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  • I just watched Brat 2 after ordering a copy from a Russian video store in New York and I was not disappointed.

    I saw Brat on the International Channel a couple of months ago and was blown away. Ever since I've had been trying to hunt down a copy of Brat 2. While these films are not technically perfect they have a rough hewn charm that no longer exists in most American films. (The lone exception from last year being Spike Jones' Adapation.) Then there's Sergei Bodrov Jr. it is a damn shame that he died last year (along with his film crew in an avalanche) because he was a major talent. He is so damn watchable and the unrelenting honesty of the Danila character makes for a compelling anti-hero in the brother movies that reminds this viewer of the great days of early Brando and Paul Newman.

    Once again I will remind people to look at the actual vote rating for this film and ignore the silly IMDB weighted total. (The weighted average seems to be based on the strength of the Top 1000 voters whoever they are - it is not however a true weighted average in a classic math sense.) This film may not be perfect but it is one hell of a ride.
  • In my opinion, one has to live through the times depicted in this movie to truly appreciate it. If you think this movie was cheap, anti-American and racist, you missed the point. It would be like calling "The Godfather" racist and sexist. Brat 2 does a great job in giving an idea of what life is like in Russia and for russians in post-soviet world. It is a world of great uncertainty. A system that just fell apart with everyone in it left to their own devices. In many ways, Brat 2 is an inspiration and Danila is the hero or the bright light that captivates viewers by his humble demeanor and his good selfless deeds.

    The beauty of the movie is that Danila is not played by Arnold, Vin Diesel or Tom Cruise. He looks like an average Russian and that is what makes it real. His military training is not about ripped muscles or fancy acrobatic moves. It is about working in real situations with low resources and odds stacked up against him. His personality is real and he is easy to relate to. He is a simple guy and he believes in good, something that many people lost their faith in.

    America is definitely portrayed from Danila's eyes. It is not an attempt to portray the way America really is, but rather how it really looks to a Russian that just came to this country. In addition most of the movie involves russians in America.

    In terms of ideologic statements, I don't think this movie tries to convey a message that Russians are about truth and Americans are about money. I think it leaves things the way they are that there are russians who believe in truth and Americans that prefer money, but i think there are enough of bad russians and good Americans in the movie...

    Anyways, highly recommend the movie, thumbs up.
  • I have read all comments and realised that not many western people got the message from the film. Probably that was because film's poor subtitles or translation and lack information or knowledge about real life in Russia and post Soviet countries. Maybe following explanation will help to clear couple of things.

    Firstly Danila went to America not because of money but for revenge of his very close friend with whom he was in the army and was killed by Russian gangsters who misunderstood an order of their boss. Russian mobster was not killed because Danila liked his son.

    Secondly film try to show that like in Russsia in America there are a lot of good and bad people and their nationality and race does not matter.

    In my opinion Brat 2 is about life and life is different. You can not make opinion about people because of their nationality or race. In this film Danila speaks his mind and his opinion of other people is based on what they do not on what he thinks about or what other people think about them. If people are bastards he will treat them in the way appropriate way if not he will treat them as well in the appropriate way. This film is not about bad Americans and good Russians it is about life.
  • I was amused by American reviews of the "Brat-2".

    Americans were taken by surprise: how dare those Russians to make a film that depicts Americans as evil gangsters? How dare Danila to shoot Americans? This is not politically correct! It was clearly assumed that Russians are always the bad guys, whose only role in any film is cannon fodder to be shot by American Rambo.

    Now "Brat-2" arrives, uncovering the horrifying truth: the bad guys are Americans! And it is OK to shoot them.

    After years of Hollywood films depicting Russians as bad asses (no single Hollywood film showing Russians at least from a neutral point of view), the Russian cinema finally strikes back.

    This movie delivered a long-awaited entertainment for Russian viewers.

    It also proved complete lack of sense of humor of American viewers.
  • Warning: Spoilers

    This film has a simple plot - although, in my opinion, it is not a plot oriented movie. Danila and his friends have returned to civilian life after a tour of duty in Chechnya.

    Danila, after an excursion in Saint Petersburg (watch the original film "Brat" for more info), travels to Moscow, where this movie begins. Danila's army buddy's twin brother (and professional hockey player in the U.S.) is having problems with the Ukranian/American mafia in Chicago. Danila's friend is killed for having requested an influential Russian "banker" to intervene on American brother's behalf.

