, probably the words "I PASS" are the most apropos. "DAMAGE", filmed BEFORE 9/11, with its Colombian terrorists detonating bombs on U.S. soil, passes from the category of Fiction to that of Fairy Tale! The bad guy here is a narco-guerrilla/terrorist named Claudio Perini, willing to sacrifice it ALL for the "Cause". The most chilling aspect of this film, is a mother so perverse and diabolic, she sacrifices her only son, with the dispassionate air of someone taking out the trash!

    Hollywood again serves up a distorted and grotesque image of Colombia. Seems like the ones experiencing the most "Collateral Damage" here are the viewers of the film itself!


    Any comments, questions or observations, in English o en Español, are most welcome!
  • STAR RATING:*****Unmissable****Very Good***Okay**You Could Go Out For A Meal Instead*Avoid At All Costs

    It's easy to see why this was postponed because of September 11 (even the terrorist group in the film ALC only needs IADA put on the end of it).What's hard to understand is how Collateral Damage got released at all.It's hard to believe this film is directed by Andrew Davis,the director of such action greats as The Fugitive,Under Siege and Nico.Ageing action man Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as Gordy Brewer ,the most ridiculously named action character ever,who goes to Columbia to seek revenge on El Lobo,the terrorist mastermind who killed his wife and child with a bomb blast on the Anti-Terrorism Agency in New York.The story is poor (how can a fireman have so much knowledge on how to locate and take out master terrorists?)as is the character development,and in fact,so is the action.Truly run-of-the-mill stuff and nothing that hasn't been done to better and much more impacting effect in previous films of this type.For this,54 year old Arnie still has impressive biceps,and things do heat up a bit at the end.But overall,on the basis of this and his previous films,one thinks the Arn ought to think about retiring from film and trying harder to become mayor of California.**
  • Collateral Damage (2002) is one of the most decent Schwarzenegger action flicks. The story worked for me, Cliff Curtis was good as the villain, Arnold was great, the twist at the end was nice, the action scenes were fun, and altogether I think it's a very solid movie.For me, Collateral Damage & End of Days are the only Schwarzenegger movies where he actually gives a acting performance. I think both of the films are very underrated and bashed for their credits for it. This one is the 7h movie that in my opinion are his best movies and Collateral Damage is one of them. It is my favorite best movie that I absolutely love. Collateral Damage is above average action thriller very underrated from the early 2002 people just hate this movie I loved it, This movie rules!

    Great movie if you like Arnold Schwarzenegger I would recommend this movie if you like a lot of action packed scenes and explosions. Collateral damage is very good movie and entertaining. I love the twist!

    "You cannot take the law into your own hands."

    While The September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and Collateral Damage may not be classic examples of art imitating life and vice versa, the real-life attacks did put a temporary halt to the film's scheduled October 2001 release. And certainly, the film does share a few primary similarities with that day. Collateral Damage's hero is a firefighter, and a terror attack in a major U.S. city -- Los Angeles to be exact -- leads to panic and the main character's own struggles with loss and a thirst for revenge. But otherwise, director Andrew Davis' (Above the Law) Collateral Damage plays as a fun and superficially routine Action flick that's full of explosions and gunfire but that goes above and beyond the call of duty, crafting a surprisingly deep plot, one with a rather heavy emotional undercurrent -- even beyond the loss of the main characters' family -- and a few quality twists and turns that keep the movie fresh and its landscape always evolving. While this may not be the quintessential Action movie -- it's no Die Hard -- or even the finest flick to Andrew Davis' name, this is a good, high quality, high yield Action movie, and as is always the case with a Schwarzenegger film, it's well worth seeing if only for the star's presence, energy, and charisma.

    Firefighter Gordon Brewer is plunged into the complex and dangerous world of international terrorism after he loses his wife and child in a bombing credited to Claudio "The Wolf" Perrini. Frustrated with the official investigation and haunted by the thought that the man responsible for murdering his family might never be brought to justice, Brewer takes matters into his own hands and tracks his quarry ultimately to Colombia.

