Det. Jake Riley: [as he struggles with a shaken Replicant in the back seat of his car] Calm the fuck down, you hear me? Calm the fuck down! Okay, let's go.

[uncuffs him and brings him to the house]

Wendy Wyckham: How about this weather? Jake Riley? Wendy Wyckham.

[they shake hands]

Det. Jake Riley: Wendy.

Wendy Wyckham: [shakes Replicant's hand] Wendy Wyckham.

Replicant: Calm the fuck down.

Det. Jake Riley: No. Sorry. My cousin Riley is a little special...

Edward Garrotte: We are the same.

Replicant: Same?

Edward Garrotte: Yeah. My body is your body. My mind is your mind. My life is your life.

Replicant: Calm the fuck down!

The Torch: No more phone calls.