This film was among the first "made for television films"... but it's actually a compilation of the first three episodes from the television series all filmed 3 years before. They were... "Enter the Lone Ranger", "The Lone Ranger Fights On", and "The Lone Ranger's Triumph".

The music in this film is actually the work of several classical composers. The well-known main theme is actually the climax theme (overture) from an opera called "William Tell" by Rossini. Also heard in the film are fragments from works by Tchaikovsky and Wagner.

In the story, the black mask worn by the Lone Ranger is made from the leather vest taken of his dead brother and his iconic white hat was his soiled hat, which was washed, then bleached in the sun by his new friend "Tonto".

The first time Clayton Moore is seen as The Lone Ranger.

In the Spanish version, the name Tonto (foolish) was changed to Toro (bull).