    After his family is killed by a terrorist act, a firefighter goes in search of the one responsible.

    I love this Action flick How Arnold went on his own in to the jungle of Colombia to find the terrorists responsible for his family murder. I find this very Entertained action film for a Schwarzenegger fan like me. I love this film and I have always enjoy it. Collateral Damage is so much better film than Terminator Genisys ,Maggie or Sabotage were. I don't care about the new movies Arnold is doing today they are all crap, Escape Plan and The Last Stand are his last films that were really good to watch, the rest of the films he did weren't. Arnold stop making such a bad films this days please! I love the action scenes the explosion in all movies Arnold kills the bad guys with guns and knives. In this film he uses plastic explosives and his intelligent skills. The end and the twist was fantastic the action scenes were just perfect. This film isn't above average so stop hating on it.

    The film tells the story of Los Angeles firefighter, Gordon Brewer (Arnold Schwarzenegger), who looks to avenge his son and wife's death at the hands of a guerrilla commando, by traveling to Colombia and facing his family's killers.

    I disagree with all the haters of this film including Stan Goff this film is not horrible. Terminator Genisys , Sabotage and Maggie are far worst films than Collateral Damage is.

    Collateral Damage is a 2002 American action film directed by Andrew Davis, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elias Koteas, Francesca Neri, Cliff Curtis, John Leguizamo and John Turturro. The film was released in the United States on February 8, 2002.

    8/10 Grade: B Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elias Koteas, Francesca Neri, Cliff Curtis, John Leguizamo, John Turturro Director: Andrew Davis Producers: Hawk Koch, Nicholas Meyer Writers: David Griffiths, Ronald Roose Rated: R Running Time: 1 Hr. 48 Mins. Released: February 8, 2002 Budget: $85 Million Box Office: $78,382,433
  • mrphantasm5 February 2005
    Imagine this picture: A room full of students, future filmmakers. They are watching a movie, Collateral Damage, an average action movie, but with a big problem an absurd story, an ideological story. The students are learning how to be subtle and convince the viewer of their personal points of views without making their future movies an advertisement. That's why they first must learn what not to do. Collateral Damage is a fine example of how to insult the intellect of the audience and spit the message in their faces.

    The bigotry that is palpable in this excuse of a fictional work is unbelievable lame. Every old trick in the history of screen writing is used in a self-indulgent manner. There's even more! Davis is a great director as he proved in The Fugitive, he could mix action and drama in a superb way. But here he fails miserably because his lead actor (Schwarzenegger) is too dull for this role and the action is lack. Schwarzenegger in the last years tried to play new roles. But it seems that the only one that succeeded in creating a different image for the Austrian-American actor was James Cameron in True Lies.

    If someone supposes that the writers made an investigation of how is the life in Colombia and the liaisons between "carteles" and authorities of both countries, then it would be wise for that person to read more serious newspapers and watch less movies like this one. This film had its controversy because the people of Colombia felt this movie as an insult. Colombia is a poor country that has suffered terrorism for decades and that is not something that should be used by opportunist filmmakers avid of profit. Collateral Damage doesn't make easier understand the affliction of terrorism only tries to mock of a third-world country. As always there's no movie so bad that should not be seen but it would be best for the health of cinema if pieces like this were not created anymore.
  • This action, is about a fireman (Schwartzenegger) who loses his family to a terrorist's bomb in LA, and then goes after the terrorist when the authorities do nothing, is OK! The pace is fast and the effects plentiful!

    There are a few logical problems, like why is it the fireman, among thousands of security personnel in DC, that is the only one going after the killer, when the latter is trying to turn DC into an inferno?!

    Lots of good actors, nice cinematography and special effects, in short better than average, but the misses are sometimes bad, like not getting Colombia's map correct! That he can travel on someone else's pass is also amazing.