    This leads Danila to travel to the U.S. to help solve the hockey star's mafia-related financial problems. There are essentially two phases to this film: the preparation to go to America (which occurs in Moscow) and carrying out the business in the states (mainly NY and Chicago).

    I enjoy this movie immensely, but I can see how it is not for everyone. I was living in Moscow at the time this movie came out - I saw a matinée at the Pushkinsky theater in the center of Moscow. While many of my Russian friends consider this movie to be extremely low-brow, I still can't put my finger on what I like about it so much. Danila and his brother are great characters. Like I saw another reviewer write, Danila cares about others' lives more than his own. I think there are brilliant shots of Moscow and many are picturesque. I recognized most of the locations in the movie, including the inside of Sanduni banya (located behind TSUM) where Danila and his friends party with some pretty ladies. The soundtrack is great - I even bought it on CD (although some of my more hip Russian friends refer to it as "otstoy" or "lame"). Generally, the film is action-packed, funny at times, nostalgic, and one of the more commercialized Russian movies that I know of.

    If you have some connection to Moscow and enjoy gangster-type movies, you will probably like this film.

    I have seen several critiques of this film, some of which are valid. However, I haven't seen a criticism that overwhelms this movie's appeal.

    Brat 2 is a nationalistic movie, but not in a bad way. The basic message is that life in Russia is NOT really worse than the un-realized American Dream that many Russian immigrants experience.

    Although I read many reviews that deemed this movie "racist," I haven't seen a single reason presented. I'm sure some viewers from Los Angeles cannot comprehend that Danila's use of the Russian term "negr" is not to be confused with the extremely offensive English "n word." In Russian, "negr" is the appropriate and non-offensive way to refer to a black person - although it is very harsh on American ears.

    In response to Danila's statement to the police, an American (non-Russian speaking) cop hears Danila use the word "negr." The cop confuses this statement as being racist and uses it to segway into a truly racist comment of his own. Just because a character makes a racist comment in a film does not mean that a movie's message is racist. This is a critique of race relations in the U.S., not a reason that this film is "racist."

    The soundtrack is cool. I like most of the music on it, which includes some commercially successful Russian groups like: B2, Zemfira, and Krematory.

    My only real criticism of Brat 2 is that many of the Americans are either portrayed as evil or stupid. This is most likely in direct response to how Russians are repeatedly portrayed in American cinema - either as gangsters or stupid (Yakhov Smirnov-esquire characters).

    Overall, this film has a very positive message - one of loyalty, anti-materialism, honesty, and friendship. How is that negative?
  • BADNEWS29 October 2000
    "BRAT 2" is the best movie since "BRAT". I loved it. May be it looked like a fairy tale as One-man gang destroyed whole Mafia. But it was MAD. I've seen this movie may be 50 times and everytime I turn it On I still wanna see it again. I hope they gonna make part three, because it didn't look that Danila's adventure is over. If you haven't seen it go and see it ! Best movie on the market - Kick ass any Hollywood big budget movie. :o)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is the sequel to Balabonov's Russian blockbuster Brat, or Brother for our English speaking fans. It is a different movie, a little bigger in scope, but the formula stays the same.

    Danila returns this time to take on Moscow. After his friend is killed needlessly, events take him to America to make things right. I really liked this film too. The thing that differentiates Brat and Brat II from a typical film is that it is real, you can feel it. Balabanov shows a talent here for screenplay that has no false pretenses, the same as he did in the first film.

    Is America all about money and Russia all about Truth? In the best sense, yes. Seeing America through Balabonov's eyes is an nice reminder of where popular American values stand. Danila asks, "What is in English 'How are you?' Answer: "How are you?" "What, is everyone interested in how I am?" "No." "Then why do they ask?" "Just like that. In America everything is just like that, except for money." Isn't this ze truth?

    There is something intangible that makes Brat and Brat II magical. It very well maybe that you have to be Russian to understand it. The Russian and intelligent viewers will understand, also, that Danila comes back from a war. I don't know why it is written that he saw no action, but as usual, when a soldier comes back from war, they have seen men killed as a matter of course and have likely killed people themselves. This fact, along with the economic situation in Russia at the time would seem to mitigate somewhat Danila's propensity for killing. The fact that he is such a calm soul while murdering people left and right, ironically, also ads to his charisma. I am reminded when Margarita in Bulgakov's classic says, "I like it when someone does things well."

