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  • Firstly, I may well be slightly biased- because I really truly enjoyed this movie. However, seeing it with a score under 5- and then looking at the reviews, there is a notable trend. The good reviews are predominantly well punctuated and articulate, with such things as (gasp) accurate spelling and grammar. Conversely, most of the bad reviews tend to be short blurbs with not a capital letter to be found.

    My take on this: Despite being a dumb comedy, Tomcats is to nuanced for the average consumer of dumb comedy. So, it's a smart-dumb comedy. The timing of jokes is impeccable, the pace is excellent, and the actual material is above average- with some of it even fresh! This leaves it in a bad place for reviews though- because it means a small segment of people love it, while big segments of the population (the pretentious smart and the uncultured dumb, we'll call them) will always pan this movie. So, if you're smarter than the average bear- but still appreciate dumb comedy romps, go for it- this one is a keeper.
  • LoveSnail8 April 2001
    Finally there is a movie where the previews don't show the funniest parts of the movie. Take it from me-the previews are less than half as funny as the movie is! But, if you're not into sick and perverted humor, then you probably won't enjoy most portions of this movie. However, if you do, I recommend it highly.
  • By some lucky (?) chance, I watched this movie a few days after watching "Flesh Gordon 2", so I was able to easily tell the difference between a likable moronic and tasteless sex comedy and a painful moronic and tasteless sex comedy. Granted, "Tomcats" has more energy than laughs, and the story is predictable in the extreme; however, it works by mixing in some sweetness along with the vulgarity, and it certainly helps that Jerry O'Connell and Shannon Elizabeth have a nice chemistry together - you get the feeling they would make a likable pair. Now, if only they had given a larger role to Jaime Pressly....(**1/2)
  • the_el_man18 August 2002
    One of the grossest and funniest films ever made.

    Heavily Underrated. Great simple love storyline, Classic dirty sick humour

    For fans of Teen Comedy movies such as Not another Teen Movie and Theres Something About Mary.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ** Here might be spoilers ** This movie is kind of a enigma to me. No, be serious, I got the plot, the whole predictable plot. At a wedding the remaining bachelors makes a bet that whoever is the last bachelor will win a bundle of money. One after one they marry and finally there are only two left, Michael, the cartoonist and Kyle, the playboy. Suddenly life gets complicated for Michael as he loses lots of money in a Las Vegas casino, and only one month to pay. He sees only one solution, he must win that bet.

    This film is juvenile. No doubt about it. It is completely filled with very nice-looking women, some of them wearing very little (but actually surprisingly little nudity). The jokes are mostly about sex or cruel ones like falling over cliffs. Sure, they makes you laugh a little, but not that much. There are some really good jokes here and there however, some nice spoofs or some rather funny detail. And this makes the whole movie much better than expected. 7/10
  • I thought that this movie was hilarious! Jerry O'Connell did a really great job, and the music is awesome. It was an original movie, that had a great plot. I think that everyone, that has a sense of humor, should see this movie.
  • Is "Tomcats" as tasteless as you think? Definitely! This is not a smart, intellectual comedy. The gags are often pretty cheap. But I laughed a lot! I wouldn't put this movie down in comedy history, but if you want to spend a whole hour and thirty minutes croaking with laughter--I can't say you'll be disappointed. If you can't handle this lewd brand of comedy, please don't bother with "Tomcats." However, there is one joke involving the consumption of a human testicle (Yes, you heard right) which I felt was one of the MOST disgusting gags I've ever seen!!! Better yet, one of the most disgusting moments in the history of motion pictures. I have to say, I almost gave up on the film at that point. Luckily, the copious laughs made up for the extreme crudeness. So if you decide to rent this movie, make sure you fast-forward to the next scene when the testicle scene comes up. As long as you skip through that one scene, you should be able to leave this movie unharmed. The plot is sitcom material, and no more than a bunch of setups for hysterical, outrageous gags, but I was laughing so hard I ignored the throwaway plot.

