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  • I'd say it has a touch of Ally McBeal, she's a secretary and a few times she day-dreams like Ally. It is the story of a woman in love with her boss, he barely knows that she is alive, until she leaves for another job, and then he has to iron his own shirts ... I liked it, it was light, and probably I'm a little biased, because I liked the pretty actress, Sophie Schütt.

    And when I say it is a german comedy, I mean that the characters don't burst showing emotions ... for me, a guy from the Tropic, that is a little unusual. It is not full of jokes or comic situations, though.
  • crissov9 January 2004
    The movie seems a little like Two Weeks Notice with Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock, but was actually made long before that one. It is of course totally trivial and the story predictable, but good for an one-couple-one-couch-evening. Women will love the romance and men Sophie Schütt, who is probably Germany's most beautiful TV movie face.