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  • Harikrishnans is a well made commercial entertainer by Fazil which has all the typical ingredients like comedy , drama , romance , action and suspense.

    The real highlight of the movie is the amazing chemistry between the lead actors Mammooty and Mohanlal , their comic scenes are too good.Their combination scenes are really well taken by the director. The music is also really good. Juhi Chawla also gives a good performance in her only malayalam film.The search for Mohini Varma and the innovative climax are other highlights. On the negative side at some places the script feels contrived to suit the star images and to give them equal importance.

    Overall a must watch for the coming together of the Giants of malayalam cinema .
  • Extremely loosely based on Bollywood movie Deewana Mastana. With a big starcast the director Fasil worked more on appeasing fan following of each star. Plot, acting and dialogues came a distant second. Juhi Chawla did not have a major impact in the film hence her presence seemed unnecessary. Overacting during comedy scenes used to cover up overall deficiencies in the film. Watch only out of desperation.