    All in all, it is uncanny how a story of a killer taps into the best of our emotions. Maybe it's the elliptical style, maybe it is the heartfelt motive, but more than not, I think, it's Sergei Bodrov.
  • This was the first foreign film that I have ever watched and the first movie that I have ever wrote a review on. I admit that I did enjoy this film. The central plot of this film is cultural conflict between Russians and Americans. There is a barrier between language and a barrier toward what the morals and values of each culture is. The other plot in this film is "gangster", referring to the Russian Mafia.What I thought to be interesting in this film was that Danila acts as a "Robin Hood"-like character, in the fact that he takes money from the "rich" and gives to the "poor." Meanwhile, his brother steals from others and keeps it for himself.

    I also enjoyed how the Russians were the "good guys" and Americans were the "bad guys" compared to how Hollywood always seems to make Americans the "good guys" and other countries and cultures the "bad guys".

    All in all, I found this movie to be humorous and insightful from seeing American through Danila.
  • Timeee12 February 2011
    I usually read the 'Hated it' comments when I like a film, only to get a different point of view. This time though most of the comments just made me laugh. Racist? Insulting? Are you guys serious? I mean sure, there were a lot of parts that could be interpreted as such, but come on- they were in a context, they were supposed to be understood from a certain perspective. Sure there were many stereotypes, but that's not the same thing. Then again the characters expressing racist views- like Danila saying in Brat 1 he doesn't like Jews, or his brother shooting the Ukrainian ('You'll pay for Sevastopol!')- does not mean the film promotes those views. Maybe some people are hyper-sensitive and require immediate and thorough moral condemnation of every non-PC phrase uttered on screen. I for one like to watch films without the plot constantly reminding me of what is right and what is wrong, as if I was a kid- I can make the judgment myself. I welcome morally ambiguous characters, and I don't feel the urge to take offense at any given occasion. Also if this film was racist then so are 90% of American action-movies with their completely stereotypical and ridiculous portrayals of virtually every other nationality from Germans to Chinese. But we all get the point there. So what's wrong here?

    On the other hand this was not necessarily a great movie. I loved it and I was entertained- but it obviously has its flaws. Compared to the first one it was certainly not very realistic- Pop star-girlfriend, shooting scenes, TV-reporter etc.- but I didn't feel they went out of line. Still its success is not due to its artistic quality, but due to that it's cool- which was of course the purpose and which is totally OK.

    One final point. Maybe it is difficult for people in the West to understand the often exaggerated success that a film of this type can have in other countries- from Russia to Brazil, from Mexico to Turkey, or in Romania-my country. I have grown up watching mostly American movies, as did all of my friends, as did all my generation. I've never been to America and yet I've seen countless movies set in New York, LA or San Francisco, sometimes it seems I know those cities like I've walked their streets for real. And yet there are only about a handful of films about the places where I really do live; about the people here, about our point of view. Of course it feels great, of course it is something significant when an actually cool film is made locally- a mainstream film, with a little national spirit, with a little self-irony, with some making-fun-of-Americans well placed. It is still a strange feeling - for me at least- to see a mainstream movie with all the American action ingredients but with familiar places and familiar kinds of people who are speaking my language; to look at the whole thing as an insider. I guess this mix between the American way of entertainment and a kind of local pride is responsible for the success of a great number of films in many countries. I for sure liked Brat a lot partly because I could relate to the situations and the people very well.
  • Near the end of 90s Russian cinema market was full of cheap gangster-related action movies. And, of course, there were comedy films - laughing at different kinds of fraud. People were buying it, because of the similarity of situations depicted to the real life. Economy collapse of 1990s in Russia when criminals were ruling everything played it's role. Even the original "Brat" was influenced by these ideas - to depict how artificial this life of "raw power" was. Today you are great and in power but tomorrow you're dead and no one remembers about you.

    Brat 2 appeared in 2000, when everything in Russia started to change. And this film is a milestone declaring the change in Russian cinematography. Raw violence was utilized to show that it isn't an ultimate power.

    You may say that Danila uses violence to prevail as well. But the following monologue show the main idea of the whole film: - Say me, American, what the power is? Money? My brother says that as well. But TRUTH is the power. You may steal from someone or lie, but that other person will have the truth behind him. And that's why he is stronger.