    But it is fairly logical, in its own context, so you don't mind the misses the first time you see it!

    Not too bad for a hero, over 50 :-)!
  • The initial irony about "Collateral Damage" is that it almost became that itself - an "innocent victim" of the small Hollywood fallout after 9/11/2001, delayed for months because its plot happened to involve violent revolutionaries and bombs at a time when thousands lost their lives due to a tragedy of terrorists and bombs. Had the film been released at its intended date, it could've held more meaning and may have even been "forgiven" for being rather dull and unmemorable, due to leading man Schwarzenegger's ever-increasingly-fading action star status.

    The film, textbook Arnold Schwarzenegger, has one major flaw: Arnie's getting old. He has noticeably less hair, and his trademark accent doesn't seem as pronounced as it used to be. His "invincible/robotic action hero" style also seems lacking, and he isn't even given any cool "sarcastic action hero catch phrases"! The last problem (arguably the worst, especially seeing how "I'll be back..." is still a major part of his reputation today) is made even worse since nobody has any such lines; even the sole comic relief character, an employee at a drug camp with dreams of being a rapper, is killed off but a few minutes after introduction. A potentially shocking swerve is handled fairly well until it becomes immediately obvious during its setup. There's a relatively impressive explosion/climactic battle sequence, but other than that, there's not much to like in this film.

    There is one interesting thing about the film, that being that, made before 9/11 but released after, it is not a total propaganda piece. Arnold hardly oozes patriotism, and the script is even fair enough to present the truth that, though the Columbian rebels may indeed be a villainous lot who conduct heartless acts of terror, that their reason for fighting and their actions can be traced back to similar actions against their own countrymen by the U.S. government. The film-makers even let an intelligence agent who is seen commanding the slaughter of a rebel camp get killed.

    Had the film been released as coincidentally intended almost immediately after 9/11 (and really, the fact that it was "too controversial" at the time is rather ludicrous, since the explosion from the beginning and the explosion averted at the end are nowhere near on level with the events of 9/11, unless the controversy referred to was the admission of the U.S. causing the trouble in Columbia), it would've no doubt gained at least a low level of appreciation just because Arnie kills some terrorists. Now that the media has overdone patriotism everywhere else, however, even that part of its concept seems too weak and gimmicky to be taken seriously.
  • As with most movies, Collateral Damage is best enjoyed if you are a regular person instead of a hardcore, jaded "film" geek or a paid studio plant. Much more thoughtful than I expected for the type of movie it is, and a surprise ending that I haven't seen the like of in many action movies. This is the kind of quality entertainment that Hollywood has been sorely in need of for years. Those who say it's "paint by the numbers" or whatever obviously haven't seen many Arnold action flicks. I guess all the USA-bashers on this can't stand to see any hint of patriotism in a movie no matter how understated it is... my question is: why then, did you bother seeing it in the first place?

    Anyway, if you like action movies, and the thought of a fireman trying to get justice for the death of his family doesn't offend you, see it. It's about as good as it gets. In other words, if you are from Berzerk-ley, CA, stay away. 4 stars out of 4.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In an example of Hollywood being at its worst, after Shwartznegger massively blows Claudio and his wife to ashes in a gas explosion, they both suddenly reappear a minute later attacking Arnold.

    Claudio and his wife are briefly shown as motionless cadavers yet they suddenly are perfectly coiffed, dressed cleanly, and as strong as ever with no after effects of being blown up. Ridiculous and insulting! Not a single hair is singed, no clothing is blackened or burned, and they are as healthy as horses able to fight Arnold.

    Hollywood earns ZERO credibility for producing this kind of poor quality nonsense. Shame on Arnold for being part of such trashy cinema.

