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  • cmitchell-29 August 2001
    I love this movie!! It has a great cast & shows the need for forgiveness & love. I really like the older woman character! This movie really makes you look over your life. Love makes the world go around. :) I recommend this movie to everyone!
  • This movie was wonderful!! I encourage all people whether Christian or not to view this movie, it might just change your life. I really enjoyed the cast, especially Darius McCrary!! Who knew he could sing like that!! It's a great family movie that will draw everyone closer to Christ. I recommend it to all!
  • I recorded this movie on a video when it came on TV for the second time. The characters endeared themselves to me(especially "Tommy" and "G Smooth") and after wearing out the video I went and purchased the DVD. And, so as not to wear out the DVD (just trying to listen to the great sound track) I bought the CD as well. As a Christian, this movie really appealed to me. It has drama, romance, comedy, and spirituality without all the foul language, blood and guts, nudity, and sexual references from beginning to end that overshadow a lot of secular films with good plots. Unfortunately, these negative aspects are the things many viewers have become conditioned to and even a standard by which they tend to judge other movies. Perhaps "Sing" doesn't have the best dialogue, direction, or editing but I had no problem overlooking these things because basically it was a good story that an entire family could watch. I'd definitely recommend this movie to the newly saved and no doubt to those so-called "tough" young men who find themselves being touched by the love of God in ways they never expected. This movie had a lot of heart...something the Bible says God looks at. I give "Something To Sing About" five stars. I think He would, too!
  • I saw this on a Christian channel and thought wow I didn't know that Carl's Son from Family Matters could sing so well! lol. The acting in this movie is decent and the plot moves along nicely, with a few twists and turns. Someone wrote: "This is a somewhat hokey religious movie..." and then wrote "...Highlighting it all, however, is the sparkling Tamera Mowry....She is not just attractive, but there is a glow emanating from her that one feels she is not acting, that she is genuinely this bubbly, charming, loving person." Hello!!! It's that hokey religion you were talking about that makes her like that. All theology aside, it's a great story about love, but not just any love, God's love. Watch it! Great story, great singing!
  • This is a great movie! It may not have shown the realities of the street and two people falling in love, but it does show how God's love changes people!! I liked how it showed Darius McCrary go from one extreme to another. It is a true inspiration to those who don't think that they have something to sing about!
  • harleyquinn113 September 2006
    Great movie It really touched me it brings you closer to Jesus and teaches you about his acceptance of you no matter what you have done, it teaches you about his love and care. It brings you close to home and makes you think if Jesus can forgive me for my sins, I can forgive others about what they have done! It's a happy and joyous film full of faith growth and love!!!!!!! it also contains many talented gifted stars such as Tamara mowary and darius mccury and kirk franklin! and it's about God's plans for you! it teaches you not to live for self if Jesus has a plan for you than it will come around a 2nd time if he wants you to have it! it teaches you to let God's will for your life be known for you not you tell God your will for your life! it's a film everyone should see and more people should support and make more films like these!!! for all to see and enjoy May God bless and Keep you all- HarleyQuinn1
  • This is a somewhat hokey religious movie, with generally excellent production values and very good acting.

    Highlighting it all, however, is the sparkling Tamera Mowry. That young woman is so luminous, she alone makes this movie worth watching, more than once.

    She is not just attractive, but there is a glow emanating from her that makes one feel she is not acting, that she is genuinely this bubbly, charming, loving person.

    She is the centerpiece around which everything and everybody else revolves. She is a marvelously talented performer, and I hope all the producers realize it so she will be around for many decades to come.