    Raw power is nothing when it's used against the TRUTH. To get money or recognition. There always would be something taking the offender down.

    The secondary value of this work is to respond to immigration problem of 80s-90s when "Iron curtain" broke down. Life abroad is not that good. African American ghetto gangsta, Ukrainian mafia of Chicago - that was of course a hyperbole showing to Russians that it isn't good to run from their problems to other country either. That's why so many Russians value this film so much. It was the first film in decade with such big patriotic value.

    So, summing up, the film was fit for its time. In fact, that's why I'm watching it once again and again - to relive all my emotions of 90s. That is one of the few modern films that I'm willing to show to my future children along with classics of 60s/70s.
  • This film is not a spook for Americans. Don't worry, America isn't going to be flooded by Russian gunmen. Russian girls who have emigrated to the U.S. will also stay there. Afro-Americans can also live peacefully, God bless them. This film reflects the present-day mood in Russia. When the euphoria caused by the openness of the country of great possibilities vanished, everything settles. That's why the song "The Farewell Letter" (Good-bye, America) which was written more than 10 years ago turned out to be prophetic. It expresses the main idea of the film. At last Russia has produced an action movie which can compete with western thrillers, the only hitch is Russia has its own idea of the good and the evil. That's why "we are not gangsters, we are Russians." One really hopes that some traditional Russian moral values still stand. Some can find the film low-brow, some can find it patriotic. It's for you to judge.
  • dusan-2210 November 2011
    Dear Viewers, such a movie asks for a pretty complex comment, and I apologize for the length in advance to all the readers for that reason. First of all, if made in Hollywood, this movie would become the absolute Oscar winner and total mocking at Russians. Since this movie is made in Russia, it is not mocking at Americans and of course - won't get any Oscar(s). American viewers are being taught that they are the only ones (important) but in reality there are other 6,7 billion people in this world, most of them are at least potential viewers and they all have different perspective, so do the Russians and it is of vital importance. This is why the US audience can't comprehend that this movie is not making fun of a nation or of a race. And this is not because US nation is stupid or narrow minded but studiously indoctrinated and controlled. I had an honor to study film in the US and a privilege to learn the media indoctrination on the US citizens in my classes. Even as a European, before that I had not been close to assume how planned and detailed that actually is. Americans are taught that they can make fun of anyone, but no one can't make fun of them. A person with that character is considered a very bad individual in society of any nation. Then, why the good people act that way? Because they are persuaded as a nation that they are the standard for goodness and archetype for kindness. People under the dictatorship regimes understand with fear that they are being lied and indoctrinated, but in 'democratic' countries - they don't. So, Movie is not racist at all: probably the most positive character in the movie is American. It is a truck driver Ben. He doesn't actually know Danila (like other seldom positive characters do) and has no reason to help him at all but he does and does it a lot. In return, at the end of the movie he gets the audio tapes of Danila's music and he is happy and touched incomparably more than a hockey player brother of his good friend who gets suitcase with million dollars from Danila. And that brother is

    Russian by the way who did not even want to give him $20 when he needed even though Danila was in the US just to help him. Russian movie that gives contrast on American with a heart big as Russia who was more Dania's brother than his real brother (who was late to help him because of girls and fun and a similar match to a hockey player) and a Russian hockey star who has no heart at all is not chauvinistic. The only girl he liked and cheated on his girlfriend was black. The Russian word for 'black' is similar to Spanish or Portuguese 'negro' which resembles to the offensive 'nigger' in the US which is leaving Danila puzzled as it would any other non-American citizen who doesn't know who Al Capone was. That way, on contrary, it actually mocks the prejudices in some way. All in all it is a very intelligent social drama that actually laughs at today world we live in and what we all become in it which completely leaves the patterns of modern Hollywood movie and is not understood therefore. Remember the parallel characters in Russia and America like two friend mobsters, hard character taxi drivers and two girls TV stars. If you think of all these characters separately, you will understand that this is the world in which rare people like Danila never fit. And we might call that a 'point' of the movie, as people in the US like to say. Great directing, great acting and great music bring this movie to frame of the masterpiece.Cheers to all of you and enjoy the movie!
  • I thought that this film gave off a somewhat one-sided look of Americans. And while that is probably no surprise, what got me was the constant examples of how we were portrayed. From the beginning, we're labeled as conniving swindlers who are just out to cheat people any way we can. From there we are given examples of pimps who seem to rely on foul language (however Americans do have some extremely colorful metaphors), prostitutes, crooked cops and truckers who are more goofy than anything. I liked the film, I enjoyed the plot and the action, and thought that overall, the movie was solid. It just nagged at me the way we were made to look. That's the filmmakers discretion, I know, but I just wanted a chance to say it.
  • This is an excellent film and one that will stand the test of time. Brilliant acting, story and filming and one of my top 10 foreign language films without a doubt. A road movie from East to West with an unlikely hero you can root for, on a mission against the odds in a situation thats not been done before, with great action scenes, fantastic soundtrack and top acting. Best Russian language film of 2000's and one that anyone interested in Russian or European cinema must see.

