Margot Frank: Do you remember how - how I was always taking care of you when you were little?

Anne Frank: Well, it's my turn to take care of you now.

Margot Frank: It doesn't matter anymore.

Anne Frank: No! You can't leave me here.

Margot Frank: Tell me a story, Anne. I used to love your stories.

Anne Frank: Pim's stories were always much better than mine. Poor Pim.

Margot Frank: But you're still going to be a writer though, aren't you? And he'd like that. Do you remember how we talked about it? About - about what we were going to do, after the war?

Anne Frank: And what were you going to be?

Margot Frank: I can't - I can't remember.

Anne Frank: Yes, you can. You have to! You wanted to be a nurse. That's what you told me.

Margot Frank: That's right. A nurse. A nurse in - in Palestine.

Anne Frank: Paris or London, that's where I'm going. To see the world.

Margot Frank: To see the world...

Hans Goslar: [dressed as Adolf Hitler; Anne's 10th birthday] Why was I not invited to this party?

Ruth Goslar: God knows everything, but Anne knows everything better.

Fritz Pfeffer: You people could be doing more for us.

Margot Frank: Mr. Pfeffer, how can you say something like that?

Margot Frank: [notices Anne looking out the window] You mustn't do that.

Anne Frank: I can't help it, I like watching people. I make up stories for them; imagining what their lives are like, what ours would be like, if...

Anne Frank: When we're liberated I'm going to get all the paper I can find and start my stories over again. Did I tell you I was working on a novel?

Peter van Pels: No. I don't think so.

Anne Frank: Well I was. I didn't know how to finish it but now I do. I can't wait to get started again. It's going to be a romance, but not sentimental, mind you. I've grown too old for that. Do you remember how you told me once, how you were ashamed of being Jewish?

Peter van Pels: Mm-hmm. The chosen people. Chosen for what? This?

Anne Frank: We've suffered before and it's only made us stronger. One day people will look up to us.

Peter van Pels: If there are any of us left.

Anne Frank: I used to take so much for granted, like the sky. Do you see those stars? We had a club called The Little Dipper once. Jacque, Hannah, Sanne, and me, one star for each of us.

Peter van Pels: And which one were you?

Anne Frank: That one.

[Anne points to a star]

Peter van Pels: Mm-hmm. Well, I should've known.

[Peter puts his arm around Anne and Anne leans her head on his shoulder]

Auguste Rottgen-van Pels: Oh please, Kerli, just one more dance!

Hermann van Pels: Oh sit down please Putti, before you make a fool of yourself!

Auguste Rottgen-van Pels: Surely you wouldn't refuse a lady's invitation Mr Frank?

Otto Frank: Well, Mrs. van Pels, it seems you have a rival at the moment.

Otto Frank: Mademoislle?

Anne Frank: Charmed.

Winston Churchill: [Talking on the radio] But in the end, all the oppositions fell together, and all our foes submitted...

Auguste Van Pels: I can't stand to hear that man talk! Half the time I don't even know what he's saying. 'This is not the end; it is possibly the beginning of the end, and it is certainly the end of the beginning' - do *you* know what that means, Mr. Frank?

Hermann van Pels: [Annoyed] Putti!

Auguste Van Pels: If you ask me, the British should spend more time bombing Germany and less time drinking tea!

Hermann van Pels: Oh, shut up already!

Mr. Keptor: Quite the chatterbox, aren't you, Miss Frank? Perhaps you'd like to share your wisdom with us? A little essay perhaps, entitled "Quack, Quack, Quack, went Mrs. Quackenbush."

[Anne's classmates snicker]

Helmut 'Hello' Silberberg: I'm Hello. Hello Silberberg.

Anne Frank: Oh, hello... Hello.

Hannah 'Hannalei' Goslar: Anne, are you there? Can you hear me? I'm sorry I couldn't meet you the way I said I would. They told us we were going to be exchanged - finally, after all this waiting. You should have seen Father. He got dressed in his best suit, even in the hospital. He - he died in that suit. And now they say we're not going to be exchanged after all. Why are they so cruel? You're the only person I have left to talk to. You and Gabi, but she's not old enough to understand yet. *I* don't understand. Oh, Anne, where are you?

[first lines]

Anne Frank: I want to be a champion skater, and a writer. I want my picture in all the magazines. Maybe I'll be a movie star. I want to be different from all the other girls. I want to be a modern woman, I want to travel. I want to study languages - languages and history. I want to to everything. I want to...

Otto Frank: Good people and bad people have one thing in common. They both make mistakes. Only, - good people can admit their mistakes and learn from them.

Anne Frank: I hate them. The Germans. I wish they were dead. They won't stop until they've killed all the Jews!

Otto Frank: Don't say that. There are good people and there are bad people, it doesn't matter where they come from. Miep and Mr. Klieman are Austrian, just like Hitler. Do you want them to die as well?

Anne Frank: No.

Otto Frank: And don't forget, We are German.

Anne Frank: No, we're Dutch aren't we Margot?

Margot Frank: Of course we are.

Anne Frank: I don't want to be German. Not ever.

Anne Frank: This is Moortje. She's going to have kittens soon, because she keeps meeting lots of men.

Edith Frank: [Disapprovingly] Anne.

Hermann van Pels: I got a joke for you.

Auguste Van Pels: Heard it.

Female Kapo: Did you say goodbye to your father? Your brother? You won't see them again, you know. They are already in the gas chambers.

Edith Frank: Don't listen to her, Anne.

Female Kapo: Shut up you.

Hermann van Pels: Did you get the bread?