    Other things to anticipate are Bill Maher's portrayal of the ruthless crimelord Carlos and Garry Marshall's cameo appearance. Of course, Shannon Elizabeth is in the cast ('Nuff said). Can you get much hotter than Shannon? Not to sound shallow, but I really expected to see tons of nudity--judging by the ads including one with that hot blonde chick (I forgot her name) about to take her top off. Don't expect to see any female nudity (though there's one breast shot used for comic purposes). Lots of scantily-clad babes, but none of them get naked. And for the ladies out there, there is some brief male nudity (For all feminists who think this comedy is degrading to women--Shut up! You got your share of male nudity. We're even). However, I don't know if anyone--male or female--would want to anticipate seeing Jake Busey in a thong.

    "Tomcats" is not the best of the gross-out comedies, but it delivers. The jokes are sitcom material, but it's funny sitcom material.

    You might want to stop the tape or DVD during the outtakes, though. Many people said the outtakes were hilarious, but I thought they were the worst outtakes I've ever seen. The kind of stuff that can only be funny to those working in the cast or crew. Luckily, they're at the very end of the film, so watching them is optional.

    My score: 7 (out of 10)
  • CigarsAndPars27 August 2001
    If you are a politically correct nerd or a raging feminist, don't bother watching this movie. This is not for you. Go watch "Some like it hot" or something like that. It is obvious that no critic would write anything positive about this movie even if he peed in his pants laughing. They would just get hurt in today's politically correct climate and they know it. I realize that a lot of people here have never attended a decent party and had zero to one partners in their life, but that doesn't mean that others shouldn't have a good time watching comedies like this. My wife and I had a great time watching this movie. 10/10.
  • I saw Tomcats the night it came out. I was so stoked to see it because it is a Jaime Pressly movie. I read all of the reviews before and I went and I didn't find one single review. So when I was going to the movie I was thinking this might suck, but if it has Jaime Pressly it can't be that bad. I was pleasantly surprised to find out the movie was hysterical. If you thought Tomcats wasn't up to par, you try to tell that to the patrons laughing their heads off in the audience. Who cares if the movie wasn't serious, who goes to a movie to be serious anyways? A movie should be an escape from everyday life, and Tomcats was a perfect escape for me.
  • If you are after a light hearted evening, whack on your dvd player and slap this in. Great fun, amusing, original(ish) with some great performances by the actors. Jerry is in fine slapstick form and Shannen is as sexy as ever.
  • This is one of those rare gems – a truly funny film.

    Jerry O'Connell (`Sliders') is a hapless bachelor who's made a bet with his college buddies that the last one to get married will win the stake, which, after 7 years, has grown to almost half a million dollars. When he accidentally loses $50,000 at a Vegas casino and has one month to pay up or kiss goodbye to his anatomy, he decides to use dirty tricks to get his last rival married, in order to pocket the prize for himself.

    The film is fast-paced with a hilarious series of mishaps, a brief comic salute to Cruise's cliff-top stunt in `Mission Impossible 2' and a new twist to the `boyfriend stops the wedding ceremony' gag. You'll remember this film whenever your girlfriend or wife asks you to `say the three little words' ("I love you" or ?) and you'll think twice about eating in a hospital canteen again.

    If you liked Porky's, Revenge of the Nerds and the Naked Gun, you'll love this. If Deuce Bigalow or Ace Ventura got you to smile, this one'll guarantee a belly-laugh.

    My three little words – rent it now!
  • Life moves on...

    I avoided this like the plague when it came out as it got so panned by the critics but got it on TV.

    It really is a pretty good way to waste 90 minutes.

    I have to say there is NO nudity; the grossness is mild, and the timing on the comedy is pretty good.

    Yes, it's a guy's film in the main, yes, it's vaudeville; but overall it actually has a little wisdom to impart, a sweetness to it, and enough silliness to make it fly.

