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  • Not that I'm a huge fan of this show, but I hate to see the only other comment about it be a negative one. It's a decent show about 4 kids who do some extreme sports, deal with problems (usually on their own and in creative ways), and learn deep meaningful lessons about life. I suppose it helps if you grew up a skater to appreciate some of the plots though. Regardless, more interesting than most of the schlock that passes as kids entertainment these days.
  • Whenever I look up old 90's shows on youtube, I always seem to find each one mention Rocket Power and it brings back some great memories. I used to adore this show. Every day I would flip through channels and if I saw this show was on, nothing else mattered. I would pick watching an episode of this for the fifth time than a Hey Arnold for the first time (although I did enjoy that show too).

    I think what I liked this one the most out of the 90's shows was because it was somewhat on its own. Other shows always showed the kids at school with two parents and good grades. This one was slightly more realistic in that sense. Sure, they played the sports ridiculously well so i'm not saying that was realistic, but Twister had a mean brother, Reggie and Otto didn't have a mother, and Sam was made fun of for his intelligence. I felt it was almost more gritty (or as much as it could be) for a kid's show.

    Even the main characters weren't likable a lot of the time. Mainly Otto with his cocky personality but all of them had something disagreeable. Sam's wimpyness, Reggie's smart Aleck attitude, and Twister's inability to say anything remotely smart were all factors in showing how no one is perfect.

    Then of course, as a child, you find the sports they do to be amazing. I was always jealous of their talent and wished I could be as good as they were on skateboards or surfboards. In a way, they were kid's idols. And I still love them to this day.
  • Jet_shinzo2 January 2009
    For a kids show (me being one who watched it when it was on), I think this show was pretty decent for a Nick show. Sure, its like the loser who commented before me said, it usually was the same formula, but the kids who watched this show don't CARE. That's the point! You make a show that has moral values and entertains kids. If you wanted to make a show geared towards teens or adults, this is the worst idea for a show you could have. But, this show serves its purpose, entertaining kids.

    And honestly, if you're into some of their sports, you'll notice some of the humor in this show.

    The show does make an attempt to give moral lessons through every episode, and does present very different situations. There is some really good voice acting, and although the script has fairly stereotypical lines (I've yet to meet anyone who says "Dude" and "Bro" as much as the characters in this show), its really decent writing.
  • ryanshepard9225 January 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    I must take issue with some of the reviews here. I'm not saying the show was a masterpiece, but it was a lot better than they're making it out to be.

    The characters: Otto: The jock. Big ego, with supreme confidence in all his abilities. Most of the time, he is the cause of the problems the kids have to face.

    Reggie: The "voice of reason". Most of the time, she's the one who organizes a strategy to deal with Otto's screw-ups. Otto's sister.

    Twister: The idiot. Not much of a help in a crisis, but he delivers most of the shows one-liners. Best friend of Otto.

    Sam: The nerd. Low self-confidence, always trying to be as good as his friends. Basically, the polar opposite of Otto.

    Raymundo: The dad we all wish we could be. Loving, but with a firm hand.

    Tito: Sort of the "mother" figure of the show. He's always giving the kids advice with his (in)famous "Ancient Hawaiian Sayings".

    The plot: Yeah, so some of the episodes were corny. Big deal, it's a kids show. It reminds me of the times I used to spend with my friends. (Except we sucked at sports and didn't have a dad who ran a fast-food joint.) Yeah, most of the episodes revolved around sports, but they were good plots. About bettering yourself and making friends and "practice makes perfect" and the good old morals a kid's show should have. One of the episodes I will always remember is the hurricane one. Pretty intense for a kids show.

