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6 November 2017 | lor_
Interesting if goofy variation on "Altered States"
Thankfully not one of those horrible "porn parodies" and clear proof that Michael Raven is no Ken Russell of porn, this venture into the sensory- deprivation genre of Ken's "Altered States" is entertaining erotica. Just don't think hard about the scientific mumbo-jumbo behind the premise, advise that also fits that classic 1980 Russell/Paddy Chayefsky collaboration.

Alec Metro is a sexy stud, clearly miscast as a scientific researcher experimenting with himself in his lab (holding a beautiful bubbly glass water tank better suited to Harry Houdini than the purpose called for here) as he explores his belief that mankind is trapped by a "genetically encoded morality" guiding our behavior to quote Raven's rather ridiculous voice-over narration prose.

His research leads him to marry sexy Bridgette Kerkove (in her nearly flat-chested original look, pre enhancement surgery), but leads to his downfall as too much time in the glass cylinder yields endless sex for the poor (or is it lucky?) slob.

Raven uses this crypto-science jumping off point as an excuse for a series of hot sex scenes, just what star Kerkove's porn label Sin City ordered. The supporting femmes including Anastasia Blue are attractive but none of them big names (then or subsequently) to draw attention away from the star. I had just watched Bridgette in one of her finest performances (a few years later and ultra-busty) in Bud Lee's "Mirror Image" for Sin City, and once again she proves to be an empathetic, able actress unfortunately overshadowed by hundreds of gonzo/even gross-out appearances on screen. Pretty boy Metro is far better suited to his metrosexual Lothario roles than this supposed brainy assignment.

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