Florence: Women want to feel desired. And men love it when their women make that extra effort to be desirable. After all, without sex, none of us would be born. And we are all born out of a woman's cunt. It is the center of the world. And the more we can do to glorify that holy spot, the more we're doing for mankind.

[About Richard's gift of $2000.]

Jerri: What planet is he from?

Florence: I'm still trying to figure that out.

Florence: What did you think? That I was falling in love with you?

Florence: You can't buy my feelings, you can't pay to make me love you.

Richard Longman: But we are people, aren't we? And people feel things, don't they?

Florence: I'm your whore.

Florence: Do you have a secret fantasy?

Richard Longman: [laughs] Not really.

Florence: Come on, come on, everybody has a secret fantasy.

Richard Longman: Uhm,


Richard Longman: three days in Vegas with a beautiful woman.

Florence: That's it?

Richard Longman: Yeah.

Florence: There's nothing that you always wanted, but you never asked for?

[looks at him intimately]

Florence: Tell me.