    On a sad note I am very surprised at the criticism I've seen here. Some people have turned these reviews into Russian v American sub-cultures which is easy to do if you're that type of person as this film is unlike a lot of things people may be used to. It might seem strange for US audiences with the Russians being the good guys but very very flawed good guys,and the Americans being the baddies, but is this not allowed? Not all the Americans are portrayed as bad nor all the Russians as good, Ben the truck driver comes across as a lovely man! Do you think there's no Americans involved in organised crime? Or that all black ghettos welcome white strangers with open arms? I don't see the problem. It's this small minded, one dimensional thinking that makes the rest of the world dislike Americans, not just the Tea Party, moronic gun totting Americans, but the Liberal fascists (and Brits are not exempt from this either I should add) who bully and name call those with a different point of view and different cultural norms. This is a great film, made from a different country that holds different values and I personally can't fault it!
  • kyrilone19 September 2006
    brother 2 is a movie that distinguishes two types of people Russians and not Russians. as a Russian i have to say that this movie is revolutionary. it destroys all the love that the Russians had for the west and firmly takes a shot at the American way of living, so is it a surprise that most western audience will find this film racist full of plot holes etc. and the notion that this movie is like a fairytale in which it's a one man battle, i say to that person who hasn't lived the Russian life and doesn't know that 12 year old boys there can do things that fully grown adults can't, a one Russian man against a bunch of fat lazy Americans looks like the truth to me. Sergei bodrov is legendary in this film and it would be great to see him in a third installment, but because of his tragic murder by the American government aka avalanche we can only dream. a legendary movie and a national favorite but if you don't understand the Russian way of life then keep away as the truth in this movie could scar u pretty bad. 10/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film seems to me better than "Brat" and Balabanov'some recent films("Voyna" and "Mne ne bol'no").

    Danila, the hero played by Sergei Bodrov reminds us of some well known character from action films(Travis from "Taxi Driver", or better to say,James Bond from "007" series).Hero with firearms,who never loses in love affairs and in gunfight, who revenges his friend's death, protects potential victims of villains, saves good people,and then goes back to motherland with new girlfriend. The villains here are an American cunning businessman and his mafia-like bodyguards, who are exploiting poor Russians in various ways. Too simple to be commented.

    But in fact "Brat 2" is not so simple. Danila doesn't kill that American businessman,after having managed to convince him that money doesn't make a man stronger than those who are with truth. But his elder brother,who had come to America with the same purpose as Danila(avenge) is already been infected with "money worship" to the end of the film.

    Danila remains as he was, to be Russian "muzhik(bumpkin),sympathetic and sometimes violent, tactful and full of wisdom of life, but not at all refined or intelligent.

