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  • When I went to Univeral Studios (Orlando) and heard about this ride I was so happy. It combined Men In Black (an awesome movie), a fun ride, and an interactive game. It was much more fun than I could have ever imagined. I'll admit that Back to the Future is still my all time favorite ride at Univeral (not Islands of Adventure), but Men in Black Alien Attack offers the ability to effect the outcome of the ride and offers an awesome challenge. I must have ridden it over ten times (the park was not busy at all) and it never got boring. For those of you who love shooting video games, this takes you one step further and its even harder as you have to try and shoot while the ride movies and spins. My only suggestion: If you get motion sickness easily, then this ride is NOT for you... unless you take a Dramamine first, lol.
  • bevo-136782 April 2020
    At a whopping 4 minutes. This film is the optimum duration to hold the attention of the average movie goer.
  • jec-1015 July 2000
    Went on it the week it opened, truely awesome. I liked it so much I went on it three times. Word of advise, go in the single riders line. you get on the ride much faster. First time I went on it I went in the normal line and waited for fourty-five minutes, the next two times I went in the single line and waited about ten minutes.
  • kingvegeta810 July 2003
    I rode this ride like four years ago and it was AWESOME!!! I scored 320,000(or something, I don't know the exact number but that's close), my sister was the next highest(out of ALL 18 people) with 95,000.We must have the "dead aim" gene in common. Ha Ha.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This title is about some kind of ego-shooter / training simulator kind of thingey situated at the Universal Studios in Florida. Your goal is to reach the high-score by shooting as many of these mean cockroach-like looking alien creatures as possible in order to add up points, so you can join Jay and Kay. Thankfully you won't get full of disgusting slimy intestines like the real agents did in the film.

    While you keep enjoying the ride firing permanently at these nasty creatures, you're kept up-to-date by little bulletin messages delivered by Will Smith's character himself. If you like the movie or these kind of attractions are just your kind of thing, this spectacular attraction is worth checking out.
  • First of all I want to say I hated the film MIB - it is like a textbook form for how to create a summer blockbuster - it was more like watching a 2 hour Will Smith Music Video than a movie.

    All right - that is out of the way. I just did the Universal Studios tour and had zero idea what this was all about. I thought it would be like the Back to the Future ride. Since I had no interest in BTF, but it was a fun ride, I thought what the heck with MIB.

    But no! It was NOT a movie at all and it was more than a ride! First up - a phony elevator dropping you to the waiting area. Perfectly done! It was like walking through the movie set with the big conference room where all the agents work with massive aliens at the control panels. Later on there are two of the 'roach' type aliens talking in a break room. Great entertainment that makes waiting on line fun.

    The best thing was it was NOT A RIDE !! It was a game. You have 9 people per car in rows of 3, each with a laser (light) gun. You go through the town blasting away at aliens as they appear all over racking up points - competing against another team going the through across the way. After 10 minutes it's time for the head-to-head showdown with the other team. Push the red button and if you can hit the antenna on the back of their car the spin out of control. I nailed them 4 times in a row and racked up 215,000 points to give our team the edge. Then Will Smith is on the huge screen announcing us as the winners and "all I can say is you are losers." to the other team. Great time, great fun!! And they take your picture unaware on the ride and try to sell it you after.