    In short, it was probably one of the last decent shows Nick made before becoming a Disney clone. They had a couple good ones like Avatar, but it was all downhill from there in my opinion.
  • dogluver1208 November 2005
    I really enjoyed this show when it was aired. They should have kept it, but made better episodes with more of a plot. It was very interesting and I actually learned a lot from it. I miss that show a lot. That was the last good show Nick had before it went downhill. They should bring all the old shows back, they were sooo much better than this "Catscratch" Dump. I really miss rocket power, it was a very popular show where i am, so many kids liked it. And all of us were into extreme sports and we would make up our own episodes and stuff. We had a lot of fun with it. I miss it so much. Nick should have kept it is all i have to say!!
  • USC_Trojan1 December 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    It helps to have grown up in Southern California. A lot of the reviews are right in saying that this is not an overly powerful show but being a kid in this region is different than anywhere else in the country, especially along the coast, and Rocket Power comes close to capturing it. Rocket Power is very nostalgic for those of us who miss surfing the summer days away and grabbing a fish taco or two. My favorite character by far was Tito Makani in all his Hawaiian wisdom. Every group of kids needs someone to bestow knowledge of life on them and Tito was that guy and he was directly involved in the best moment of the show. I remember how hard it was learning to surf and Sam just couldn't get it. Tito comes along a gives him a gigantic board that was best suited for Sam's frame. He wouldn't have gotten a grasp of surfing that quickly after but nonetheless, Tito came through again.
  • My first memory of this show--I caught a glimpse of Lars and thought he only had one eye, so I got scared and changed the channel. (Hey, I was 9!) Luckily I gave the show another chance. It ended up being my obsession for...God, how many years did it run? It wasn't particularly clever, not at all, really. Basically every episode consisted of the word "dude", sports, and some sort of small drama that only lasted 15 minutes. But I was hopelessly addicted to it, and to this day I still can't pinpoint why. The cliché "every new person that comes here rocks at sports", the dumb explosion of "SUPER BEEF" or something across the screen...but it was such a great show. Especially if you watched the background--the surfer turning into a dolphin, the UFO beaming up a whale, the fisherman falling into the ocean, the giant fish skull talking...they don't make cartoons like they used to! To this day, Twister is still my favorite cartoon character of all time. He was just so stupid, it was great. Even now, almost 10 years later, I still use the word "dude" in almost every sentence.

    This show really encompasses everything of my youth. I remember going on about it all the time, and making my friends watch it. I used to know every single word to "Race Across New Zealand", and could repeat the whole movie at any given point.

    To sum this all up, I have no idea why I loved Rocket Power so much. But I did, and I still do. The other month I found a Rocket Power videotape at a yard sale and almost cried. Good 'ol memories...
  • raphael8826 July 2006
    All my good childhood memories of summer time are in this show ! Otto, Reggie, Twister, Sam, Raymundo, Tito and the others are like my friends ! The stories are well made and intelligent, there is always a kind of "morality" in the end. The four pals do extreme sports, like skateboard, snowboard, surfing in the sea and have always a problem that they have to solve, and, doing that, they learn how life is. This TV show is a real lesson of life for the children and is also very funny ! In one word like in one hundred, I like it ! So if you want to laugh watching an intelligent show, watch "Rocket Power" ! I'm looking forward to seeing that anime again on TV !
  • Rocket Power has been a favorite of my since I was 10 years old and in the fourth grade. I was obsessed with the show and collected a lot of stuff from bedding to dolls. When the show ended in 2004, at the end of my eighth grade year, my tastes have changed. I still liked the show, but didn't have the obsessed feeling about it anymore.

    Perfect example arrived in March of 2007 when I purchased the Peter Pan Platinum Edition DVD, and all of a sudden, I liked that a whole lot better. I developed the same obsession with Peter Pan and still do seven years later.

    I can tell you that this show is still a childhood favorite and still my favorite as an adult. Twister and Reggie are still my favorite characters and always will be for years to come, but once Peter Pan came into my life, I just liked that better. And still do.

    Rocket Power- still 10/10 for being my favorite TV Show!
  • Juaqino2 September 2012
    Rocket Power gets a bad rap. Not that peoples' opinions don't count, but there's a place for this kind of show. It's not terribly deep or anything like that; just a bunch of kids and their adventures.

    I think to like this show, you might have needed to be the kind of kid who's in the show. This is one of the shows that I grew up with, and even before it came on, my friends and I did all the same things that the kids did in Rocket Power. If we weren't playing street hockey, we'd be riding our skateboards, surfing, etc. This show was easy for kids like us to relate to. I think if you didn't grow up in that kind of environment, the show may just end up being annoying and uninteresting.

    What I liked best about Rocket Power(and other Klasky-Csupo cartoons like The Wild Thornberrys) is the subtle amount of character development. Now surely it doesn't stand up to the kind of development in adult shows, but even at that age I was impressed considering the number of kids shows where everything resets the following episode. As an example, Sam(The "Squid") started out being the new kid/geek/loser who was pretty terrible at any of the sports that Otto, Reggie, and Twister would partake in. Sam does retain his identity for the rest of the show, but I recall that by the end of the show, he managed to fit in better with his friends and even became better than Otto at some things.

