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  • jehovahdictator2 March 2004
    I recently found this on DVD for $10 and I'm glad I did. I'd already seen it once before, but subsequent viewings proved to me the genius that this movie is. Nothing is certain in this movie and its humour is beyond compare. The thin plot is a perfect vehicle for Tom Green's style. Random event after random event flies by and it gets funnier all the time. The plot line that eventually explains the title is ridiculous and hilarious. I highly recommend this movie. I don't feel like getting redundant, so I'll just say this: One of the funniest movies ever, perfect for viewing again and again, especially early in the morning. Favourite scenes: the baby being born and the cheese sandwich factory.
  • Actually, I'm deeply sad because I've never seen Tom's shows until few months ago. My life could've been way better if I saw any of his shows as a kid. This movie has pretty much the essence of his series, with a difference that he acts here. He gives approval to the healthy dose of insanity which every person should express in order not to be the part of uniformed majority and keep the sparkle of unique "self". His work is basically a course of how to repair the old ego, and boost it as it's the new one.

    Another thing that I really like about his work is that he NEVER suggested drugs, prostitution, murder, violence, cigarettes or alcohol in his series or movie. For a moment I was worried about my approval of Tom's work because I saw many reviews of people saying how Tom's work is "unethical" and "disgrace". After you enter into their profiles you can see where they rate high some movies which scream with violence and vices and there you can see how they're just hypocritical conformists. I can freely say that Tom Green is a guru of fun life
  • The most unique experience you could have watching a movie that's the best thing about plus being so funny. Tom Greens humor is the most genius thing put on screen, I'm so happy I finally own Freddy Got Fingered! I still laugh so hard when watching it although I do understand why the movie was hated so much it's very different but makes me happy. Also I'm the 666th person to review it and it's my 742nd review!
  • MrMagoo829 January 2021
    In 2021 this is the gift that keeps on giving, and whilst I love and empathise with my fellow humans if you truly think this is a 1/10 life is / must be really difficult for you. I say this because even with my degree in Astrophysics, I can't calculate how the human mind could not enjoy a grown man having sowed a variety of pork to a keyboard and his appendages and played a loving song for his Father offering him the aforementioned Pig slabs.

    In my humble opinion this is one of the greatest viewing experiences left in the mOdern World and could even be entered into the Modern 7 wonders
  • Comedy is perhaps the most subjective of all forms of entertainment. Judy Carter, in her wonderfully insightful "Stand-Up Comedy: The Book", summed it up best: "Some people will laugh at a guy slipping on a banana peel. Some people will only laugh at Hitler slipping on a banana peel." What kills with one crowd will die with the next, and no two people will laugh at the same thing for the same reason. Comedy, in many ways, says more about the laughers than the comedians themselves, and it is no wonder that comedy shop talk is filled with violent images ("If I don't bomb, I'm gonna murder that audience"). Comedy, to put it mildly, is DANGEROUS.

    "Freddy Got Fingered", Tom Green's scabrous black comedy, illustrates this principle to a T. Since his earliest days on Canadian cable-access television, Green has based his career on pushing the envelope. Like Andy Kaufman, his bizarre stunts (many involving animal carcasses and the sexual humiliation of his parents) are primarily about the reaction of both their hapless victims and US, the audience; if you don't step back and consider how you're taking this humor, and why, you're not really getting the whole Green experience. "Freddy" carries this sensibility into a fictional format, giving us the strange tale of a man who lives his life as an experiment in riling people up.

    Gord Brody (Green) is a young aspiring cartoonist who fails miserably in his attempt to break into the Hollywood big time. He is forced to move back home with his parents, setting off a titanic battle of wills with his stentorian oaf of a father (Rip Torn), an escalating conflict that involves accusations of child molestation, sausages on strings, elephant penises, horse penises, Green's penis, and really badly made cheese sandwiches.

    Of course, all of this story nonsense is just that: nonsense. It serves no function but to provide Green and co-writer Derek Harvie with a framework for grotesque, deliberately shocking set pieces, many of which work surprisingly well. There's a brief sojourn at a stud farm, where Gord lives out an apparently lifelong fantasy, wagging a horse's genitals while yelling "I'm a farmer!" like a drunken barbarian. In another scene, Gord delivers a baby, ripping the bloody umbilical cord with his teeth. He picks up a wheelchair-bound girlfriend (Marisa Coughlin) who gets her jollies by being caned in the legs with a bamboo stick. And there's the wonderful little boy who spends the whole movie getting accidentally brutalized, hit by cars and running into airplane propellers, always with much blood and flying viscera.

