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  • hershiser219 March 2003
    I'll take the chance to watch any short film I can, as usually they leave you wanting more because they were so good. However, this film left me wanting more... of anything, because there was nothing to it. Not a single laugh, not a single smirk... nothing.

    Not only was it not funny, it was also flawed. As it's supposed to be filmed on a set-up (non-moving) home movie camera, there should be one angle, one camera, yet the camera moves around and cuts.

    1/10 for wasting my time.
  • Very well acted. Well directed. But most importantly, it was funny and it made me laugh outloud. Definitely worth downloading. You can find this on ifilm ... Check it out.

  • This short film by Andrew Van Slee, focuses on an 18 year old girl who has decided to lose her virginity. Since this is such a special event in her life, she's also decided to videotape it unbeknownst to her boyfriend. The 'climax' of the film would seem to be borrowed from "Fast Times at Ridgemont High". There is no nudity or suggestive language here though, just an amusing, well made and very funny short film.
  • devo338 August 2002
    Short film, rather well done. Stephanie Quay is great. Matt Stasi is pretty weak (maybe its just the character). The writing is OK - the story concept is good and anything with Elvis works, but the dialogue with "Bill" just doesn't work. Camera angles are excellent - and the "sex" is tastefully done. Any nudity would just distract and make this a cheap short. Overall, well worth the time to watch.