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  • Although I am old enough to be the parent of many of the main characters, this show holds my attention with its plot turns and character dynamics. Without giving away anything about the story, the issues of sex, drugs, AIDS, teen pregnancy, family dynamics, and eating disorders are well handled and realistically presented. The female lead characters remind me of the sort of loyal friends I knew in my school days. The characters are interesting and prove that teens are basically the same the world over especially when turning to each other in a crisis rather to than their parents. I tune in religiously every day and am taping these programs for the children of a friend who will be old enough to appreciate this series in a year or two.

    As for the actors, they are all excellent in these roles and give us characters we can care about and relate to. It's a real pleasure to see Valentino Lanus again (after his fine performances in AMOR GITANO and LA CASA EN LA PLAYA); he has a brilliant future as a major leading man. His character is a role model for young men (and catnip to young women). Mauricio Islas' performance as the demonic Damian is making me wonder whether he will want to play villains full time in the future.

    I wish I had studied Spanish instead of French in my high school days so I could have been watching novelas, although I doubt that there would have been many for a teen audience that would have been this good.

    If you missed this or are only just discovering this program, watch for the next run on Galavision. If you are a high school Spanish teacher, I recommend getting your students to watch this and its sequel, when that finally airs here.
  • i watched it because of kuno becker"leon" but after the story went on i get fully interested in ana(marina) and valen(imanol) who before the nobela i had no clue they existed and i was amazed at how well they acted plus there chemistry was inevitable so much that in EL JUEGO DE LA VIDA(another teen novela) (they were not pareja..rrr..) the producer of el juego said they they would be pareja but in the first episode we all got sad,mad and felt used because of the lie....they never became pareja but in real life they get along very well to bad he has a girl...but that novela i will never forget...i'm writing a part 2 but in fan-fiction mode....called "PRIMER AMOR II:UNA HISTORIA DE AMOR"
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This soap opera really marked my life, it was interesting, thrilling, funny, romantic, sometimes stupid; however, i enjoyed watching this soap opera very much. It's a shame that in Mexico, there isn't anymore soap operas like this one. Now we have to watch boring remakes from other countries.

    I loved almost everything from this show; i loved the song, and also i liked the performance of Kuno Becker, Ana Layevska, Arleth Terán, Valentino Lanus and other many good actors, that made this soap opera one of the bests.

    Another thing that i liked from this soap, is the place where it was set, because it looked like El Salvador, my country.

    Definitely this is one of the best soap operas from the decade.
  • In my opinion this novela is the best. The story is so well done and being a teen my self it was somewhat realistic.Comparing it to other teen novelas, Primer Amor did not last long only about 5 months, and the budget did seem that big, but that had nothing to do with how good the story was. I highly recommend everyone to see it
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is an excellent telenovela. It has a little bit of everything such as, Sex, Love, Anorexia/bulimia, drugs, Sexuall harassment/rape, teen pregnancy, cheating on each other, alcohol & etc. I love it heaps I am up to episode 84 I think so it is almost done. it is a shame that only 100 episodes were made, it is defiteley a must watch actors include, Anahi-Giovana, Ana Layveska-Marina, Kuno Bekcer-Leon, Valentino Lanus-Imanol <3 All AMAZING actors xxxx<3 And the guys are very hot and all so talented. It is a must see and it is great for 14,15,16 year old especially and older. I love it heaps, I am Australian and I am 14 years old going on 15 later this year. I can speak and understand Spanish quite fluently because my mum is Colombian and my dad is Argentinan. I love all four main actors and omg Demian is so evil I laughed at his Pj's there just hilarious I wont spoil that for you though xxx. :p I can not wait to watch the movie sequel- Primer amor... a mil por hora tres anos despues. :P anyways bye for now I am at school and teacher is coming this way xxx:P
  • The first time I watch this show I knew I was going to love it the show talks about many problems teens face for example anorexia,sexuality,drugs,gangs,sex and more Anahi(jovanna) and Kuno Becker(leon) have great chemistry you can't help but fall in love with both of them BUT there is no good show without the bad guy/bad girl. Mauricio Islas(demian)plays a wonderful Villian who deep down has his own problems the whole cast is wonderful and very realistic I urge you to watch this show it's got a little bit of everything romance,action,jokes and a lot more the best part of the show is watching the chemistry between Anahi and Kuno and the P.J's of demian the will have you laughing all week long after the last episode you will be remembering your FIRST LOVE!!!!!!