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  • Doctors is a drama serial about a group of doctors and other staff working in the fictional town of Letherbridge regarding their day to day lives and problems which may occur. There are 10 main characters who are shown in the opening credits, however there are many other recurring actors and special guests who make frequent appearances. This TV serial has been running for more than eight years with its success getting better with the show being awarded several awards in the past few British Soap Awards. Doctors is now one of five British soaps in the categories of the British Soap Awards being in front of other soaps such as Brookside, Family Affairs etc. The timing of Doctors is in the afternoon yet enjoy a modest success rating. I for one am lucky in that I am able to record on Sky plus and watch in my convenience.
  • haupei26 April 2010
    Shot on a budget of 30 pence per episode, Doctors tells the story of the most peculiar GP surgery in all the land. "The Mill", as the surgery is called, exists in what appears to be so kind of post-apocalyptic England - I say it's post-apocalyptic because I have never seen such a depopulated place as Letherbridge (the town/city where the programme is set) - the surgery receives a maximum of 2 patients per day (you don't need to make an appointment, just rock up and demand to see the doctor of your choice immediately), the university appears to have no students and, whenever they're in the towns only bar, no other customers or members of staff are ever visible. This lack of patients enables the doctors to go on mad missions every day, visiting their only patient's house and sorting out any problems that they may have. The programme is so unrealistic that one wonders why they bothered to base it around a GP surgery, something that most viewers would have plenty of experience of. Seriously, the plot lines are absolutely mental - I suspect that they are created by the producers scrawling words on pieces of card and swirling them around inside a tombola machine before picking a few out and using them to string together some semblance of a coherent story. For example, last Friday's episode was created by picking the words "angina", "Los Angeles", "Down's Sydrome" and "phone sex". Basically, it's mental and, as the TV in my work's reception is permanently set to BBC1, I'm forced to endure it 5 days a week.
  • In spite of myself I like this show!! Yes it is rubbish, trite and soapy but I do enjoy it. It does not pretend to be high art or searing drama-it is what it is. One issue with this series is the believability. I have never known doctors to visit patients unbidden like they do in "Doctors". Every five minutes they are round at their patients' homes ministering to them and giving out advice, not telling them to keep taking the tablets etc like real doctors do. Some of the actors in this series are really quite good (usually the more experienced ones) the younger ones are obviously quite green. The story lines are becoming more bizarre as the series progress!! I have only just started watching it, about 3 months actually. There has been a Columbine-type shooting script (quite well done ) and a Misery-type one which just seemed too much! I would not be surprised if the Beeb move it to the evening schedule as some of the stuff is not really suited to daytime telly.
  • 'Doctors' is one of the best shows currently on British television. most shows on at the minute have hardly any realistic storyline or a high quality of acting whereas 'Doctors' has all of those.

    the interaction between the actors on the show is wonderful and you can almost see the bond between them especially Stirling Gallacher (George) and her on-screen husband Sean Gleeson (Ronnie).

    wonderful story lines keep this show fresh and interesting, each episode throws up something different weather it happens to be a patient storyline or something to do with the doctors, there's always something going on that'll surprise you.

    hopefully this show will run for many more years and bring joy to more people.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If only my local GP's surgery was like this, patients manage to get in, manage to see a Doctor and are greeted by a smiling receptionist. Its clear therefore that Doctors is a work of fiction, but its easy viewing. So often its thought provoking and engaging, many of the stories are believable and I'm sure based on real life happenings. It can be quite funny at times too its been a bit more serious for the last year. Doctor Carmichael makes the series for me. I almost wish this was on early evening, it would be suitable viewing for the 7 or 8 o'clock time slot. It's nice to watch a show on telly thats not full of bad language and unnecessary violence.
  • pjwillo17 May 2018
    If you're watching this your life may as well be over
  • It's so great to see Doctors get Best Story line soap award nomination!

    Doctors is a little gem to be honest and the fact it's this story line, is amazing!

    I was really impressed with the actress who played Poppy Conroy, she did a fantastic job playing a school girl, or underage girl and it was the catalyst for Doctor Kevin Tyler (Simon Rivers) having to leave.

    It would be great to see more of this actress in stuff, I am surprised we haven't seen her in more TV.

    I really hope they win this! Poor Doctors don't get a look in with the bigger soaps and tbh some of the story lines in the bigger soaps aren't up to scratch a lot of the time!

    So come on DOCTORS!
  • radiodiffusion20 January 2010
    This is one of the strangest things on TV. It is set in a bizarrely underpopulated Midlands superb called Leatherbridge which seems to be the dullest place in the country. It features a bar with no visible staff or customers, a university with no students, a police station with no criminals and a doctors' surgery with more doctors than patients. The story lines are dire - every episode revolves round a bizarre medical issue acted out by a variety of brummie extras who can never actually act, and for some reason the doctor always ends up round their house solving their problem. Pretty entertaining for its pure comedy value, but I cannot believe that this thing actually masquerades as a serious drama. Bonkers.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    i love doctors, admittedly not due to the (un)realistic story lines but due to the fact it is in good fun. and highlight lots of important social and health Vivian's rape and Ruth's breakdown.

    and like cake it is very morish!!!!!!!!!!! i like the relationships as well, like that of Heston and lily.also that of cherry and the very fit Simon although unfortunately it would appear it will emerge that he is gay :(meaning that him and cherry cant be the sweet couple i want them to be!!! oh well i suppose i can still admire him and his floral shirts from afar! the perfect remedy for excessive study leave!!!!! so have a seat chill out and soak up the loveliness that is doctors
  • Yes, it's clichéd, and silly, and has dodgy camera work and sets reminsicent of Crossroads. I don't mind that much. Why not? Because of a few things. One, it is random daytime TV, light entertainment. Two, occasionally they manage to use the cliché that seems to appear in every episode (of the defiant visited patient) quite well. Three, there are/were some cracking actors in it, which outweighed for me the fact were/are some terrible ones. Mac himself, and previously Ben, were both played beautifully, and the gay one (who I do not know the name of) is done well.

