Leonardo DiCaprio was initially set to star.

The entire movie was shot in 20 days.

Sarah Michelle Gellar was James Toback's first choice for Cindy Bandolini.

Selma Blair and Rachel McAdams were two of several actresses who spoke to Vanity Fair magazine in Oct. 2017 about sexual harassment they suffered at the hands of director James Toback. Blair and McAdams, who were just starting their careers and admittedly naive, said their experiences occurred during meetings to discuss Harvard Man. He terrified Blair by claiming he could have her parents killed. Then bullied her into taking her clothes off and performing sexual acts. He tried the same with McAdams, but she refused and left the hotel. Years later when actresses started speaking out about Toback's harassment (over 200 to date), he denied all accusations and said he never met any of them, including Blair and McAdams.

Rebecca Gayheart and Sarah Michelle Gellar star in this film and they also star in Scream 2 (1997) together.