    Sadly, I can't really say the same about Otto, who needed the development almost as much as Sam did. This was attempted in a few episodes after we learn the moral of the story, but things usually reset for Otto in the next episode. Taking that into consideration, I kinda wish Otto was left out of the series entirely. That would have removed 90% of the annoyances most people cite.

    I don't get why people say Rocket Power is a "stereotype". If you want a stereotypical kids show, look towards shows like Recess where they took the most typical group of kids with the most typical archetypes and put them into the most generic setting for kids to be in(a school yard). Rocket Power, on the other hand, takes a specific group of kids who have their own individuality as well as a female character who exhibits very few "feminine" character stereotypes, and bases stories around that. Much more interesting to me, personally.

    Now since I'm an adult, I doubt I would sit through Rocket Power or other Nicktoons again, but if I have kids someday and RP came on TV, I'd let them watch it.
  • Okay, for starters I'd like to say I was also a kid when Rugrats and all those other great shows were on TV but can you seriously knock Rocket Power because it was all about extreme sports? I thought the plots were good enough to entertain me even as a young teen, my younger cousins loved the show and I've shared a few discussions with friends about the show who also remember it as being entertaining. Rocket Power had characters that every kid could relate to, who doesn't love that when you're young and don't care about how much of a plot there is? It's not a movie for adults people. As you can see I gave it a 6/10 because I agree it wasn't the best cartoon in the world but it wasn't meant to be the next Rocco's Modern Life. Get over Really fun show and well worth the $4 you'll pay to get it on Amazon.
  • There is barely any plot to hold anything together. The "plot" is random preteen dilemmas ("Dude, my father won't let me surf!"). Anyone with rational thought should probably turn this off as soon as the words "Mondo!" in bright flourescent colors flash on the screen for ten seconds.

    The better Nicktoons are behind us. Sadly, the bad ones like "Rocket Power" and "The Wild Thornberrys" are here to stay in infinite reruns.
  • Rocket Girl15 November 2001
    I'm crazy about Rocket Power! If you don't like it, don't watch it. But I love it!

    Character overview:

    Otto Rocket: A nine-year-old daredevil-type boy, obsessed with sports and extremely competitive. I'm not too fond of him, because forgive me, but he seems kind of arrogant. But he's right to brag; he's proven himself more than once as the best dude at sports for miles around.

    Reggie Rocket: Otto's 11-year-old sister. She's kinda bossy, but the good in her definitely outweighs the bad. She publishes her own 'zine, and is quite the voice of reason within the Rocket Power gang. Reggie proudly stands for girl power.

    Maurice "Twister" Rodriguez: Otto's best friend; a master with a camera... although he can't manage to pass a math or spelling test. He has a sensitive side; he loooves animals, and he even tried to adopt a seal once. But he's also really gullible. His older brother, Lars, makes a pastime out of teasing Twister and playing pranks on him and his friends.

    Sam "The Squid" Dullard: The new guy in town, nine years old and in sixth grade. Literally a genius, Team Rocket's rather shy hockey goalie moved in just recently from Hutchinson, Kansas, and is a lot more cautious than the others, keeping them a bit more grounded. He helps Reggie with her 'zine, and in return, Reggie stands up for him when he unfairly becomes the target of Otto and Twister's sense of humor. Sam and I have a lot in common, and he's my favorite character, with Reggie in a close second-place.

    I hope they make a movie about Rocket Power soon! There haven't been any Nick-Flicks or anything so far.
  • Why is it that Nickelodeon keeps putting out these moronic shows? Nickelodeon needs to stop. Not tomorrow, not later on today, now!!! Now damn it, now!!!

    The show is basically about a bunch of kids who skate, surf or rollerblade. Why you ask? Cause the guys who made this show couldn't really think for these kids to do. They need to go and get a freakin' job. Now there's something these kids can do. "Rocket Power" also tries to inject a bit of social commentary by showing us some of the problems these kids have and how they deal with them. These attempts at trying to reach out to the viewer are just lame and idiotic. I really wish this cartoon, along with all the rest of the shows that that the people at Nickelodeon are producing would just get flushed down a toilet or something, just as long as they go away and never come back.

