The opening credits video footage of the Sojourner rover approaching the "Yogi" rock, taken by the Mars Pathfinder lander, make Star Trek: Enterprise the first television show or movie in history to use footage taken on another planet.

The opening credits montage contains archive footage of famed pioneers of air and space, including Amelia Earhart, Chuck Yeager, Alan Shepard and Buzz Aldrin (or at least his boot).

Before the opening credits of Star Trek: Enterprise: Stigma (2003) (original air date 5 February 2003) a tribute to the crew of the space shuttle Columbia (deceased 1 February 2003) states "To the crew of the space shuttle Columbia, you continue to be our inspiration."

The closing credits of Star Trek: Enterprise: Broken Bow (2001) Part 2 (second half of the pilot) use a unique guitar instrumental version of the show's opening theme song, which has not been used in any further episode of the series.

Star Trek: Enterprise: In a Mirror, Darkly (2005) and Star Trek: Enterprise: In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II (2005) feature a completely different title sequence, charting the warfare-laden progress of the Terran Empire into space.

The opening title sequence, which chronicles humanity's progress towards the stars interspersed with other vessels named Enterprise, features footage from Star Trek: First Contact (1996) of the Phoenix, humanity's first FTL spacecraft, separating from its booster rocket and deploying its warp nacelles.

Opening credits are in alphabetical order. Fortunately, the name of series' captain Scott Bakula comes earlier in the alphabet than the others, so his name is still top-billed.