    Much better treat than expected and if you liked Something About Mary or American Pie you will enjoy...
  • I had expected a fairly straightforward R-rated graphic, sexual, crude teen-comedy when I sat down to see this... it turned out to be fairly accurate... only it was far more sick and disgusting than I would have thought. I don't know if the director/writer Gregory Poirier is sick or deeply messed up sexually, but I doubt that a normal person could have made a movie like this. I could probably have taken it if it was just that, if the only thing that was wrong was it was that it required a tough stomach... but it isn't. The film is also horribly mean-spirited and disturbing... every single character that has more than one full second of time on-screen is an extreme... sexually, mentally or physically. I don't know if this is just the director's sense of humor, but I just found it to be... wrong. Just wrong. Even in a comedy, there is supposed to be some seriousness. The plot is stupid. The acting is bad. The characters are inconsistent and poorly written... all of them. There isn't one single likable character in the film. The humor is disgusting and goes way too far. The film is just so incredibly poorly done that I really don't think it's worth anyone's time. If you like R-rated, crude comedies with plenty of sexual innuendo and graphic stuff, watch The Groomsmen, or, better yet, American Pie... or Road Trip, my personal favorite. But don't watch this. I can't possibly describe to you how bad it is... you would have to experience it for yourself. However, this is one of those times where I'll say that you're better off wondering. That way you can just imagine that this film goes very close to the bottom... without knowing that it goes through it, and far lower than that. This movie most of all looks like a group of horny teenage guys got together, put together a film crew, and every-time one of them got an idea, they filmed it, and later put the entire thing together. It lacks structure, consistency and taste. I recommend this only to horny teenage guys who have seen every single other R-rated crude teen comedy and who don't care about quality. Everyone else... do the sensible thing; avoid this. It's not even worth it to see the booty. Believe me. 1/10
  • It is sad to see a film like this being made! There are so many low-budget, indie films that get made on shoe-strings budgets, which has excellent stories, real stories...but Hollywood instead decides to throw money at making films like this.

    Every character in this film is 1 dimensional, carboard cut-out, cliched and dull. This film tries way to hard to upset the audience with gross-out humor, and sex jokes...however, they aren't funny and were executed much better in films like American Pie 1 and 2!

    Shame on you Jerry O'Connell for being in such a braindead film!

    Though never taking itself too seriously, the movie does deliver a chuckle here and there...with many exceptions.

    The "nut" scene is very funny, though unbelieveable, and turns out to be extremely disgusting and un-called for.

    2 out of 10
  • Lotsa hot chicks n weird dudes, the perfect relaxed evening. The blowjob scene truly is the funniest thing you'll ever see in your whole life. I couldn't stop laughing for at least a minute - an absolute must and the one and only explanation of all men's fears. Besides, where did they get all those hot babes from and why didn't anybody tell me about the casting???
  • I'm all for a crude comedies, like American Pie, There's Something About Mary and Scary Movie. But Tomcats just isn't funny.

    Sitting in the cinema watching this, laughing was actually hard. There were some funny scenes, but not sidesplitting like previews indicated. Even the rest of the audience found it hard to laugh. I heard a few giggles, and even some laughs. But nothing like that of Scary Movie or There's Something About Mary.

    Simply put, Tomcats is like American Pie without the laughs. Very disappointing and not very funny at all.
  • NadaTodd29 March 2001
    This movie is not supposed to be intelligent, but this is as low brow as a movie can get. This film did not even make an attempt at being funny. I am in the audience that this film is aimed for, college students, specifically males, and i found it to be overly juvenile. One of the dullest, unfunny films to come out this year, and that is saying a lot.
  • I want a personal apology from writer/director Gregory Poirier. This movie had absolutely zero redeeming value. I went in to the theater in a pretty jocular mood, and every attempt at humor made me wince. I was questioning the value of mankind by the end of the film. Gregory Poirier, the mind that brought us See Spot Run, would have had more success making me laugh drumming on my testicles with pool balls.

    I really can't say enough bad things about this movie. Even for you heavy breathing, teenage virgins, there's nothing in it for you. The plot, the acting, the delivery, the resolution were all deplorable.

