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  • alokc27 April 2007
    This 1985 movie of Rajesh Khanna is an often repeated story of revenge but has been mounted well on hilly locales. The SuperStar is as usual at ease with the role and does his part to the satisfaction of the viewers. The music by Bappi Lahiri is a let down and he could have composed much better music considering the fact that all Rajesh Khanna movies have very good songs. But Bappi gives a run of the mill score. Omshivpuri overacts but the other cast members- Tina Munim, Padmini Kolhapure, Shakti Kapoor put in their bit to make the movie worth a watch. Rajesh Khanna excels in certain scenes and carries himself well as a military officer despite his limitations. Over all a good movie which will keep the viewer engrossed for 3 hours. A must see if available on DVD/CD.
  • one night like many nights i couldn't sleep as usual i picked a movie for my favorite of all time the only superstar in the world Mr.Rajesh Khanna last week i watched his revenge Awaaz and i really enjoyed it so i was very excited to see this one too and this movie proves to be more than my expectations it literally blown my mind it is a million time better than awaaz the superstar performance is excellent although it is basically a revenge movie it has a lot of dramatic romantic scenes which are the superstar specialty which as usual he mastered the entire movie. the 2 actress of this movie also did a great job both very talented and beautiful not to mention the chemistry of each of them with the superstar which in this movie was smooth and soft shakti kapoor added the action element to this one the only trouble was om shivpuri he was a little bit overacting. the music( by which i mean the 2 songs by kishore kumar) is really magic touching your heart and may leave some tears in your eyes in addition to that the story plus dialogue are very convincing and interesting location plus photography are wonderful over all the director of this movie did an amazing job holding the entire movie. it is a must see for rajesh khanna fans if you read this for an advice before watching give it a chance you will not regret it .
  • sanjayppc21 April 2014
    This is an action packed saga of revenge. Rajesh Khanna is usually not cut out for such roles because of his features & bulk. But here, surprisingly he carries out his role very well.

    There are 2 heroines - Tina Munium & Padmini Kolhapure. Tina is packed off early & it is Padmini along with Rajesh for the rest of the film. Their chemistry is excellent.

    The plus points are the Rajesh-Padmini romance & the excellent photography. The locations catch the eye.

    The drawbacks are the predictable storyline, ordinary direction & poor music by Bappi Lahiri. It is also fairly long running to 3 hours.

    However, you can watch it once for Rajesh Khanna.