• WARNING: Spoilers

    The story set in a remote village somewhere in 18th century France, finds the protagonist and his companion coming upon an old man and his daughter apparently being chased and beaten by a group of men. The companion saves the pair and sends them on their way. The hero of the story is a French noble, a scientist, a soldier. We later discover the companion is an American Indian whos now the blood brother of the Frenchman. The village that they are visiting has been besieged by a ferocious beast which preys only on the human population of the village. Throughout the story references are made to wolves, but the French scientist maintains that the beast they search for is not a wolf. The tension is built up with a bizarre cast of characters least of which is the old man and daughter from the beginning of the film. A surreal setting in a superstitious era, complete with accusations of witchcraft, supernatural beings such as werewolves, and the ever ominous presence of the Roman Catholic Church adds to the eerie feeling of the story. Suspicions, accusations and blame are mixed with just enough plot twists to keep the audience thoroughly engrossed and the action scenes are superlative. The ending was not what I expected, nor was it particularly to my liking, but the movie as a wholenot only do I recommend it, Ill watch it again!