    Now I know this may not sound that funny, and indeed, "Freddy" has gotten the most dastardly reviews that I think I have ever seen for a major release. Critics don't just hate "Freddy"; they seem personally hurt by the film, as if Green had made the picture just to upset them and get their goat. What they don't seem willing to acknowledge is that Green made the film for EXACTLY that reason, and is getting exactly the reaction he wants. Therefore, his film can be regarded as something of a great success.

    Personally, I agree with many of the critics who have described "Freddy" as surrealist. There is no attempt to integrate this action into anything resembling the real world. Gord is not a human being, but rather a collection of characteristics. Green plays him as a bizarrely aggressive man-child, a mishmash of helplessly repeated words and phrases, slack-jawed willful stupidity, and screaming, utterly pointless hysterics. Frankly, I admire this approach to the characterization. After seeing so many recent comedies ruined by the filmmakers' need to make their characters both laughable and likeable (most recently with the stultifying "Joe Dirt"), it is refreshing to see Green so willing to come off as annoying, hateful, cruel, UNLIKEABLE. This lack of relatability allows us to laugh at him without feeling like we're also laughing at ourselves.

    I am not making the claim, as some on this page have, that "Freddy Got Fingered" is any kind of masterpiece. Green's direction is not the equal of his acting bravery. The film suffers from too many muddy visuals, and many moments just lie there on the screen, wriggling when they should fly. Still, the film does what it is supposed to. Half the time you're laughing, the other half just staring at the screen in goggle-eyed shock. You may hate "Freddy", you may love it, but either way, you have to admit that you've never seen anything like it before.
  • Mr. Bug15 January 2003
    If you think that child abuse, animal bowels and penises, child birth and paraplegics are really funny subjects, go ahead and watch this abomination of a 'film'. If not flee in horror. You have been warned. I had not, unfortunately.
  • fugu_28623 April 2002
    I know, I know I have commented on this film before. But I felt it was worth pointing something out for what its worth. To the people that criticize this film for not having a plot, being a rough patchwork of silly (and sometimes repulsive)scatological gags, let me just say that...


    Like the late great Andy Kauffman, Tom Green has consistently relied on his sometimes unsuspecting public for most of his larfs. As a matter of fact, that's why he cancelled his TV show. Too many people had begun to recognize him and he could no longer make them the butt of his jokes. But he had one last prank to play. And "Freddy Got Fingered" is it. Although it has some geniuinely funny scenes (especially the ones featuring Rip Torn) many scenes exist purely for their shock value. It is hard to sympathize with any of the characters in the film and it does get tedious. And this is precisely what Gteen had intended. "FGF" is Green's version of Kauffman's "Great Gatsby" bit. But for those of us who enjoy abstract humor, "FGF" is a godsend. The biggest joke is the fact that the film actually got made and somebody greenlighted this project. The film actually references this in the scene when Gordy presents his Zebra family idea to the producer. Just try to imagine Green pitching his idea to a bunch of suits who've probably never watched his TV show but know from their charts and graphs and statistics that the show is popular among young males. And imagine them forking over the check...
  • Freddy Got Fingered may not be the "laughiest" picture of the year, but it is surely the most original. It remindes me more of the challenging work of Godard or Bunuel than of the slew of recent "gross out" comedies that stink up our screens. Illogical and abusurd, ridiculous, funny, and disturbing, I guarantee it is unlike any film you've ever seen.

    I sat in the theater, amazed, as Gord Brody (Green) leaves home in a rush on his meet up with his parents at the bus depot. Why is he meeting them there, if they all live together? There at the depot, his dad presents him with a car. Why bother going to the depot if his dad's going to give him a car? Then, after clearly establishing that Gord is going to Hollywood to sell his "cartoons" and after a close up on his new license plate reveals their location to be Oregon...a superimposed map of the coast shows us (ala Raiders of the Lost Arc) Gord's path from Oregon to Hollywood.

    Redundant? Of course. And hillarious. Green makes a mockery of tired film cliches and crap mise-en-scene. Then, ten minutes into the movie, it brilliantly deconstructs itself. Anthony Michael Hall (as cartoon mogul Dave Davidson) gripes that Gord's drawings aren't bad...but they just don't make sense, they're not funny, they're stupid, and entertainment needs to be inspirational. Oh does it?

    Kudos, Mr. Green, for your uncompromising debut.
  • Let me start off by saying that I am a fan of way out there movies. That being said, this one went way too far. I was o.k. with the movie until it started making jokes about child molestation. I can laugh at a lot of things, but I don't see any humor about children getting "fingered". Don't waste your time with this movie.
  • I'll bet that the majority of people who express their hatred this film on the grounds that it is too vulgar had a jolly time sitting through movies like American Pie, Scary Movie, and all that deplorable garbage.