    If you ask me, Jerry O'Connell hasn't done anything worth watching since Stand By Me.
  • headly661 June 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    Not even worth a free view on cable, this is the dumbest most infantile thing ever, was this directed and written by twelve year olds? Slapstick is funny, dumb is funny, but it actually has to be funny to be funny! The premise is the guy needs 50K to pay off the casino, but casinos don't give credit to nobodies. Then he can't figure out where to get the money but he is driving around in a 71' Plymouth Hemi Cuda worth way over 50K. The acting is cardboard, the direction mindless and the story so ridiculously dumb you can't even enjoy this as a time waster or a good silly movie like Dodgeball or Anchorman. God help us all from this drivel, I'd rather slam my head into a wall for an hour and a half.
  • A cartoonist gets in to hot water when a night in Vegas gets him in to heavy debt. His only chance to pay off the "semi-criminal types" is to win a bet with his extra stupid - but rich - best friend.

    One of the "crass and silly" comedies that has come out of the studios in the aftermath of American Pie proves that cruelty and sexism still have a role to play in American society today. Who else thinks that a golf cart running over a bimbo is funny?

    Silly laughs and face pulling are the order of the day as our hero tries to dig himself out of his self-made hole. Enough naked flesh is thrown in to keep the adolescent audience on their toes and some of the scenes are almost funny, although my ribs were never in any danger.

    Thankfully it cranks along at a reasonable lick and the credits come up before it stupidity and cruelty really kick home. Watchable yes, but when people try too hard to be funny they very rarely are. Ironic, but true.
  • Now Tomcats wasn't THAT BAD. I remember all these critics were saying this movie was so bad. Yadda Yadda. These are the same people who said that Black Sheep was a bad movie. Tomcats had it's moments that you will never forget. Sure Jerry O'Connell was better in Joe's Apartment, and maybe Hoartio Sans isn't the best actor in the world, all together it makes up a pretty good movie. I recommend it, if you like slapstick comedy
  • A bunch of 20 something male cretins gather together to celebrate another's wedding. The unmarried ones vow never to get married and every year, pledge to put a few hundred (the movie is VERY vague on details) in an account and the last one still unmarried wins it all. Seven years later, all but two (Jerry O'Connell and Jake Busey) are married. O'Connell needs the money to save his life (don't ask) and convinces a woman (Shannon Elizabeth) to seduce Busey and get him to marry. Naturally, he falls for her. Not the worst comedy on 2001 (that still goes to "Saving Silverman") but REAL close. It's stupid and beyond disgusting (a section about a testicle almost made me walk out). None of the jokes were funny--they include sure-fire knee slappers involving degrading women, gays, degrading women, child molestation, degrading women, cancer...did I say they have jokes degrading women? I did laugh a few times because the film was so desperate. The plot is ridiculous and woman are shown as sex objects constantly. The funny thing is, there's no nudity but plenty of shots of young, beautiful women in next to nothing. You know--if I want that, I'll buy Playboy thank you! Another thing is Jake Busey is cast as a stud--he's ugly and VERY obnoxious but all the woman are all over him! O'Connell tries (too hard) to play a nice guy--unfortunately, he's no comedian. Only Elizabeth comes through looking good. A totally worthless piece of film--if you want a good gross-out comedy, rent "American Pie". AVOID THIS ONE!!!!!
  • kittymeow25 June 2003
    This movie was so funny! I think all those who say it isn't are either idiots or just not into comedy. I like the movie, I thought it was a very clever twist to a story. I got to admit there were a lot of strange happenings, but it was funny. There are a lot of pretty women. I like Jill ~.^ lol, it was fun!
  • I didn't actually want to see this film but I'm really glad I did. It was brilliant - it was witty and intelligent as opposed to a lot of mainstream movies these days. I've watched it a few times now and still love it. It's not my favourite movie and it's not the best movie ever made, but it'll make you laugh and you won't be cringing from cliches or undeveloped script.
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