    Movies are not worth paying to see if this drivel and folderol is what Hollywood produces. The public deserves more....far, far more. This example I discuss was just one of many problems with this movie. Either Arnold has lost his mojo or he was hungry for dollars to make a defectively written movie as 'Collateral Damage.'
  • Mildly entertaining and predictable, but not a bad way to spend a couple of hours. The casting of the woman with the weird lips and her husband seemed as believable as that of the gigantic muscle-laden German guy playing a firefighter, but what the hey, it's Hollywood and ya just gotta love it. I'm not anticipating any great Arnold 'til T3, the role he was born to do. Still, this was some hell-raising, explosion-riddled, sock-'em-in-the-gut mindless fun.
  • There are several reasons to see "Collateral Damage":

    o A surprisingly fine performance by Arnold o A fine performance by Francesca Neri o Serious issues regarding the "war on terror" handled (mostly) seriously o A "Six Sense" size twist

    If you are expecting the action of the 80s Arnold, you are going to be disappointed. The action sequences involving Arnold take place mostly near the end of the movie, the best of which, unfortunately undercuts the message of this film. The message, "UNDERSTAND your enemy's motivations." As they say in the movie, "A peasant doesn't pick up a rifle without a reason."

    Best advice: WATCH the deleted scenes. One of the movies most effective scenes, showing the bodies of innocent women and children killed by CIA operatives is hidden here, likely for political reasons. The scene is important later in the movie. Pity.
  • Arnie's back and with plot holes galore, a very HOLLYWOOD version of "the grieving fireman" , filled with tones of acting, fx and script problems, this movie just mindless action.Laughing at the absurdity of this is this only saving grace

    1 star.
  • Another big payday for Arnold, and yet, another piece of Collateral Garbage. Can Arnold read anything besides dollar signs? Go rent "Commando" instead for a good, unbelievable, escapism flick... I don't expect much from Arnold but the only thing controversial about this movie was the hype about the controversey that could only help promote it beyond it's own stupidity... Bad acting, bad casting, poor effects, and not even controversial. WASTE OF TIME and a CURE FOR INSOMNIA!!! SKIP IT!!!
  • Gordy Brewer is a good clean all-American type with a wife and young son and a selfless job as a fire-fighter. While his wife and daughter wait for him to collect them, they are caught up in a terrorist attack and die in the bombing. Brewer's loss turns to guilt turns to anger when he sees the Government involving themselves in political wrangling with Columbia rather than going after the evildoers. With the weight of American moral justice behind him, Brewer heads into Columbia to travel deep into the jungles, find the terrorist leader and kill him.

    Those who claim that this film is a tasteless attempt to cash in on 11th September 2001 forget that it was made before that terrorist attack and that it was shelved until a later date – however they are right in their claims that it is tasteless. In regards 11/9/01 the film was sold on the back of American anger and demands for revenge that the film pandered to with little thought – at a time of healing the marketing of this film fed the fire and in return was fuelled by it. It is impossible though not to view this film in regards the subject matter because, although not offensively simple in regards the 11/9 attacks it is still about terrorism and, for the majority of the world, terrorism has been around for a long time (in my case, my life in Northern Ireland). With any awareness of the complex issues involved, many viewers will find this impossible to stomach thanks to its simplistic view of events and the solutions it puts forward.

    The plot sees one man takes up weapons to deal with terrorists. Suggestions that talks and peace are the way ahead are dismissed; any discussion over "why" is brushed away by Brewer in his meeting with the terrorist leader and, at the end of the day, fighting terrorism is one big action movie where the good guys win and the sinister bad guys always lose. The script is so simplistic that it is hard not to feel sullied by it. As an action movie it is poor, partly because you cannot ignore the sheer offensive simplicity of the whole thing but mainly because it lacks excitement, enjoyment, thrills or entertainment value on so many levels. OK, if you want to see things go bang and non-white terrorists being beaten by American might then you may get something from it but for me it was just one big collection of action movies clichés wheeled out one after the other until I just couldn't care any more.