    Those films and their vulgarities were incredibly labored and insincere creations designed to pander to hateful stereotypes and equally petty repressed fears and desires of feeble-minded perverts and uneducated teenagers. However, though Freddy Got Fingered contains equal vulgarities, they exist not for their own sake but to serve a greater, dadaistic post-modern vision. This is evident in the structure of the film. Other "gross-out" comedies present their vulgarities with the sober convention, creating a pornographic aura that is shameful instead of funny. The lack of artistic direction in a sea of recycled inspiration never fails to create an uncomfortable confusion as to whether the vulgarities are serving the higher part of our minds that pertains to comedy or meant arouse a repressed sexual perversion (American Pie, for example).

    Freddy Got Fingered separates itself from such worthless trash by breaking free from convention and re-appropriating it. Rather than cold and unflinching eye with which hacks such as the Wayans brothers present their vulgarities, Freddy Got Fingered uses innovative editing to de-familiarize the audience to whatever on screen, such as incorporating Sam Peckinpah's "pause-burst-pause" technique in the restaurant scene, or the revolutionary cut from the bleeding child (Tommy) to a closeup of roast beef at an all-American family dinner. It should be mentioned that while Freddy Got Fingered is discussed for it's vulgarities, it makes a point of balancing shock with classical comedic conventions: the majority of the gags in the film consist of non-sequiturs, slapstick, and satire (the main target being dramatic conventions in film, which is achieved through mixed-modalities rather than exploiting the ephemeral icons of pop-culture).

    The film's brilliant re-invention of comic film-making technique creates an intellectual framework that invites an oppositional reading to some of the vulgar content on screen. Freddy got Fingered is not a simple presentation of vulgarities, but rather in dialogue with them. The running gag of a child being injured is clearly a parody of the increasing darkness of comedy, and yet it is simultaneously a manifesto, in Tom Green's post-structuralist shattering of our perceptions of taste. It is this self-reflexive nature of the film that transcends its vulgarity, while other "gross-out" films not only fail to do this, but often fall one step lower by depending on extra-textual sources (again, usual ephemeral pop-culture icons).

    In conclusion, the equal magnitude of the vulgarities in relatively un-criticized movies such as American Pie and Scary Movie effectively invalidates the most critics' dismissal of the film on the grounds of excess vulgarity. The only difference between Freddy Got Fingered and its other "gross-out" counterparts is the film's original approach to film-making technique. However, I cannot imagine why this is more repugnant to them than the pornographic practice of using conventional film-making to enshrine vulgarities set before the camera (for example: even "Booty Call" has an orchestral score). Perhaps by being the first mainstream film to elevate the lucrative "gross-out" comedy beyond the reach of formulaic film-making, many perceive Freddy Got Fingered as a threat to the tradition, despite the fact that it has liberated conventional film-making techniques from being subjected to vulgar subject matter, saving both from demeaning each other. More likely is the possibility that the structure of Freddy Got Fingered is so foreign to film-goers weaned on convention that they cannot get themselves comfortable enough to laugh. If they are so accustomed to convention, then they are also desensitized to it, which explains why they cannot see its presence in other vulgar comedies, and hence their unsettling perversion. In any scenario, Freddy Got Fingered has failed to garner the praise it deserves because people just can't bring themselves to take this sophisticated social-commentary post-modern manifesto at anything but face value. And that is shameful.
  • preppy-330 December 2002
    Gord (Tom Green who also directed and cowrote) is a 28 year old loser who moves in with his parents (Rip Torn, Julie Hagerty) while trying to become a successful animator. His father is constantly swearing and screaming at him so he tells a counselor that his father sexually abused ("fingered") his younger brother Freddy. This is played for laughs incidentally.

    Basically, this is one of the most disgusting comedies ever made. It's vile, unfunny and just has the most horrible sequences I've ever seen. They include: an old man in a walker being knocked down; Green masturbating a horse; Green cutting open a dead deer and wearing its skin (!!!); horses having sex; a little boy getting hit by a car with blood all over him--he is later hit in the face with a baseball, over the head with a bottle and chopped up by plane blades--all for laughs; a man falls down, breaks his leg and, while he's screaming in pain, Green licks the bone sticking out of his leg; Green helping a woman give birth, biting off the umbilical cord and swinging the baby around sprewing blood all over...this is all within the first half hour!!! It just gets worse and worse with tons of disgusting humor, loads of swearing and talented actors like Torn, Drew Barrymore and Hagerty struggling to maintain their dignity. Torn especially has it bad--at one point he bares his behind for laughs. Sad.

