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  • Jake-4626 July 2005
    I loved this movie. I didn't know anything about it before I started watching it, but decided to give it a go, since I've seen some really good Japanese movies lately, and must admit they can do it really well in Hong Kong too. I am usually not a big fan of action movies, but for me, this was pure magic. I loved the story, the wonderful music and the actors (Sky is lovely). They mixed the racing scenes very well with a really nice story. At times very sad and emotional. Easy to get familiar with the characters. Very well acted.It reminded me _a little bit_ of "West Side Story", and also some elements from "Lola Rennt". Wonderful. I would recommend everyone to see this.
  • The legend of speed 2, is truly a 'worth-looking' movie . The movie, in my personal opinion is better than 'Biker-Boyz'.. it has good story as well as a good 'Background music' ! Many people has a tendency to compare 'the legend of speed' with 'the fast and the furious' but it's true that 'the legend of speed' is also an automobile movie, but the level of Technology also is different ! The HK-made (HK:Hong kong) movie released in 1999 was known to me in 2006 . Movies such as 'Once upon a time in china' also a HK-made movie was a great releases, truly 'Ouatic' (Once upon a time in China) is better than the newly-released movie 'Le transporteur' ! This is to tell that "HK-made movies should be more marketed over the internet" ! Try watch this movie and see if it's sounds my comments !!! Behind these aspects of this actual movie, i didn't appreciate only two thing, firstly 'paddy' who let's out his saliva on the car engine ; and secondly the villain (the guy in the Subaru' kiss his kid-brother on the mouth... "did he lack some love from her girl ?" . Anyway the movie has some great action scenes also (my favourite) the motorcycle-race, riding a motor-bike without the brakes !
  • JinxsterJones6 January 2003
    I like this film! It's not the greatest of movies to come out of HK, but it's fun and fast, with an edge! I also had the good luck to be in HK for the millenium celebrations when this movie was showing, so I saw it on the big screen in the heart of HK, so maybe that atmosphere made the movie better in my memory. I'd love to see it again if anyone knows where I can get a copy!
  • this was out b4 fast n furious, people say fast n furious was based on this film and u can see why, this is tru street racing, lancer v wrx u know that it is gonna b a tight race, if uve seen fast n furious u MUST SEE THIS, its got a half decent plot, a much better one then fast n furious and the races 0wn!, the end race is awsome and so are the races throughout, the motorcycle race at the start is great t00. TAKE MY ADVICE WATCH THIS!
  • Its a really great film ~ came out before The Fast and the Furious. Crazy racing scenes and a really hot intro - the cars were hot , the girl's hot. Cecillia DOES get annoying now and then but she's alright. The plot was alright - more to offer than FnF. Watch it if you like racer movies!
  • If you liked the Fast & The Furious I guess that you would like this Film also. Has a good storyline mixed in with some `Ridge Racer' type racing. The FATF has copied large chunks of this film. Especially the Nitrous oxide injections and in-car computer `warning your car is about to blow' up kind of thing.