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  • The absolutely insane MIND TRAP delivers in that vaunted so-bad-so-amazing way like films such as HOLLYWOOD COP, SAMURAI COP, MIAMI CONNECTION, THE CRIME KILLER and RAMBU: THE INTRUDER. The plot involves movie actress Shana Beddow (Martha Kincare) being stalked by a group of mercenaries who want to uncover the "Dream Room" technology her military father scientist was working on. Said technology involves a room where your dreams become a reality. Duh! If you want a film to make you question your existence, this is it. Some parts seem very intentional comedy, but the rest is like inept action movie. It is the kind of movie where a lab randomly has a poster for the producer's other film (David DeCoteau's AMERICAN RAMPAGE) in the background. The kind of movie that believes blood had inherently sticky properties (the lead hides a key under a desk by dipping it in her father's blood and then sticking it to the underside). The kind of film where an air horn is awkwardly introduced just so a character can use it later. The kind of film where the lead's mom is killed and she says to her dying mother, "Mom, you were great. Crazy, but great." The kind of film where the lead wants to stop the gang rape of her sister so she starts mocking the rapist's manhood...and his squad members start laughing at him too. The kind of film that casts Dan Haggerty as an agent/film director in a '80s sweater that would make Bill Cosby blush and he stumbles upon a couple making out in a bathroom only to join in (off screen, thankfully!). The kind of film where you can't make heads or tails if it is serious or a spoof, so it decides to mess with you more by ending with a surreal dream sequence that plays like BRAINSTORM on a budget of $100. I found the site of director Eames Demetrios and he has a looooong resume on there. He is a photographer/artist now. He lists everything on his IMDb page...except this movie!
  • I saw this movie with the actor Dan Haggerty on the cover of the box and thought I would see him a lot. The exact opposite occurred when watching this film. A wild movie about a key and a room were involving everybody. Lots of action scenes and mystery with a hot and wild russian lady looking a little like Ursulla Andress and Dyanne Thorne mixed together. A wild woman that could make you not want to kill her and did I mention she has a great waist and great looking skin. This is a different type of movie with Grizzly Adams but without him. Warning: Scenes of nudity so do not let the children watch this at all. My only question is does anybody know about the above actress that I mentioned that is named Sonja in the movie,and her real name is Jessica Morgan. The IMDB has no information on this actress if you have any information about her and are reading this please put a comment on this page so that I will find out more about this fine actress.