    There are two good performances--Anthony Michael Hall as David Davidson and Marisa Coughlan as Betty--a woman in a wheelchair who gets sexually excited when Green beats her feet with a bamboo stick--this is shown three times.

    The whole movie ends with a truly desperate, pointless ending which tries to throw in a little moral lesson!

    I almost stopped watching five times out of pure disgust but braced myself. This is a truly offensive, sick and revolting film. Every print should be locked in the studios vaults and never let out. The worst comedy EVER!!!!!
  • Gehrig412 April 2003
    Wow. This movie is actually watchable because it's so bad. You can't take your eyes off the screen because all you keep thinking is - someone read this script and greenlighted it? Someone actually put their own money up to finance this movie? Somebody actually thought this movie would make money? It is absolutely the worst piece of trash I have ever seen since Men at Work with the Sheen brothers. And I like Tom Green, but this is the absolute worst thing anyone has ever put on screen. Don't wasted one minute of your time watching it.
  • I have seen a few "sick" films in my time, albeit they tend to be in the exploitation/horror category, but this "movie" is a disgrace to humanity. If someone honestly finds this "movie" funny or good at any level he seriously has some issues and I would hardily recommend a visit to the local shrink. Even if you take all the really sick & weird bits off the "movie" still is horrible, it is just plain stinking horrible, a total waste of anything applied on it except garbage bin.

    Avoid at all costs, watching paint dry is great entertainmet compared to this.
  • Yup. I seen a lot of movies but this one is one of the worst (maybe THE worst) I ever seen. Lame Jokes.... (and I'm a "campus comedies" fan so imagine how lame are the jokes!!) Avoid this movie or you'll be depressed for a week.
  • Wow, this is so bad. Although I had a few laughs at The Tom Greene Show at MTV, this I can't sit trough. He cuts open a deer, licks at the bone of a broken leg and eats 10 sandwiches at one time while he watches how two horses having sex. And that's just the first 20 minutes. One out of ten for this crap!
  • bassfallonfan23 December 2001
    I thought this movie was horrible! There was absolutely no point to this movie at all!! It was just Tom Green being an idiot for over an hr! Do NOT rent this if your looking for a good movie or even a good laugh! Terrible! Even I thought Tom Green had more class than he showed in this movie!
  • miladed21 January 2011
    Luckily, I watched this movie on TV and only half-way to the end, but that was enough just to find out how awful it really is.

    I was sitting there, on the couch, saying to myself: "Is there something wrong with me? This movie is supposed to be funny, why it doesn't make me laugh? Maybe it's because I'm Iranian, this must be funny to Americans."

    But as the time moved on, it got worse. Tom Green's character is totally annoying, and I mean ANNOYING. How on earth, could somebody be so dumb? The movie's logic is even worse. Literally impossible things happen (and not impossible in a good way, but in worst possible way).

    Although the score is only 4, I gotta say, it's highly overrated. I can't believe how some people rated it as 8 or even 10!

    Don't watch this movie, don't waste your time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Freddie is the main character's brother and, no, he didn't get fingered. No-one did as far as I can make out other than the movie-watching public.

    I'm okay with rough sex gags most of the time but writer Green's attempts to shock people miss the mark so badly, it is quite sad really. Compare Green's deer (elk?) scene (where he guts and wears a road-kill animal with antlers) with Jim Carey's dead cow scene in (I think) Me, Myself and Irene and you might get an idea of how different the two approaches are.

    There isn't a genuinely funny moment in FGF but there are more than enough cringe-worthy, awful ones. This might have made a great 15-minute short but, as a feature it doesn't even get to first base. Some will say it's 'off the wall' and that's why people don't get it. I recognise off the wall when I see it - unfortunately I also recognise moronic gibberish.

    Sorry to the makers of this film who think they are far to clever for mortals - they just got fingered.
  • jbaldino21 February 2003
    Possibly one of the worst "films" I have ever encountered. One should feel bad even referring to this disastrous collage of sickening images as "film", since it is nothing more than a multi-million dollar budget used for pointless debauchery and "shock" humor. Would not recommend to anyone....period.
  • Mr. Pulse24 December 2001
    Freddy Got Fingered doesn't need a review, it needs a viewer's guide. I don't know whether I just watched the worst movie I've ever seen, or some piece of insane genius that I am far too dumb to comprehend. I don't even know what to rate it. On the IMDb's 1 to 10 scale, I think I'd give this movie a V.