    The cast do nothing to help matters even though there are a number of well known people involved. Arnie is bland and his performance is one of such moral and ethical simplicity that it made me worry that this is how he actually sees the world – I really hope it is not. Koteas is a fine actor but is totally wasted here and cannot do anything with his role. John's Leguizamo and Turturro add a bit of interest but again are just poorly used. Curtis is just a, pardon my language, clichéd coloured bad guy – his character is so underdeveloped that he makes the bad guy in True Lies look like a thoughtful discussion of anti-American feeling across the world. There are a handful of other recognisable faces floating around but none of them do much so I won't waste my time.

    Overall, looking at this film as an action movie it is messy, uninvolving, dull, lifeless and soaked in more clichés than can be good for anyone. Sadly though, it is impossible to just view it as an action movie since it uses the response to terrorist attacks as its subject matter. With this difficult issue (and don't forget terrorist murders didn't start in September 2001) the film makes such a pathetic case that it is hard to stomach – it made me watch the film right to the end but only because I really couldn't believe that anyone thought this would be a good story to tell – even more so surprising that such an insensitive, jingoistic and simplistic view of the world could be presented after America itself found out what a complex issue it is. A poor movie that is only made worse by a horrid script.
  • Yes, Arnold does it again. A Well paced action movie with some good performances. Arnie can take and give punishment with the best. After

    all the concern for reaction to this movie following 9-11, we felt nothing was improper, in bad taste or poor timing. Not an easy beginning to watch but they did not go overboard on special effects explosions and gore like Swordfish. We know what Hollywood effects can do. They're just not always necessary. The lack of language was not a loss at all. The torture scene with the Slithering supporting actor did not seem to fit but was unusual to say the least.

    The plot was a stretch for how successful Arnold was in reaching his prey. Some visual effects were just not that good. Arnold played a believable Character and his pain and rage were well done. Being a parent himself probably helps compared to past movies.

    The Twists and turns at the end were done very well. Everyone played their likeable, lovable or hateful parts. Francesca Neri, a new face for us, was convincing, smooth, cool and downright sexy. This role should lead to more for her.

    John Leguizamo & John Turturro were Very good in supporting roles. Especially since Arnold could not provide any comedy in this one.

    At a least a 6 but I'll go with a 7 out of 10. See it on the Big Screen!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There are two types of action film viewers--those who are looking for realism and those who want entertainment, even if it differs from expected, most probable course of events. I think you can strike a balance between these two ways of making movies.

    Those who blame action film makers for lack of realism forget that an average person already has realism in his life with its limitations, rules, laws, bureaucracy, politics and lack of interest in your personal troubles. If I need realism, I can just go to Chicago south side, get robbed by some friendly neighborhood minorities because I'm white, only to see complete lack of action or response from the Chicago police, because they are playing politics and will not protect me for fear that those same "neighbors" who robbed me will start yapping all over, call Jesse Jackson and it will affect them in an undesirable way (I'm citing an actual reported incident here). Sorry, folks, but that's the ugly reality.

    An action hero is a way to relax and get away from all that and finally see a man get things done and set things right, for once be strong and empowered. People identify with a hero. They sympathize, they believe it would be great if they were so empowered. That is why people watch action movies.

    "Collateral Damage" is somewhat far-fetched, as others have mentioned, but it does give you that feeling of empowerment, that an average Joe can, in fact, stand up and avenge the death of his family in spite of all those political games our government loves to play.

    Two things I found irritating in Collateral Damage was the ending and Francesca Neri's silicon lips that make her look like a cheap blow-up doll (pay attention to her face when she examines photos at CIA headquarters). Arnie closes the door and an explosion takes place behind it. The heavy metal door gets blasted off with the concrete wall so hard that it flies and Arnie is dragged across the floor. He walks back and is attacked by the terrorist who isn't even burnt, even though he was in the middle of the explosion (not like Arnold behind a concrete wall.) I think that was making it too far-fetched.

