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  • If you had grown up watching the '60s dramas, you would be pretty familiar with its structure, a hero and heroine getting married despite a huge gap in their social status, conspiracies from the villains, the stories of other characters in the backdrop, few comedies and fights, and lastly, reuniting of all the characters after clearing the confusions and punishing the culprits. With this, the audiences used to leave the hall with a feeling of a gratitude to a typical entertainment mode of the 60s.

    Although there is not any novelty in the storytelling nor does it perpetuate any important social issue, the film is nevertheless entertaining. If you skip the frequent songs, the content is not that bad. For the fans of Rajendra Kumar, the film ain't bad either. But more than him, Mehmood entertains with his comic role of a son in law double crossing his father in law. Just like any 60s formulaic drama, the film is full of improbabilities resolved in the end just like a mathematical formula. Not necessarily a classic of its time, but people still remember it for the song "Teri Pyari Pyari Surat."

    Rating: 1 star out of 4