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30 January 2017 | lor_
or What's it all about, Alfie?
Yes dear friends, there was an era (or two) before the horrible porn- parody craze took root. This two-part Adam & Eve production from 20 years ago is an unusual and effective riff on the movie that made Michael Caine a star three decades before, "Alfie".

Tony Tedeschi stars as Alfie, a ne'er-do-well guy who's always on the make, and always humping any and all girls who come his way. Like Michael did in the classic Lewis Gilbert film he frequently explains himself directly to the viewer, a narcissist in the time-honored Trumpian tradition.

Well written and directed by Thomas Paine, a pornographer most famous for "Corporate Assets" in 1985 but not a reliable source of quality, the first part focuses on Alfie's successes in life, leaving his deserved comeuppance for Part II. Opening scene has him humping silent Lauren Montgomery, a tall actress who would hit a career peak in Adam & Eve's great series "Naked Hollywood" four years later.

We next see him making love to Lisa (Malitia, the star of this feature), and he's a callous as can be, especially regarding her desire to have children. This concisely sets up a main theme (taken from the Michael Caine movie) that is resolved in the sequel, though completely avoiding the ground-breaking treatment of the topic of abortion as handled in that 1965 movie, a decade before Roe v. Wade.

Soon Alfie is acting as procurer, to seal a business deal with Michael J. Cox, providing two girls for Cox and a buddy just visiting town.

He helps a couple of beauties whose car has broken down, only to have a threesome with them at a seedy motel, well-represented by a studio set. Frequent actor in both XXX and NonSex roles Anthony Crane has a cameo as the desk clerk there.

Cute switch has the girls turning out to be daughters of North Dakota's two senators, but lucky for Alfie their dads don't press charges after he's locked up by the gendarmes for humping them. Part 1 ends with Alfie on a roll, but an end credit promoting Part 2 warns of his downfall.

This pair of now ancient features deserves a revival, and I'm glad I found them while excavating among the great works of Adam & Eve's Golden Age nearly 20 years ago.

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