Alexis Petrovich: What channel did you say you gave us in your territory?

Man: 109

Alexis Petrovich: 109. I see. 1-freaking-09. They do origami on Channel 6 of your silly hairball network! You ungrateful cretin!

[pulls out his gun / his men are holding him back]

Alexis Petrovich: I will kill you myself! I will disappear your whole family! Tell your people, you want to do business with us, we are on channels 1 through 5! Got it?

[to the cameraman]

Alexis Petrovich: You got that?


Alexis Petrovich: Goddamn mouse.

Alexis Petrovich: You see Yevgeny over there, so full of himself now. He used to work in the post office. I introduced him to the proper financing, and now he owns the mines. Yeah, making a fortune. Keeps the miners in line. Good business. You might wonder why I'm not in it myself. I don't need to own the mines, Jonathan. Do you know why? Because I own the man who owns the mines. All he has, I have. Same with the supermarkets, the TV station, locomotive plant. I don't need a political position, because I own the men who do.

Chinese Sports Announcer: It's simple, about as simple as using a name-brand condom!

English Sports Announcer: And the other rules, well, the other rules are Russian and complicated.

Alexis Petrovich: Ridley, my man. How are you?

Marcus Ridley: I feel like Freddy Krueger.