All four female leads, Anne (Hannah Taylor Gordon), her sister Margot (Jessica Manley), her mother (Tatjana Blacher) and Auguste Van Pels (Brenda Blethyn) all agreed to lose their hair for the scenes in the concentration camp. It was a requirement of being cast in the role that Hannah and Jessica have their actual hair cut off on camera. It was an act of solidarity with the young girls that Tatjana and Brenda decided to do the same. They came up with the idea the day before the scene was to be filmed. The still photographer did a set of before and after pictures as mementos for the women.

Steven Spielberg was to be the executive producer, but declined after receiving a letter from Anne Frank's relatives asking him not be involved with the project because it was not based on the authorized account of Frank's life.

This mini-series was not sanctioned by Bernd Elias, Anne Frank's cousin and chairman of the Anne Frank Fonds (which owns the copyright of Anne's Dairy), as a result, this mini-series could not directly quote "Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl".

The closing epilogue states: "One and a half million children were murdered in the genocide the Nazis called "The Final Solution". Anne Frank's story is only one of them."

Just before the final episode's closing credits, the mini-series states that the book "'The Diary of Anne Frank' has sold more than thirty million copies and been translated into more than sixty languages. After the Bible, it is the most widely read non-fiction book in the world."

In preparation for one of the dream sequences, Hannah Taylor Gordon (Anne Frank) took ice skating lessons, though she did have a stunt double for the more challenging skating moves.

Hannah Taylor Gordon's siblings appear as extras.

Scenes were set up so photographs could be taken on the set, such as the Franks' wedding and Anne at a desk.

The opening prologue states: "The following dramatization is based on Melissa Müller's biography of Anne Frank and original research and interviews by Kirk Ellis. Some of the scenes in the film can also be found in 'Anne Frank, the Diary of a Young Girl', but the film does not use the words used in the Diary to express her feelings. The following film contains realistic depictions of concentration camp life, including brief nudity. Viewer discretion is advised."

The façade for an entire block was built on the water in Prague for the Prinsengracht set.

Jacqueline Van Maarsen (a friend of Anne frank)and her family were abled to escape the nazi's persecution due to the fact that her mother (who was Christian) was abled to remove the J from jewish on all of there identity cards and is still alive today at the age of 91

Due to the limited amount of time to use the set, two cameras were used to shoot the beach scene. There was no time limit on the use of the set. The beach was built on a stage with a blue screen for the ocean and sky background. The scene was only a page and 1/2 long. Only one camera was used.

On stage, the role of Anne Frank was originally played by Susan Strassberg. Her father, Lee Strassberg, appeared in The Godfather: Part II (1974) as Hyman Roth, who was modelled after Meyer Lansky. Sir Ben Kingsley played Meyer Lansky in Bugsy (1991).