    So yes, it's okay. Don't be so harsh on it, guys! It must be said, all the females in it are played terribly and are ugly.
  • jaynejordan20 November 2007
    I don't find Doctors realistic at all, I don't know any real life doctors who only have their colleagues as friends In this programme you turn up for your appointment and the doctor greets you right away and takes you to the consulting room, that no way reflects real life at all.

    Then they visit you a couple of times at home during the day, what a joke.

    Michelle the nurse is supposed to be the head nurse yet she's like a little kid, and i've never seen anyone eat cream cakes as much as she does while working.

    I still watch it though
  • Warning: Spoilers
    **Possible spoilers (if such a thing is possible with this 'show)**

    While on the treadmill at the gym today, a BBC drama show called Doctors was on the screen in front of me, - I usually switch to a podcast rather than watch the screen, but I was transfixed by a masterclass in all that is worst about the BBC and its politically correct liberal bias. The central character appeared to be a white woman converted to Islam and wearing a full veil, - not sure what she was doing at the hospital where the 'show' was set, but anyway, she was quickly verbally abused by a 'typical' Gordon brown-type bigoted woman, who accused her (falsely, obviously) of stealing money from the hospital, and then of hiding behind the veil, at which point the noble Muslim woman removed the veil only to show disfigurement from an acid attack by a member of her family (a non- Muslim, naturally) by way of disapproval for marrying a Muslim. The Muslim side of her family by contrast, after initially disapproving now have taken into their bosom. While this was going on, of course in the background every race imaginable was rubbing along perfectly. I gave up my treadmill efforts by this time, feeling extremely nauseous. The episode is entitled 'Veiled' and can no doubt be seen on iplayer should anyone wish to be similarly nauseated.
  • This would have been and eight star review apart from that awful woman Valerie Pitman. There are some excellent stories, probably for about 70% of the time but there are also some awful stories all of them involving that stupid woman Valery Pitman who has no sensible work ethics I would fire her immediately if she worked for me, she's not even funny, just get rid of her. But some absolutely excellent stories, but this woman spoils the series. I feel sorry for all the other excellent actors who are brought down by this woman .
  • But then what do you expect from the BBC? The recent storyline of one if the nurses helping an illegal immigrant and even committing identity theft is emblematic. Even when caught by immigration people the person interviewing the illegal is not only a black female but is also incredibly sympathetic to her "plight" and is reduced to tears. Utter pc squit!
  • Doctors is a long-running (somehow) BBC series and is possibly worst they have to offer. I know I'm flogging a dead horse here, but any piece of television with terrible acting, amateur camera work, absurdly clichéd story lines, and a seriously low-budget feel deserves a good slating.

    I understand it's only a bit of daytime TV, something to have on in the background as you're occupied with other menial tasks, but they could've at least put a bit of effort in! I think it's time to pull the plug. Am I being too harsh? Hmm, possibly, but it really is bad. I'm sure there are worse shows out there, and this is just a harmless (but terrible) one... but a bit of effort wouldn't be missed.
  • r_hewitt5 December 2018
    Might be a idea to read the rules on scoring!!! It hasn't been to 21 for years.
  • Having sworn never to watch soaps when I was younger, I came across Doctors back in 2008, mainly out of sheer boredom. Let's face it, apart from the Wright Stuff, the good yet awful Jeremy Kyle Show (love that triple bill in the afternoon on ITV2) and the Kremlin Propaganda Machine that is RT, what else has daytime TV got going for it? Since then though, Doctors has ensnared me in it's strange and bizarre maw. Yes it's cheesy, yes it can be a little naff at times, yes sometimes it feels like the Family Hollins Show (great characters, but they don't half dominate the show at times, much to it's detriment IMHO). Yet it somehow manages to charm me into watching it again and again and again. Maybe it's the characters, Heston Carter has his way of adding a certain lightness to proceedings while Jimmy Clay is the vein of darkness that runs through us all, Zara Carmichael with her acerbic barbs and keen wit while the gorgeous Mrs Tembe keeps the faith in both God and Humanity. Maybe it's the story lines, in spite of said cheese and the midday slot (about as not-watershed slot as you can get), it does actually manage to cover some brave issues and themes, think the Harrison Keller/Lauren Porter murder story or the Treehouse story that led up to the 3000th episode. There is humour in there too, some episodes I found myself rolling around in laughter, but maybe that's just me and my twisted sense of humour. If you want deep philosophical or meaningful content or a deep storyline, go and read the Count of Monte Cristo or some Jean-Paul Satre. If you want to be entertained, watch Doctors. I have tried watching other soaps but none have grasped me in the way Doctors has. Only one question remains: why doesn't my GP take the same interest in my personal problems that characters on Doctors do? If only life imitated art in such a way, maybe the the world would be a better place.