    But don't let the ending discourage you from watching the movie. It's really not important, we all know the bad guy always dies in these stories. It's the process we are after, the action, ass-kicking, explosions...There's plenty here. There is a "Whole lot of Collateral Damage".
  • This film is a decent action thriller with an implausible plot that seemed tailor-made for star Arnold Schwarzenegger. Here, our hero's family is killed in a bomb attack meant for high-ranking Colombian officials which sends Schwarzenegger on a vengeance mission to Colombia to track down and kill those responsible for the bombing. Schwarzenegger's trek in the jungles play out like a continuous Saturday matinée serial but the film moves along at a good clip. The picture's stunts are very good and CGI techniques are on a par with today's features. There are some scenes which aren't for the squeamish but anything goes in a film with a vigilante as its good guy. Francesca Neri and Cliff Curtis have key roles in the picture but the film is carried by Schwarzenegger from beginning to end.
  • preppy-311 February 2002
    Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a fireman (for no particular reason that I could see), whose wife and kid are accidentally killed in a Colombian terrorist attack. 10 minutes later he's in Columbia searching for the terrorist.

    Typical Arnie film but very fast-moving with tons of fights, explosions, gun play, really implausible situations and loads on violence. But it's hard to watch a Hollywood film about terrorists after the Sept 11 tragedy. In fact, it's downright uncomfortable.

    All in all it's OK but very familar and really silly. There was a good twist at the end though. One thing--Arnie is 55 and looks it. Isn't he getting a little too old to be doing this? In some shots he looks terrible!
  • Some guy gets his family blown up by terrorists and decides to do something about it. To be honest, this I think in the right hands this might work but here it sure doesn't. The pure stupidity of the movie is astonding. Not a frame goes by without a cliche. This is pure garbage. And lastly, why did they have to make a rebel organization? Were they worried about lawsuits from the FARC?
  • Collateral Damage is about a US fireman called Gordy Brewer(played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) when an extremely dangerous and malicious Colombian terrorist called Claudio Perrini(played by Cliff Curtis) in the US disguises himself and bombs the place, killing loads of Americans including Gordys wife Anne Brewer(played by Lindsay Frost) and son Matt Brewer(played by Ethan Dampf). Gordy is deliberately set up and hit by a car and is in hospital in sever pain. When the FBI find out what has happened they are furious with the Colombians and want to stop them. FBI Agent Peter Brandt(played by Elias Koteas) is concerned about Gordy. When Gordy hears more about the extremely dangerous and malicious Colombian Terrorist Claudio Perrini and also finds out from FBI Agent Peter Brandt that The government want to negotiate with The Colombians, Gordy is completely shocked and angry. So he quickly leaves hospital, keeps in contact with some people who might be able to help him, and decides to go to the jungles of Colombia. Whilst there Gordy helps save Claudio Perrinis wife Selena Perrini and son. When Selena comes to Washington to help the US government track down Claudio who is now in Washington planning to kill the Americans and kill him. She agrees with everything after going through visual screen searches and the son is also being looked after by Gordy, but quickly she manipulates them, leaves the room, meets up with Claudio and goes killing people and now everybody including Gordy, Peter Brandt and the FBI are after Claudio and Selena and have to kill them. This film is an action packed film and there was plenty of powerful action, explosions, fight scenes and lots more. The film is an inbetween very good and excellent film. What stopped it from being an excellent film was when Gordy was attacking the Colombians, besides throwing bombs and fighting, he should have also used a gun to kill the Colombians. It might not have been as powerful like the film 'Commando' was, but it definitely did have it's intensity and awesome action. The film also has excellent acting by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Francesca Neri, Elias Koteas, Cliff Curtis, John Leguizamo, John Turturro, Jsu Garcia, Tyler Posey, Michael Milhoan, Rick Worthy, Raymond Cruz, Lindsay Frost and Ethan Dampf.
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