    The last sequence with inserted song of Russian rock band Nautilus Pompilius is really great, whole seeming reference to American and Western action films gets toppled upside-down,because when credit titles appear, suddenly the song declare:"Boodby, America, where I've never been.". In fact, the song was made in 1980s by provincial young musicians, who have never been to America. Russian "Muzhik" won fictional America and its soulless capitalism in the end.
  • I may be saying this with a bit of bias but this is my favorite movie of all time. Unlike a Hollywood movie it does not picture the world a perfect place but instead it pictures people and the world the way they are, racist, hateful, etc. Racism is present in any country you go to, and if you tell me different you are just to ignorate to realize it. This picture depicts the American and Russian sycie and how western and eastern thinking are different from one another. I have only watched this in the original Russian version and would recommend any Russian speaking person to see it, not sure how accurate the subtitles are and how much justice they give to the movie.
  • This is a brilliant movie about uncompromising truth and self-honesty ,values and justice - magnificently played by Segej Bodrow, who tragically died in 2002 during filming to his new project. Nowadays I rarely see acting level and charm such as these here. Obviously those who grew up watching Transformers, Spiderman & other commercially focused non-sense brainwash will not understand the movie or even find it "absolutely" boring. Those who see arts in cinematography and appreciate great acting, story-telling and something to think about ... here we go. I personally have watched this movie over 25 times, and every time filled with great emotions - especially realizing that the death of this young actor came so early at the age of 31.
  • This movie shows, with a gentle and objective lens, how patetic Americans can be in ordinary matters. Rasist, cowardly, interested only in money, shallow, arrogant. Yet, this movie is subtle enough so that Amuricans, while insulted, would not exactly get the point as they are typically challenged. That is both emotionally and intellectually. A brilliant portrayal of contemporary Amurica shows how, in any moral universe with any grain of objectivity, Amuricans, for the most part, are beneath Russian "mobsters" aka ordinary Russian people. Yet, this gentle movie shows that some Amuricans, like sincere truck drivers or even some career obsessed minorities have some trace of humanity deeply buried beneath the shallow and dis figuring facade. Almost prohibited in Amurica for its sincere portrayal of parallels of Russia at its most impoverished and America at its peek (which has since long passed), shows the superb advantage of moral over shiny emptiness, truth over money, as brilliantly demonstrated in a scene with a petrified american businessman (attempting to play chess, a russian national sport, and drink vodka, a cruel joke as, muricans are more apt at checkers and are too much of snowy cornflakes for vodka) aka low covardly life of average corporate Joe, who is allowed to live by cute Russian avenger but shows much less digg nitty than his Russian, also spared, counterpart. This true face of Amurica is revealed as much nastier deep down than in any slumm worldwide, even more now than at its peek when this movie was made. The movie consists from two parts, one set in Russia, and other in America, with parallel business practices, celebrity cultures, even taxi drivers. Despite the sympathy shown by the brilliant director, Amurica does come much worse off than Russia, but better than it deserves. Amurican snowy cornflakes are shedding water from their eyes to this very day when seeing this masterpiece, trying to mum even objective reviews but they are not nearly deb nunked enough in their delusions, and that is the only, ever so slightly, fault of this movie.
  • lawer211 June 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    This movie was a real milestone, it marked the end of Yeltsin's era. Like the part one is a snap-shot of 90s, this one is the reflection of, on the one hand, started changes of RF internal and external policy. Of course, partly they were (as usual) just proclaimed changes, but it doesn't matter in this case because, on the other hand, Brat-2 showed nation's feelings and hopes of those days. As far as I remember Balabanov himself said something like "The movie was just the answer to the state of public opinion". Also keep in mind it was time just after aggression of US against Yugoslavia and time of victories of federal forces in the second Chechen war - everyone still remembered the humiliation of the first war as well as all previous decade . Now you can imagine the eye we watched Brother-2 with. And you can understand what we felt… The main message of the movie is Danila's words: "So I think that the truth is the power: the one who has truth he is stronger". This phrase has become a byword. In fact, all the movie is about that: neither ascendancy and criminal (personified as "New Russians" and Ukrainian bandits), nor money and hypocrisy (American smooth operators) can defeat the truth. The idea is shown with use of violence. This point was subject of much criticism, but it's certainly not the main thing in the film, at most the decoration for its message. If you saw Brat-2 you would understand me. Another idea is that you can find good and sincere people in any country, any nation and any order. It doesn't matter what all damned governments and bigwigs do: good hearts will always find each other in this cruel world. In addition, Brat-2 is full of sentences, including humorous, which became famous: the above-mentioned "truth", "Russians never desert their own in the war", "You bitches will answer to me for Sevastopol!" and many others.

