Bobby: Excuse me. I don't mean to impose, but I am the Ocean.

Finn: They say he hasn't slept in like over a year.

Danny: Bullshit!

Finn: Naw, it's true. I've never seen him sleep. Seriously.

Danny: Have you ever seen Queen Elizabeth sleep?

Finn: No, why, is she a tweaker?

Danny: [pause] Yes. That's my point.

Kid Selling Guns: Mister, I only deal in high-end weapons. All guaranteed stolen. All traceable only to the original owners. Glock, semi-automatic 9 mm. Tenifer matte finish, polymer grip, fixed sights, 4 and 1/2 inch barrel, 22 ounces, double action, and a 10 round magazine. Mister, I could hook you up with this gun for the low price of three hundred and "fitty" dollars, well below market value. Maybe you're looking for something with a chrome finish. Something to impress the ladies. This right here is a Llama Mini-Max .38 Super Auto semi-automatic. Fresh satin chrome, black rubber grip, 3 dot fixed sights, 3 and 1/2 inch barrel, skeletonized hammer with an extended slide release, eight capacity magazine and single action. Mister, I will not lie to you. This gun is not the bomb. It'll do the job, but it ain't all that. That's why you can walk out of here with this gun for the incredible low price of one hundred and "fitty" dollars. Maybe you looking for power. Well, this gun got mad power, mad kick, and mad reputation. That's right. It's the Smith .357 Magnum revolver. Rubber combat-style grips, fixed rear, ramp front sights, 2 inch barrel. Weighs in at a feather-like 21 ounces. 8 shot capacity and double action. Mister, if it's impact you're looking for, the Magnum will satisfy all of your needs. Mister, these are my guns. All sales are final. All prices are negotiable.

Danny: For the people who don't do drugs, or just do them occasionally, it's something that becomes your life, and you belong. You finally hit bottom and you know who you are, because you can't go any lower. When you find... a friendship that you wouldn't have found anywhere else. Still and all, there's a kind of intimacy with those that can go the distance. Sometimes you see the world so clearly... and you know just what to do, and just when to do it. Just what you should've done, and when you should've done it.

Danny: So that's where I found myself. No, I should choose my words more wisely. This is the world I sought out. The land of the perpetual night party. Day swallowing night and night swallowing day. The crank compressing time like some divine piston on its awesome downstroke. We've been at this for three days... or is it four? Tweakers, lokers, slammers, coming and going, swearing eternal allegiance and undying love for one another, only to wake up after the binge and realize you wouldn't walk across the stree to piss on one of them if their head was on fire. Three days. Or is it four? I know what you're thinking, but don't give up on me just yet. Just wait 'til I've told my whole story. And keep your eyes open. Nothing is as it seems.

[pointing a speargun at Danny and Jimmy]

Bobby: Did you bring the plastic men?

Al Garcetti: [slamming Danny against a car] You are nothing, piece of shit, you understand me? Nothing!

Danny: [wonderingly, after a pause] I never noticed your eyes were hazel.

Danny: So why does Garcetti hate me?

Gus Morgan: Come on, man. You can't take Garcetti seriously. He hates everyone. He doesn't even like dolphins.

Pooh-Bear: Make me an offer.

Danny: I don't know, 14,000 a kilo?

Pooh-Bear: I deal in U.S. pounds, friend. None of that faggot metric shit for me.

Danny: Oh, shit, what is this? Am I dead? Linoleum? This must be hell. Oh no, what a cliche. I've had some time to think about it and it's pretty simple after all. I think it's like the man said, "Man is the measure of all things." I should know. I ran the gamut. Tom Van Allen got his revenge. Good for Tom. And Danny Parker? He got gut-shot for being a lowlife rat. That sucks for him. As far I'm concerned, they're both dead. So who is this guy? Tell you the truth, I still don't know. But I like his chances. I really like his chances.

Pooh-Bear: A man will say just about anything when he's sportin' badger-food for a pecker.

Danny: How do you know you're doing the right thing, Finn?

Finn: I dunno, like... people around you are happy, you know, they say thank you and stuff, right...? Just go with the Flow... you know?

Quincy: What're you looking at?

Danny: Oh, I was just admiring your boots. Did you purchase them locally?

[Quincy ignores him]

Danny: Well, nice talking to you.

Quincy: Yeah, fuck you.

Danny: [knocking on the door] Hey... you left some Chinese-lookin' shit out here.

Pooh-Bear: [Pooh-Bear is interrogating Danny on suspicion of working for the police. A starving, rabid badger is about to break out of his cage to attack the latter's genitalia] If you're gonna say something, ya gotta say it now!

[Pooh-Bear laughing maniacally]

Pooh-Bear: [Danny accidentally spills a drink on one of Pooh-Bear's thugs at the table, who jumps out of his seat to fight him] Skipper, Skipper goddammit! Calm down get yourself a beer, GET YERSELF A BEER BOY!"

Pooh-Bear: He just a lil upset there...

[Pooh bear opens the large duffel bag full of money]

Pooh-Bear: Oh now here we go look at this, look at this here... Good job Danny. That's a lot of money there. This is enough to make you weep. - Bill...?

[calls out to Big Bill with a thick country accent]


[to Danny]

Pooh-Bear: This is truly beautiful.

[At that moment a shootout occurs. Pooh-Bear accidentally shoots himself in the leg setting his pants on fire around the bullet-wound]

Pooh-Bear: GAAA'HAAAWD DAYUMN! Damnit, shi't...

Pooh-Bear: [after shooting Danny in the chest 5 times PoohBear hobbles into the next room, on one foot, in agony from the gunshot wound] That's okay - *incoherent slur* - that's how its gonna be! That's how it's goin'. I could be... I COULD BE A COWBOY IF I ONLY HAD THE CHANCE! Shit! I'm sayin, I dunno who broke the goddamn rocking horse! That's all!

[Accidently shifts his weight to his wounded leg. Falls down]


[gasping for breath]

Pooh-Bear: Thats alright that's alright! That's okay. I just a little boy. That's okay. I'm fiiine. That there little boy on a rocking horse. It don't make sense, it don't make sense at all!