    This show is just the same moronic crap that Nickelodeon has been making since it's decent into idiocy. Shows like CatDog(just plain stupid), Spongebob Squarepants(complete sh**), and The Wild Thornberry's(total crap).

    This cartoon sucks and I hate it.
  • TheMysteriousMrEnter Review Snow Day, and some people hated the Lingos, but he worst in my opinion is The Missile Crisis. I really hate this episode. Reggie Rocket is my favorite character in the show, but in this episode, she was very unlike able. She is a complete jerk here and it makes the episode frustrating. Even Otto was worrying about Reggie. Not to mention that she is rebellious in this episode. The reason why she acts like that is because she thinks she's boring. It is definitely an Animated Attrocity. As the show I like it, but not as great as Chalkzone and SpongeBob SquarePants. If you don't like this show because the main characters. Reggie Rocket is the best of the show, because at least she responsible, and she nice (sure she could be mean sometimes if the boys are doing something bad).
  • blueflamefilms22 June 2016
    This is one of the only Nick cartoons i ever really felt meh about. I watch it when it is on, but that's only to take up time to watch a better show like Hey Arnold!. It tries desperately tries to appeal to the "cool" kids, but doesn't work in the way it tries.

    But as much as i don't like it, it always brings a smile to my face. Why? Because the characters and plots are so loving and memorable. It always teaches good lessons like, Don't Skip School, or Respect Everybody. The characters are fun, and actually are some of my favorites in cartoon history. (well, except for Grunkle Stan and Ice Bear. Those are my favorites.) Tito in particular always brings a smile to my face.

    So, to close up, its a cool cartoon, but i think others are better.
  • I like Rocket Power, but what happened to Otto and Reggie's mother? Is she dead? Are Ray and her divorced? Are they adopted? I think they were adopted because Otto and Reggie looked like they're black and Ray is white. There has to be a time when they had parents. There has to be why wouldn't there be. But anyway it's a good show to watch, you'll enjoy it. The only flaw is that Klasky and Csupo only make 5 episodes per season. Other than that it's a funny show with great extreme sporters. It can teach you how to do tricks and be a good skater. I still watch it 5 years later and it still makes me laugh at the things they say. I Love Rocket Power!!! and always will.
  • Nickelodeon has been going downhill for a number of years now. The last great 'new' show of theirs was Hey Arnold! back in 1996. After that, they started dishing out horrible cartoons like Catdog, Wild Thornberries and of course "Rocket Power". I will admit I watched Rocket Power...about 10 episodes tops. I like to give a show a fair chance to try to grow on me. After watching around 10 episodes of this awful show, I had enough evidence to see that RP is not worth 30 minutes of my time.

    The show attempts to be trendy and uses phrases such as "beefed" and "sick". To some, those are words of immortal proportions. To me, those words make me 'sick' to my stomach. Nickelodeon used to have a good reputation. They had shows that had some form of intelligence [Clarissa] or a show that made you laugh out loud [e.g. Salute Your Shorts, Rocko]. It seems today they are just cashing in on what is trendy and not the formula they once had that made great shows other words, shows that weren't Rocket Power.
  • Basically, this show is about 4 kids who like sports. Otto Rocket, the extreme sports player who usually screws things up Reggie Rocket, the only girl and the one who usually bails Otto out Sam 'Squid' Dullard, the nerdy computer geek who cant stand in skates Maurice 'Twister' Rodriguz, the low IQ filmmaker

    I used to watch this show for about a week until I woke up with the feeling, "I actually liked this?" I began to laugh at myself.

    Basic storyline:

    "Let's go skiing!" says Ray-mundo, Otto's dad. So they go skiing and Otto sees the restricted section. "Hey Twister, let's sneak in!" Otto says. "I dunno," Twister says. "Cmon, don't be a baby!" Otto says. So they sneak in and Reggie sees them but doesn't tattle. Otto and Twister get lost. "Wheres Otto and Twister?" Raymundo asks. "In the restricted section," Reggie says. So they find them and they get punished but learn a valuable lesson.

    I'm sure you're nearly bursting with excitement. I recommend this show for people who's IQ is as low as Twisters and can't understand what they're watching.

    1/2 out of 10. And that's a 'half', not a 'one' or 'two'.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Rocket Power has to be the second worst show I have ever seen on Nick.

