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  • I have only seen one review of this movie posted to the IMDb, and it savages the film unfairly, I think. As a film, it is amusing, entertaining, intriguing, and startlingly beautiful at times -- as one find sometimes in Eisenstein's own films, the framing and composition on the oddest moments is striking. It has been said that this is not a faithful retelling of the life of Sergei Eisenstein, and perhaps that is true, but why should that matter? I don't think anyone would call Eisenstein's biography of Ivan the Terrible scrupulously accurate, but those who seem most eager for a "true" biography of Eisenstein would not hesitate to agree that it is a good film. I urge people considering watching "Eisenstein" to take it for what it is: an intriguing, sometimes beautiful, sometimes surreal, and often extremely human and affecting story.

    I think it's a good film, anyway.

    Besides, it has one of the cutest hats *ever*.
  • I hope that after this movie the true Ejzensteijn is going to resurrect and haunt the director for the rest of his life. I could not believe it: the biografic story about the best russian director ever existed, shot by a canadian director, with english-speaking actors in the true scenes of Russia! May I say anything else????????