    Added in June of 2016: This movie is available at YouTube. I hope you watch it.
  • I agree that some Christian films are seriously lacking in artistic excellence. I also agree that some can be preaching to the choir, as someone on this board previously mentioned. "Something to Sing About" may be viewed by certain individuals as "Nothing to Write Home About." But...I wonder...MUST every Christian film be made solely for the purpose of reaching its viewers with a life-changing message? I am the first person to advocate reaching out to people, and I happen to know that "Something to Sing About" was shown in a public setting during an outreach in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, several years ago. I also happen to own the film and, in spite of what some may say, I believe this movie has "stepped it up" in Christian film-making compared to the quality of some I've seen in the past. Using well-known actors such as Irma Hall, Tamara Mowry, and Darius McCrary gave, I believe, a higher level of credibility to the film, compared to some others that have used unknown actors. The quality of the music by Anointed and others, also showed excellence in my book. I'd never be ashamed - rather, I'd be proud - to show this film to various guests in my home. Furthermore, if we want to call this "poor film-making" - I suggest you take a look at some of the "made for TV" movies on Lifetime and other channels. Do you really think some of their "happily ever after" endings supersede the quality of reality given on "Something to Sing About"? I beg to differ. What about some of the holiday movies recently released? I can tell you, for example, "Christmas With the Cranks" was not exactly Hollywood's finest quality! How many ways can you try to create a fresh Christmas idea for a movie? Yet people still watch and enjoy them simply because, whether we want to admit it or not, we tend to LIKE some things that are corny! Why? Simply because we tie them to nostalgic moments in our lives, or give them any meaning we want.
  • Man, is this one a turkey. Before I go any further, I suppose I'd better explain that I am a practicing Christian, and the people I watched this with were all Christians in good faith. Therefore, as refreshing as it may be to see a movie teaching about Christ, this movie doesn't cut it.

    This movie seems to have been pieced together from various unfinished scenes. Things just happen for no real reason, with little or no explanation. In particular, the romance of the two lead characters never seems to do anything. They are simply declared "in love" and that's that. You will probably start laughing when two guys both well into old age have a "rumble" (That's what they called it!). I guess they were going to throw their dentures at each other or something. Oh, and of course, since this is a movie about "the mean streets," you also have to have the Evil Drug Dealer, who looks more like he's ready to DJ at a night club than bust caps into people. He's there because the script requires a villain.

    The cast isn't too bad, though it's interesting to see one of the Mowrey twins in a movie without the other. I liked the actress who played Memaw, but what a waste-she was supposed to be the spirited grandmotherly character, but never really seemed to do much except preach.

    The preaching is what gets to me. Now, I'm assuming anyone sitting here is fairly familiar with the Bible and knows about how Jesus told parables to get his big points across. Why do you think he did that? Because he knew that most people wouldn't listen if he just stood there and preached to them. Thus, Jesus' teachings stil exist even today. People who make movies like this would do well to remember that. This movie only gets a 5 out of 10 because I liked Memaw.
  • A very sad attempt at filmmaking. I've always been amazed at how little quality there is in any "Christian" film productions. In a way, it's insulting. Scripts poorly written with very little intelligence, poorly acted, terrible production values and shot as if by a student filmmaker. I know, I've made some bad student films.

    Director Charlie Jordan ( I ), is new at this. Everybody has a turkey now and then, even Mr. Hitchcock, so Mr. Jordan is in good company.

    This film, like so many other "Christian" films, seems to be saying, our message is so heavenly minded we don't have to try and be any earthly good. If this film is trying to hold an audience, that audience is already Christian. This is just preaching to the choir, and poorly.

    If you want to look at a film with a Christian message, I highly recommend: "Places In The Heart", 1984 starring Sally Field, who took home the Oscar for her performance. "Tender Mercies", 1983, starring Robert Duvall, who also won an Oscar for his work.

    Bottom line, Christians need to grow up before they start making movies. They need to remember that the church was the standard for art.. a long time ago. Bach, Mozart, Handel, Michelangelo... not a bad bunch. It was all about the work. Just because you're doing something for God, (spreading the Gospel), does NOT mean you can take short cuts on quality. On the contrary... you should at least try to stand on the shoulders of giants.

    I'm a Christian. I've worked in the film industry for 15 years.
  • I thought this was a really good movie. It's true that it was a little corny, but it was a nice story and for a small production and good acting and excellent production, filming, etc. Tamera Mowery, Irma Hall and Darius McCrary were great. Their characters were believable and their portrayal was excellent. I even noticed and a familiar face from "Eight is Engough." I wish more studios would take the time to make movies like this rather than the garbage that's usually out there. If you're in the mood for a good story without a lot of sex and bad language, you should check this movie out. It is a good movie for families and gives you a lot of things to discuss.