    Spoiler Warning!

    The plot is just as one dimensional as the characters are. Here's the plot four friends named Otto, his sister Reggie, Sam, and Twister all do extreme sports while solving a big problem along the way. That's about it.

    End Spoiler Warning!

    And (With the exception of Tito and Twister.) I can't stand any of the characters. Otto is a selfish moron who just wants to win all the time.

    And those dumb words they use like Beef are annoying.

    Tito is the only cool character on the show and Twister can be funny sometimes.

    I would give Rocket Power a 0/10 but I do find it to be just a little bit better then the horrible Wild Thornberries and their was a few good episodes. And the fact that they do extreme sports just bores me. Now I don't mind if they do extreme sports once in a while in Rocket Power. But why must they do extreme sports in practically every single episode?!

    This show sucks.

  • I will give credit where it's due, it's better than ChalkZone, which is by far and away Nickelodean's worst, but Rocket Power I just find really annoying and repetitive. The concept intrigued me, and I liked some of the colourful backgrounds, but in terms of praise that's all I can give.

    The animation is variable, liked the colours and backgrounds, hated the character designs which were weird. The music is okay at best, but some of it is annoying. The writing is pretty much wretched, it is unfunny and the "cool" catchphrases really grate after a couple of episodes. And the story lines are so repetitive, it feels like they do the same thing over and over, where's the variety? And I disliked the characters in general, they at worst annoyed me and felt like stereotypes, particularly Otto and Regina. The voice acting has its moments, but the actors don't have much to work with both in writing and character.

    All in all, annoying and repetitive. Not Nick's worst, but it is one of them, for me anyway. 2/10 Bethany Cox
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Son of a "B" (Sorry for the offensive letters)! This show sucks and blows at the same time, denying the laws of physics! All the characters are retards, except they're not retards, so they have no excuse! Otto, the "leader of the gang" smarts of to everyone in authority and almost never gets punished. And when he does he always gets out of it, except in one instance. His dad is an idiot because I said so. OK, that's not why. His dad is a tolerable character.

    Reggie, his sister, has a penis, definitely. She hangs out with the boys and is not attracted to any of them. She likes "Squid" (Another character) and pities him because Otto decides to be a scum bag and make fun of him, but she almost never does anything about it. She also has some stupid magazine called "The Zine". And no one reads it. It's like, WTH?!?! She puts the stupidest stuff in there, like, "California sweet spots" and other pansexual shenanigans.

    Squid and Twister would take way too long to go into detail with. So Squid: Nerd who is pretty annoying. Twister: A pushover retard ****head.

    The show also had minimal morality. It was like, "If you're smart you fail at life," and "If you suck up to your parents you can get away with anything." As opposed to Twister's brother, who didn't get away with anything.

    The show is entertaining, but you don't want it to be, and you feel guilty when you like it. So, don't get guilty. Screw this crap. If you see it on, burn your TV (Unless it has TiVo).

    Overall: It sucks. 2/10. And Otto has a very small or nonexistent man part.
  • donzabu25 March 2008
    It is inexcusable that they would rather air this show than the likes of Invader Zim or Rocko's Modern Life.

    All the characters do is play sports. The plots are boring, they repeat the same formula over and over; play sports, screw up, problem, solve it, and play more sports. Not even the most retarded of sports junkies would enjoy this show. There isn't even any half decent attempt at humor.

    The only remotely decent episode was the one when they make the amateur movie, and even that episode would put a child with ADHD into a coma.

    It's shows like this that really make a channel suck. They might have cancelled it, but it's too late to take back this... THING!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    **Possible Spoilers** This is one of Nickelodeon's worst shows.

    It's about four kids who live in California who like extreme sports. There's almost no plot and the characters suck. I mean there's Otto who is a show off and sucks at school. Twister is a drooling idiot who also sucks at school and is Otto's "best bro". There's nothing really wrong with Reggie and Sam is a smart kid who sucks at extreme sports.

    How the people talk is even more annoying. They say things like "no problemo", "lameO", "Raymundo, or "this stinks on ice". Well you know what?, this show stinks on ice. No one talks like this anymore.

    My rating: */***** (1 out of 5)

    My top five list for worst cartoons on Nickelodeon:

    1: The Wild Thornberrys 2: Pelswick 3: Rocket Power 4: As Told by Ginger 5: Rugrats
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