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  • it has occurred at least a 1000 times after we watch a movie that a single performance, no matter how small it be persists in our minds. Here,the master carpenter of malayalam cinema, Thilakan bags it. The role of half paralyzed, shrewd and shady "Thurumbu Govindan" that he portrayed in this movie will always stand unmatched, keeping the ruthless fact that this movie or him weren't recognized or well known among the notable biggies.

    rivalry remains a common subject in movies and that between two "newspaper tycoons" is the subject here. Following is a series of events occurring after an illicit son of one of the tycoons joins the firm. some unnecessary songs and sequences paint the movie dull, but special appreciation should be handed to Dennis Joseph for sustaining considerable amount of thrill and fun but moreover for utilizing and assigning "unbelievably natural" genre roles to veterans in movies. overall, not a boring movie, but sure unlucky!!