    I saw this film explicitly for the purpose of mockery. Given its absolute dreadful reviews, I figured it was a no-brainer for the kind of crappy movie my friends and I enjoy getting together to watch and laugh at. If I was expecting a bomb, I got a piece of fruit. Or maybe I got a piece of a horse's anatomy, since that is actually in the film. Twice.

    This is said by a guy who has watched, and occassionally enjoyed Tom Green's MTV show. His sheer enthusiasm for pissing people off is something to behold, if not applaud. And he was funny in his limited screen time in "Road Trip."

    The difference between his television antics and his film antics, is that on television is he making people on screen uncomfortable and we are able to sit back and laugh at them; while in the movie we are forced to sit through Green's bizarre and often grotesque antics completely unfiltered. There is no one to laugh at here. On Green's show, he'd have put a camera in the theater where this thing is shown and let you, the viewer, watch the horror on the faces of those he'd suckered into watching it.

    That would have been hilarious. This, instead, is uncomfortable in a truly unique way. Green plays Gord Brody, an aspiring animator who has a highly strained relationship with his father Jim, played by Rip Torn, who matches Green's insane antics with gusto that's at once impressive and shameful.

    You wouldn't suspect it just by looking at young Gord, but his dreams reach far beyond those of a lucrative animation contract. He also wants to play with a male horse's genitals, which he accomplishes on the way to Hollywood. He also wants to build a half pipe to skateboard on. He does so, and when his friend goes for a first ride he promptly breaks his leg, and Gord suckles on the protruding bone and flesh while his father yells angrily. Oh, that wacky Gord.

    The film goes on and on like this; lord knows what PETA thought of the scene with Gord and a dead deer, just after he's received the advice to "get inside the animals."

    Green's ability to direct and write (anything but disgusting material) don't rate with his knack for freaking people out. To call this weird thing misguided is the unterstatement of a lifetime. I don't know how this movie could have been made to play as entertainment for audiences who aren't totally in love with Green's offbeat persona. For a casual fan, it just looks like the weirdest movie in a long time. And I saw Pootie Tang.
  • mymailbox-64 August 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    Wow. Now I've seen my share of atrocious movies, including a test screening of the Brothers Solomon, but this is by far the worst piece of Elephant Semen, I've ever seen. Tom Green has made a career out of embarrassing himself. Embarrassing himself! Not to mention repeating himself over and over. This movie could've been 30 minutes long if he didn't repeat the same dialogue over and over. I seriously feel sorry for Marisa Coughlan who did not work much after that role. The things some people will do for a buck. Porn would have been less degrading to her family.

    Only see this movie if you find the following hilarious.

    -Rip Torn's bare ass -Cheese helmets -Someone's father being drenched in Elephant Jizz -Poorly animated Centaur cartoons -An annoying asshole on screen for and hour and twenty six minutes.

    Trust me, even if this sounds kind of funny, it's not. At all. Funny.
  • timothevs21 August 2005
    Every minute I spent watching it, I rued the fact that I spent €1 buying this DVD. Would NOT even wish it on someone I had a grudge against. It is just that awful.

    Jeez to think that 1€ I could have spent on something way more productive like a new drain-sieve...

    Just where to begin... misled by the clown's comment on the first page of this IMDb review, as well as a wacky description for the movie, and the fact that it was available for 1€ at a garage sale (the only movie in that collection, which tells ya, how others view this horrible flick), I made the error of judgment and actually bought this DVD.

    What followed were 1,5 hours of the worst kind of rubbish one can pass off as a film. Even Tom Green, I thought, had standards... well this movie put an end to those notions too.

    Ack, a day to lament, and this DVD, best used as a coaster.
  • Warning: Spoilers

    Freddy got fingered is a very rancid blend of the worst type of "jokes" around. One of the earlier scenes involves Tom Green w*nking off a horse and it's all down from there. This seems to have been made for the sole purpose of shocking people, at times it doesn't even try to be funny, it's more like it wants to put off and spit at anyone who's been foolish enough to spend their hard earned cash on it. I bet Tom Green is laughing all they way to the bank.

    To put it short: this is a hideous abomination of a movie, which should have been instantly butchered at birth. The only reason that I don't give it a zero is because it's still not really as bad as "Naken" or "Route 666", but that's not really saying much is it?

  • This is hands down the worst movie of all time. Tom Green is a complete idiot. Not one thing he says or does in this movie is at all funny. It's just nonsensical shock humor with no thought involved. It's not that the movie is offensive, it's just that it's DUMB. Real dumb. There is almost no plot whatsoever as it is abandoned 5 minutes into the movie in order for Tom Green to run around screaming and humping random things. Basically, this movie couldn't possibly be any worse.
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