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11 December 2000 | Filmaddict1982
Another triumph from the man who brought us the great butt banged naughty nurses!
Biff Malibu(otherwise known as Dick Nasty) has really gone for it with this one pulling it all out of the hat to bring us an epic symphony of desire and lust. Some of the scenes brought back fond memories of his own performances in such greats as muffy the vampire layer and anal ski vacation. My eyes watered at the pure brilliance of the intense close up camera work. I have to say at certain points I got a little too excited. Biff's movies have really filled in the time between girlfriends and I have a lot to thank him for. Sabrina Johnson has been an actress I have taken particular interest in for things other than the obvious! I really think she could make a name for herself in hollywood. The acting in this film from her was very good as it has been before in films such as the amsterdam nights.

Overall an absolute winner, the sex was superb the acting had its moments and Biff should be proud. I look forward to having my next taste of one of his films.

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