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  • Supposedly following in the footsteps of the computer generated shows by the Canadian Mainframe Entertainment, Max Steel makes it mark as the WB's first CGI show. Though t started out a little rough around the edges, Max Steel has improved greatly from its humble beginnings. It revolves around Josh McGrath, aka Max Steel, a young man possessing superhuman abilities. At first glance, this may look to be a children's show, but if you keep an open mind and generally enjoy cartoons, adults will like this too.
  • Just as I love Action Man, Max Steel is equally impressive. Both shows have made me fans of the toy lines. The stories are fun, but as is the case with cutting edge technology, kids and adults alike will be attracted to the animation. This is the same computer generated imaging used for movies like Toy Story and Antz, but with human beings and more dramatic adventure. On regular tv, no less!!!! Just like Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers, and Superman and Captain Marvel, the similarities between Max Steel and Action Man are so obvious, that I wonder why no lawsuits have been filed. Anyhoo, this show( and Action Man) inspires me to learn more about computers and mathematics; why, I don't know...
  • Move over James Bond, there's a new super agent--Max Steele! The cgi-based animated series is marketed to children but will appeal to adults as well. Steele has acquired unusual powers by accident that led to his induction into a secret service agency which combats evil around the world. The opening episode provides hints that more than startlingly realistic animation sequences are in store.
  • Almost everyone I know would never have even realized Max Steel exists if I hadn't gone around more or less waving banners and using loud-speakers. Even then, they still don't really care. Most people give me a blank look when I start talking about Max Steel. It's depressing to not be able to talk with someone who understands.
  • Robbiebishop4 May 2006
    I love Max Steel!If he only came on more.I used to stay up all night till 5:00 in the morning just to watch Max Steel.I used to only watch it on Kids Wb but then they quit!So when I herd it was coming on cartoon network I would stay up,Then my dad got tired of hearing TV on all night so I recorded it I have almost all the Max Steel episodes! Yeah I'm obsessed with Max Steel it rocks unlike Gi Joe and Action Man Action Mans cartooning was horrible it look awful it was crap compared to Max Steel Gi Joe had a reason to look like crud it was a cartoon! Max Steel rocks!Yep I have Max Steel toys (Action Figures)Man Max Rocks Yeah Going Turbo see you crap shows like Gi Joe and Action Man!
  • The new series will re-live Josh McGrath/Max Steel as a 20-year-old super spy of N-Tec with mom still alive and Jefferson Smith as his " father in law", featuring characters from both the 2000 and 2013 shows should appear in addition a new voice cast will be included with Michael Donovan and Trevor Devall returning as Forge Ferrus and Jim McGrath as well as, Sue Blu as voice director. Animation should outsourced to 88 Pictures and Assemblage Animation in India, SAMG Animation in South Korea, TeamTO in France.
  • jboothmillard16 May 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    I can remember it was always on just after I got home from school. Now it has moved to another channel and a near-morning afternoon kids show. When I saw it I always liked the computer effects and some of the okay, sometimes corny, but alright characters. There was obviously Max, the most kind-of corny character of the show. The one character that wasn't so corny when I used to watch it was Psycho (or Smiley to Max). He was the robot covered with human skin who almost always took his face off to reveal his smiling robot face, which is why Max called him Smiley. Every episode Psycho was in was a good one. But apart from him, it was pretty much the same thing every episode. Max battles a guy with some power to his arms or something, wow, great. Not! Yeah, kids will like it. Okay!
  • This show seems to be just the same as Action Man. They are similar. This one has the bad animation. The flow of the series is bad. The animation is slow and the way they interact is just plan bad. When they fight its as if they aren't touching each other. The only justice this show has is that the title sounds cools. Take the title away and you have some guy who has super powers that stops evil.