[Peter doesn't answer]

Hermann van Pels: Give me the keys, I'll get it myself! And get rid of that stupid cat, you look like you're wearing one of your Mother's precious furs.

[Slaps Peter]

Hermann van Pels: Dummkopf.

Auguste Rottgen-van Pels: Oh these blackout drapes make everything so stuffy, I feel as if I'm suffocating!

Hermann van Pels: It's all in your head!

Auguste Rottgen-van Pels: [to Mr. van Pels] You know that isn't true!

[to Mr. Frank]

Auguste Rottgen-van Pels: I'm a very delacite creature Mr. Frank, very delacite.

[Mr. Frank fixes his tie uncomfortably]

Mr. Keptor: Pethagoras discovered the basic laws of Geometry. Spell it please: P-e-t-h-a-g-o-r-a-s.

Anne Frank: [clears throat] I'm afraid however interesting your lesson might be, I can't see it.

Mr. Keptor: You, uh change seats with Miss...

Anne Frank: Frank... Frank.

Mr. Keptor: Change please

[Mr. Keptor continues his Geometry lesson]

Auguste Rottgen-van Pels: That was our last hundred guilders. What are we to do for money now?

Hermann van Pels: Come in. Sit down.

Auguste Van Pels: What's happening?

Edith Frank: They've come for Margot. We always thought they'd come for Otto or me, but never the children.

Hermann van Pels: Where's Otto?

Edith Frank: Visiting some friends at the Truat Hospital.

Hermann van Pels: We planned for the 16th, but that changes everything. Otto will know what to do.

Edith Frank: Anne! Come out of the water.

Edith Frank: [Anne does nothing] Otto, say something.

Otto Frank: Anne, do as your mother says.

[Otto goes back to his paper as if nothing happened]

Auguste Van Pels: Kerli, all this talk of an invasion is nonsense! Why haven't they? What's stopping them?

Hermann van Pels: Why don't you stay out of it? I'll do the thinking if you please.

Auguste Van Pels: Mr. Frank listens to *his* wife.

[to Miep and Jan]

Auguste Van Pels: You see what he's like? Knows all the answers.

Hermann van Pels: Beware of marriage, Mr. Gies: in my experience, its merits are greatly overrated.

Auguste Van Pels: Hear, hear.

Edith Frank: Sometimes, I miss a full-time servant.

Ruth Goslar: We don't have the money to pay for servants.

Hannah 'Hannalei' Goslar: [Anne whispers something to Hannah] Mother? Anne says you shouldn't call them servants; say "maid".

Ruth Goslar: God knows everything, but *Anne* knows everything better.

[Hans Goslar chuckles]

Auguste Van Pels: Where's my pillow? What have you done with it this time?

Hermann van Pels: I ate it. How am I supposed to know where it is?

Auguste Van Pels: You keep losing everything!

Hermann van Pels: Here!

[Throws pillow at Mrs. van Pels]

Hans Goslar: [In Hitler costume] Why was I not invited to this party?

Anne Frank: [Momentary silence] -It's Mr. Goslar! Look, it's your dad!

Hans Goslar: [to Otto] You see? And you told me he'd never come to Holland. Happy birthday, Anne.

Anne Frank: We must have a picture! A picture, please.

Hannah 'Hannalei' Goslar: Yes, Daddy, a picture!

Otto Frank: A picture of Adolf as your birthday present?

[Winds camera]

Otto Frank: The girls and Uncle Adolf.

Auguste Van Pels: Oh, to find you here after all these weeks - months. Your mother was beside herself with grief when she heard about the transport.

Margot Frank: She didn't come with you?

Anne Frank: Selected.

Auguste Van Pels: Every day there were trains. Because of the Russians is what I've heard. Only sixty miles away. They're emptying all the Polish camps.

Anne Frank: We don't believe in rumors anymore.

Hermann van Pels: The Jew traitors here are worse than the Nazis, saving their own skins.

Otto Frank: In their place you'd do something different?

Auschwitz Physician: Age?

Anne Frank: Sixteen.

Auschwitz Physician: Scabies. You're staying here. Send her to Kratzeblock.

Edith Frank: I'm staying with my daughter!

Margot Frank: I have scabies, too.

[last lines]

Otto Frank: Miep - Margot and Anne are not coming back.

Title card: In 1957 Otto Frank established the Anne Frank Foundation, working to educate young people against intolerance and discrimination. - He died in 1980 at the age of 91.

Title card: It is believed that Anne Frank died of typhus within days of her sister Margot - two of the 17,000 people who perished of disease at Bergen-Belsen in March, 1945.

Title card: British troops liberated the camp two weeks later.


Title card: "The Diary of Anne Frank" has sold more than 30 million copies and been translated into more than 60 languages. After the Bible, it is the most widely read non-fiction book in the world.

Title card: One and a half million children were murdered in the genocide the Nazis called "The Final Solution".

Title card: Anne Frank's story is only one of them.

Anne Frank: At the Montessori school, I was very popular. I cried when Mrs. Kuprus told us we couldn't go there anymore.

Anne Frank: [about his father] I think it's beastly the way he treats you.

Peter van Pels: Oh, don't mind him. He gets like that when he hasn't had his cigarettes.

Anne Frank: [laughs]

Peter van Pels: I like it when you smile.

Anne Frank: Really?

Peter van Pels: It makes your eyes... sparkle. Pretty eyes.

Anne Frank: Oh no. I'm not pretty.

Peter van Pels: Yes you are.

Anne Frank: No, I'm not!

Peter van Pels: Well, you'll just have to believe me then.