    So. Despite some rude episodes I disliked, despite (I think) excessive violence shown, I give it 10 of 10. Brother-2 deserves.
  • Well, as promised in first part, Russian folk hero Danila goes to USA to revenge a friend and give "kirdyk"(apocalypse) to America. Everyone who stands in his way is done for. He meets and gets to know Russian Pamela Anderson look-alike and foxy black girl. In the firefight, no cops, neither negro gun-runners and pimps, not even Russian, Ukrainian and Italian mafia can stop him. He get to the BIG BOSS and demands his million dollars, and then goes home victorious. As we can see from the plot, it is kind of a fairy-tale that is transformed into the RP(Russian-Power) action flick. Although the plot is unrealistic at best, everything else is top-notch - the movie has best Russian actors (Sergej Bodrov Jr. R.I.P.,Sergej Makovetsky, Viktor Sukhorukov), director (Alexej Balabanov), and excellent soundtrack. And of course lots Russian humor. Also some episodes are just unforgettable - like "weapon-bying" or "child poem". And of course an epic showdown in Mtro club. 10/10.
  • I enjoyed Brat 2. It certinly much better than most modern Russian movies. If you grew up in a Russian home, you'll feel immediatly at home with the style and psyche behind the film. I think that if Tarantino was a bit less intelligent and Russian, he would be making movies like this: action, some messages about life and a whole lot of gags that only Russians can understand. This movie was not meant to be artsy, as some Americans may view. It was filmed solely with the Russian-speaking public in mind. No, it's not politicly correct by any means, but that's realistic, and a nice change of pace for this movie goer. I don't really know how ANYONE could say it antisemitic. I'm Jewish and I didn't see anything offending in it. The "Fashist" (Russian phonetic here) was funny, if you ask me. He even seemed almost Jewish.

    But I can see how some one who does not understand Russian culture very well may misunderstand and be offended by it.

    Cest la vive.
  • I feel that these films are great. Two brothers who make a living as Mafia hit men. I'm English so I don't fully understand the in-fighting between the Russian Mafia that goes on. The violence and shoot-outs are excessive but maybe that is the way it happens over there. The music is especially good even though I can't understand what the words are. Sergei Bodrov (The main character) who plays Danila Bogrov in both films is an excellent actor. It's a regret because there are probably loads of excellent foreign-speaking films out there that people could enjoy but can't be marketed.

    The problem with both films is the fact that there are elements of racism involved, plus the fact that World War II is often mentioned. I'm not sure, but the War must have affected them so completely that they still go on about so much, especially in Brother 2. A lot of the weapons that these guys use against each other are WWII orientated. Russian mind-set must be different to our own but these two films are must watch.

    Brother 1 concentrates purely on St. Petersburg, but Brother 2 involves Moscow & Chicago, especially concentrating on the differences between two of the major cities in the World. I don't want to spoil the film for you too much but Danila walks into a Black bar in downtown Chicago. Everyone stops talking & looks at him. Being new to America, he doesn't get that it's wrong. There's humour involved as well as violence.

    Both films are violent but I guess it's the way the Russian underworld works.
  • Brat 2 (Brother 2) is a sequel to the 1997 film Brat (Brother). I am a fan of Bodrov and enjoyed all the movies he made and has acted in during his unfortunately short career. Without a doubt he was a revolutionary director and actor for Russia's film-making and this film presents him in one of his best roles. To me, this movie is special because I very much love its genre and the way it was presented. It is less realistic than Brat, but contains more action and more memorable moments. Anyone who is willing to look at a life of a simple guy who thinks his life is less important than that of his friends and loved ones will not be disappointed by the presentation of the film. Danila's character is very different and memorable; for me, he is truly an idol and every time I watch the movie I can only wish I had his big heart and bravery. Because I love this film so much I am giving it a perfect score, but disregarding my connection to former USSR I still recommend it highly. Brat 2 10/10.
  • The second installment (well, you don't really expect Balabanov to stop milking this storyline, do you?) in the Brat series is more expensive and it shows. The movie is glitsier and the guns are bigger, as is the body count. Basically, the plot is as simple and formulaic as it gets - an unlikely Russian Duke Nukem Danila Bagrov goes after the killers of his war-time friend. Reunited with his "brother" from the original Brat, played by Victor Sukhorukov, Danila runs, shoots and blows up things - now THIS side of the Pond. This is dynamic movie, done much better than most contemporary Russian imports, and is anything but politically correct - be it the mounting body count or the amount of racial slur. In the first movie Bagrov's contempt of the "dark-skinned" people was evident in one small episode, in this one he really gets going at - what's the word? - African-Americans :) But unless you are that deep into PC go see this movie - it's like watching somebody really good playing Doom, over his shoulder.
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