Cindy Bandolini: [getting up after being pinned down by Kelly Morgan] This wrestling shits for girls, if you tried golf sometime I'd whoop your ass.

Kelly Morgan: Hmm I'm sure but in the mean time let's stick to reality.

Cindy Bandolini: You really should loosen up and try to have a little fun, it'll be good for ya.

Kelly Morgan: Oh I know how to have fun.

Cindy Bandolini: What's that suppose to mean?

Kelly Morgan: Whatever you want it to mean.

Cindy Bandolini: Your a little weird aren't you, I thought FBI agents were suppose to be straight.

Kelly Morgan: We are straight, we enforce the law.

Chesney Cort: What's on the tape?

Kelly Morgan: Gangsters.

Chesney Cort: There's a shock the FBI's bugging gangsters, who's the target?

Kelly Morgan: Why don't you tell me what you have to tell me and I'll do my best.

Cindy Bandolini: Why don't you suck my dick?

Cindy Bandolini: What's more important, a basketball game or the greatest fuck in the world?

Alan Jensen: Who are you referring to as the greatest fuck in the world?

Cindy Bandolini: I was referring to you, but now that you mention it.

Cindy: Well, pardon me for breathing, what are you his fucking savior?

Alan Jensen: In the meantime I think I've gotten about as far as I can with general thinking about life-- and sanity, and madness, and death. I think what I need to do is get concrete..find something that I can get good at and something that I can make a living doing.

Alan Jensen: I want to start looking out more and get away from just looking in-- contemplating the navel of my own void-- I want to look out at the world and see it and seize it and maybe even enrich it.